PTT Block 3 Full Metal M4 Daniel Defense Piston Omega RIS

The Airsoft GI PTT Block 3 is another blend of ultra realism from the Airsoft GI Tech Department. The Daniel Defense Piston Omega 7″ Free Float RIS is specifically designed for carbines that feature a piston driven gas recoil system as opposed to the traditional gas impingement. To compliment this fabulous rail system is one piece outer barrel and a King Arms Gas Piston Block with a railed top, the attention to detail on this custom gun is unparalleled. On top of the railed gas piston block is a UTG detachable front sight and at the end of the barrel is a Madbull JP flash hider that flows well with the gun’s look. Another great addition to the look of this gun is the King Arms Tactical QD Rear Sight. This gun is wired to the rear and to the battery wires are safely hidden within the buffer tube and the adjustable crane stock. The base gun that this gun is built from is the famous Echo 1 Platinum M4 AEG which is OEM’d by VFC. VFC has one of the best reputations in the airsoft industry for high build quality and materials. Most of the gun is made from high quality aluminum so that they are durable and lightweight. The internals are top notch with VFC’s self-shimming gears, ball bearing spring guide and polymer piston. PTT stands for Perfect Tactical Trainer, an airsoft gun designed to be so realistic it can be used for real steel training.

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