The Airsoft GI PTT Block 7 is another blend of ultra realism from the Airsoft GI Tech Department. The VLTOR CASV Scar Rail System is specifically designed to be streamline and lightweight. The extended hand guard allows the user to utilize a more enhanced weapon manipulation. With pre- drilled slots, the user can mount certain rail panels, not included, at the 45 degree and 90 degree angle to optimize their function during an operation. The base gun that this gun is built from is the famous VFC MK16. VFC has one of the best reputations in the airsoft industry for high build quality and materials. The internals are top notch with VFC’s self-shimming gears, ball bearing spring guide and polymer piston. PTT stands for Perfect Tactical Trainer, an airsoft gun designed to be so realistic it can be used for real steel training. This gun is built from the very best OEM and aftermarket airsoft parts, it is built for the most enthusiastic airsoft players and professional training personnel. The reason we used such high quality parts it to provide a durable/reliable training gun that’s more realistic and usable than the blue rubber gun, and also cheaper than the Systema PTW. This gun is among Airsoft GI’s best crafted AEGs.

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