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  1. Hello Airsoft GI!!!!

    I am just wondering if which is best in terms of performance, Classic Army Full Metal Armalite M15A4 RIS w/ Crane Stock AEG Airsoft Gun ( SV Series ) or the G&P Magpul Full Metal MOE Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun? well they are almost the same price. Hope you could help me out which is best in performance and reliable to use thanks Airsoft GI!!

  2. I can give you something even better and cheaper

    FMG4 by Airsoft GI. Internals are by Lonex. Lonex internals are pretty much the best in the market right now.

  3. What Magazines work with the UAR, TAR21, Combat Machine M4A1, and GR15 XL Raider? Thanks.

  4. @ Lonewoldairsoft

    Standard M4/M16 STANAG magazines should fit okay, both the mid cap or high cap variants. However, there is always a chance that it doesn’t fit 100%, or that it might wobble a little bit.

  5. Should I get a GBB pistol or a CO2 blow back pistol? I only play CQB because those are the only fields around me.

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