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Cheating and Over Shooting Videos – Cisco’s Thoughts

Recently a friend asked me “Why do some airsofters make cheater videos?”

My initial response was because of the drama: these videos will draw attention because cheating is supposed to be taboo. After thinking on it some more, I thought maybe it is a curiosity on how other people deal with cheaters and want to see if it escalates into a fight. We are all drawn to conflict after all.

I was also asked if I think it helps the hobby of airsoft. Personally I am not sure. I believe that this can give both positive and negative views on airsoft. Some players may view it as “Cheating is normal. Everyone does it and I can cheat also!” On the other side of the coin, if the cheater in the video was handled with great sportsmanship and respectfully, it can show the positive aspects of our community, in such a way that makes the cheater look like a scumbag. This can encourage players to not cheat and continue to have good sportsmanship when they play.

Shooting Video
Cisco’s Game Play Footage

My friend also wondered how I felt about over shooting videos. I believe that these are definitely for the drama and fights. These videos are made because they get a lot of views and the word of these videos get spread out quickly. All because some brat kid who doesn’t respect the rules, safety, and honor of airsoft wants 15 minutes of fame. This gives airsoft a huge negative message. It is literally the opposite of what dedicated airsoft players stand for. All they want is to ruin someones day and get a few days of infamy. Then laugh about it to other brat kids who do the same. It is really sad that this is a problem in airsoft. I often wonder if these kids know the kind of harm they do to the sport every time they post a video like this.

I personally want airsoft to continue to grow this hobby I care so much about. I want there to be new players that will grow to love the hobby that I do. I have always stood for honor in airsoft. If I have ever doubted if I got hit, I would call myself out just in case. I also have the integrity to follow the rules of airsoft. Both field rules and “moral” rules. Having great sportsmanship on and off the field. These are what the #RedWave movement stand for. We are people who love airsoft and will continue to spread the love of airsoft with our beliefs of honor, integrity, and great sportsmanship! If you stand with us, use #RedWave in your posts!

Scott’s Thoughts: USAirsoft at D14 – My Experience

Editor’s Note: This Article was written by Scott Hallenbeck of USAirsoft. For more information on how to find more of his videos and reviews, check out the bottom of the article.

D14 can be such a daunting beast if you haven’t been to the field before. D14 can be found in a small North Texas town called Sanger with 40 acres to stretch your legs on. To make things even better, these are forty acres of some of the craziest land that has ever been played on in the state of Texas.

The thing that really hooks people to D14 is the variety of play styles that you can try out thanks to the dozens of buildings scattered throughout the area. Want to play some outdoor CQB? Well D14 has that as well as long range areas to try out that $1,000 DMR you’ve been working on so hard that your parents and loved ones are beginning to question your sanity. Even if you’re used to woods-ball or midrange combat then you’ll feel right at home at D14.

Anyone can say they “can reach 300 feet no problem” but that’s not something you openly gloat about at D14. You see, D14 has a 300 foot measured range with markers spread apart every fifty feet or so to show everyone what range you really have. Maybe it would be best to keep your overexerting self behaved, less you be shamed with the cold hard truth.

It’s no surprise that I love D14 for the fact that the field is so vast. The crowd of players that go each Saturday is large at about 150-300 players, and the never stagnant development to the obstacles on the playing area keeps them coming back every weekend. When I can go from thick wooded play to quick CQB action inside of some of the linked together buildings in the town area of D14 then I’d say that field is doing something right. Variety is the name of the game at D14, and it shows!

You can’t forget about all the Airsoft GI events that go down there either. BB Wars in Texas just wouldn’t feel the same if it wasn’t at D14 either as a cameraman or as a player. I’ve filmed every BB Wars event they’ve hosted in Texas since the first ever game took place and I’ve enjoined it every time. The combination of massive crowds as a well built field is a guarantee for a good time!

In conclusion, I’d like to state that D14 is one of the best Texas airsoft fields and in thanks to their support, I’ve grown quite a lot. Friendly and kind staff will welcome you. Players of all sorts of play styles will battle with you, and at the end of the day I’m sure you’ll be planning on how you can dominate the field with the friends you’ve made there next weekend. This isn’t your uncle’s backyard we’re talking about. If overturned cars, thousands of angles to watch out for, small cliff sides and thick brush to fight through sounds like your idea of a great time, then it’s waiting for you in Sanger, Texas.

Want to see just how people play at D14? Then check out some of my third person gameplay on the USAirsoft channel on YouTube.


-Scott Hallenbeck of USAirsoft

[Scott Hallenbeck is the mastermind behind the YouTube Channel USAirsoft. His channel features unboxings, top notch gameplay, and reviews of new and popular airsoft guns and gear. Check him out HERE]

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Assault on Antioch Warn Order

AoA_poster2-big (1) A lot of folks who were not at Assault on Antioch were curious how the game was setup and what the specific objectives were. To give an overview, I’ve decided to post the Warn Order that was issued to game control in order to give a fuller view on what the weekend’s objectives were.

Before you read the Warn Order you might as well check out our first teaser video showing off some of the action footage from the game: Well, without further ado, here is the Warn Order:


A super volcano has erupted out of Yellowstone National Park, covering the majority of the United States in ash and darkness for an estimated three to five years. This has affected all aspects of normal every day life. Food prices have skyrocketed as crops are destroyed due to lack of sunlight. A majority of animal life in the Western United States is no longer able to sustain itself in an eco system that has been ripped apart, and the fabric of civil society has been rent asunder with the complete collapse of local and state governments.

Emergency sustainment zones have already been quietly built all across the United States for the continuation of the American way of life in just such a disaster. Unfortunately because of widespread civilian casualties and a nation-wide communications breakdown due to the volcanic eruption, basic civil services, power, as well as water infrastructure, along with the rule of law have collapsed all across the Western US. Groups of armed civilians flock to the last remaining shelters against devastation on the West coast.

The last remaining emergency sustainment zone remains open and untouched in Antioch, CA. Two caravans of armed civilians now head toward its fully stocked caverns from both the north and the south with room enough for only one group. The fight is on for survival. Do you have what it takes to weather the storm? (more…)

Assault on Antioch Overview


Coming up on July 12th & 13th is Airsoft GI’s  “Assault on Antioch” sponsored by Spartan Imports; a post apocalyptic themed game held at Gamepod Combat Zone in Antioch, Ca. It will be Gamepod’s first ever 2-day operation and the first time Airsoft GI has worked with an indoor field to provide on-location camping/dining between both days.


We always like working with Gamepod Combat Zone because not only is it a great field that gets better and better each time we visit, but their staff are also consummate professionals and love airsoft about as much as we do!


I would like to say a very special thank you to Spartan Imports for sponsoring this game and giving us a boat load of raffle prizes that I’m sure will make everyone’s day that much more enjoyable!!! (more…)