VFC MK16 / MK17 Line

VFC ( Vega Force Company ) is a well known airsoft manufacturer in the industry. VFC has proven their name through performance and durability. One of VFC’s original line of performance airsoft guns is their SCAR line. The Special Operations Forces Combat Asault Rifle ( SCAR ) is a modular rifle designed by FN Herstal for U.S. SOCOM. The FN SCAR consisted of two main types. One chambered in 5.56x45mm ( MK16 / SCAR-L ) as well as one chambered for the bigger round 7.62x51mm ( MK17 / SCAR-H ).

VFC has done a great job in designing and creating a precise replica of the SCAR. VFC had originally created the MK16 line but had later created their line for the MK17 rifle. These rifles have gone through a major improvement over the past few years. Similar to the real firearm variant, the VFC Scar contains an aluminum upper receiver and polymer lower frame, stock, and pistol grip. Externally, the VFC MK16 / MK17 contain similar parts such as a monolithic upper rail, left and right rail segments for flashlights, lasers, etc. Like most airsoft SCAR variants on the market, the folding stock makes it easier when transporting your airsoft gun as well as exiting vehicles during a training scenario. The ambidextrous fire selector and magazine release serve a great purpose for left handed shooters especially when transitioning around corners, in buildings, etc. One thing that sets the VFC SCAR line from others is the folding stock, no wires are exposed when stock is folded over. VFC uses a unique hinge system. The gold plated contacts are built in the hinge making the VFC SCAR a more realistic airsoft gun. Although the VFC MK16 and MK17 are one of the more popular SCAR variant airsoft assault rifles on the airsoft field, the VFC MK17 SSR serves a great role for the long range shooter.

The VFC Sniper Support Rifle ( SSR ) is based off of the MK17. Unlike the MK16 and MK17, some of the more noticeable differences is the longer upper receiver as well as the longer barrel. Having a longer inner / outer barrel, allows the user to engage targets in the distance quickly and accurately. The longer monolithic upper rail allows the user to mount their preferred optic(s) at the preferred eye relief in order to adapt to the mission. The extended lower rail will allow the user to not only mount a bipod for stabilized long range shots but for mounting additional vertical grips for more control and comfort at mid range engagements. The VFC MK16 / MK17 has been well known to perform exceptionally well especially in stock form.

Internally, the VFC SCAR line contains simliar components. VFC’s pre-upgraded version 2 gearbox contains reinforced, self shimming, steel gears. Having reinforced drive train components alleviates the worry of parts breaking during operation on the field. Unlike other gearboxes, VFC is equipped with 8mm steel bushings which provide stability and longevity over plastic, copper, and brass bushings. The self shimming system allows the gears to be more stable during rotation. The polycarbonate piston is much stronger yet lighter for durability and longevity. The compression components such as the piston head, cylinder head, cylinder, and air nozzle provide superb air seal even over time. Having a great air seal provides a more consistent velocity output. Less deviation between shots.

Overall, the VFC continues to strive ahead in the airsoft industry by providing one of the best if not the best airsoft guns on the market. The externals are made out of the strongest materials while maintaining a slim and lightweight design. The external finish is exquisite and the internals are by superb. The entire airsoft The MK16 / MK17 line of airsoft guns by VFC are surely designed to impress the average airsoft player or collector.

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Blacksheep MILSIM Cove 3 – For all East Coast Players

Blacksheep Milsim was set up by retired U.S. Army Infantry Major John Bucciarelli. He is the author of the MILSIM Tactics manual and the MILSIM MOUT Manual, both of which are fantastic read for MILSIM and casual players alike. He has been teaching combat tactics and effectiveness to airsoft players across the nation. His attention to micro and macro tactics lead to him designing many different and successful training seminars for many years now. Major Bucciarelli is the very meaning of dedication to competitive MILSIM airsoft.

– Major John Bucciarelli

Blacksheep MILSIM offers squad tactics training and makes it a point to focus on that aspect in their MILSIM games. Their training focuses from squad level to battalion level tactics. Respawns have been redesigned in order to empathize the squad itself and its effectiveness on the field. For example, these two rules ensure that the squad stays together:

  • Medic Rule: is designed to reinforce squad-based tactics. Each squad is issued a medic armband and eight bandages per fire team = 16 bandages for a squad. When you are hit – pull out your dead rag or glow stick and call for a medic. Medic either gets to you or a buddy can move you to the medic. The medic ties a bandage on your body and you are immediately back in the fight. This creates a fluid battlefield environment and allows your squad to push the offensive or hold the defense. When you run out of bandages, you are REDCON5 and must withdraw as a squad to the CP.
  • REDCON Levels: are based on real reporting procedures used in the military and reflect percentage of mission capability. REDCON is based on a LACE Report – liquids, ammunition, casualties and equipment. When you are REDCON5 – 0% mission capable – in any of these areas you must withdraw as a squad from the battlefield to your CP – then rearm, refit and get remissioned back into the battle.
The Squad stays together in Blacksheep MILSIM games.

For those interested in giving a Blacksheep MILSIM event a try, consider The Cove 3 in Gore, Virginia from Sept 20th to 22nd 2013 in a 3,000 acre AO. This event features a complete 24 hour tactical simulation. This means that the airsoft battle continues into the dusk and even at night, which allows players to finally use all that night vision gear. Keep in mind, that this MILSIM event will challenge the players on many different levels: physically and mentally.

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Magpul PTS RM4 Review with Bob & Aaron Mora

KWA RM4 Recoil System M4

KWA is a well known airsoft manufacturer that has been creating high quality airsoft guns for some time. From airsoft electric guns to gas blow back airsoft guns, Engineered to Outperform, defines the quality of their products. Externally, the material they use is designed to withhold a serious amount of stress giving the gun the utmost durability. Internally, the parts used in their airsoft guns are matched to the highest degree for the smoothest operation over long periods of operation. Overall, their product truly performs on the field, KWA products stick to their motto, Engineered to Outperform.

The Magpul PTS RM4 Scout Electric Recoil Airsoft Gun by KWA is another step up to KWA’s performance lineup. Internally, the Magpul Scout RM4 features KWA’s newly redesigned 3GX Gearbox with a mechanical / electrical cut off system for a quick and crisp clean shot after every trigger pull. Externally, the Magpul RM4 features a full metal flat top alloy upper receiver in accompany with the Magpul PTS lower receiver. The original pistol grip, stock, and hand guard have been replaced with Magpul PTS products to decrease weight as well as increase comfort when using the airsoft gun. Overall, this is another amazing product from KWA in conjunction with Magpul PTS to produce a high performance, quick response, and lightweight airsoft gun.

Manufacturer: KWA
Model: RM4 Scout Electric Recoil
Color: Black
Muzzle Velocity: 370-390 FPS
Magazine Capacity: 30rds
Inner Barrel Diameter: 6.05mm
Package Includes: Gun & Magazine
Kinetic Feedback System (KFS)
Full metal alloy flat top upper receiver
Full metal alloy lower receiver
Adjustable hop-up
3GX gearbox
2G high performance bucking
Mechanical / electric cut off system
Magpul PTS lower receiver
Magpul PTS MOE hand guard
Magpul PTS MOE pistol grip
Magpul PTS MOE stock with recoil pad
Magpul PTS MBUS rear sight

Travis Haley Airsoft Cross Training

The famous Travis Haley takes some time to speak about airsoft’s capabilities as a training tool for live firearms. Travis Haley is a veteran Force Reconnaissance Marine with 15 years in field. He then served as a security contractor before joining Magpul & their training divison, Magpul Dynamics. Travis Haley is a leader in strategic and tactical shooting, and is a perfect example of a pioneer in shooting techniques.


In this video, he demonstrates the advantages of using an airsoft gun to train for real steel. Specifically, Travis Haley is using a Tokyo Marui Recoil Shock SCAR-L and M4. TM Recoil Shock AEG’s are some of the most advanced airsoft guns that attempt to replicate a live firearm as much as possible. There are a multitude of advantages to using these sort of airsoft guns for firearm training. Haley lists a number of advantages: (more…)

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