Assault on Antioch Overview


Coming up on July 12th & 13th is Airsoft GI’s  “Assault on Antioch” sponsored by Spartan Imports; a post apocalyptic themed game held at Gamepod Combat Zone in Antioch, Ca. It will be Gamepod’s first ever 2-day operation and the first time Airsoft GI has worked with an indoor field to provide on-location camping/dining between both days.


We always like working with Gamepod Combat Zone because not only is it a great field that gets better and better each time we visit, but their staff are also consummate professionals and love airsoft about as much as we do!


I would like to say a very special thank you to Spartan Imports for sponsoring this game and giving us a boat load of raffle prizes that I’m sure will make everyone’s day that much more enjoyable!!!


In addition, I’m OVERJOYED to be able command against none other than MilsimJunkie and Spartan117GW at this event! They have been good friends for quite a while and I have no doubt they will be distinguished opponents and I feel rather honored to lead an army of airsofters against them!


I think probably my favorite part about this event is the fact that the events on the first day will seriously affect the setup and gameplay of the second day so, just like our Tim VS Bob series, players actions on the field are going to have serious consequences for each team!

AoA_poster2-big (1)

If you are at all interested in going to your first operation or want to take part in a 2-day airsoft operation at the largest indoor airsoft field in North America you should probably head on over to and sign up for Assault on Antioch before the tickets are gone for good!

Here are some videos and a link to Gamepod’s Facebook page that will give you more information on the game and an idea of what Gamepod Combat Zone looks like:

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