Airsoft GI DIY – IAR Installation Guide

We received a lot of request that wanting us to do a step by step install for the VFC IAR kit on the VFC 416 airsoft guns. In this article, I have Marq install this IAR Kit on a standard VFC 416 airsoft guns which I think most airsofters can handle. This installation is very basic, and do not need to open up the gear box. Although these modifications are considered to be simple, if you do not feel comfortable, always seek technical help from our Tech Department.

Disclaimer: This is only a general guidance on how to install the IAR Kit on the VFC H&K 416. If you do not feel comfortable, please seek assistance from our Airsoft Smiths who are qualified to handle all tech works. Airsoft GI IS NOT responsible for damage inflicted on your airsoft guns by following these steps. Thank you.

Main Steps: Installing the Kit

  1. Make sure gun is cleared.
  2. Unscrew the free floating rail system locking screw with a 5.0mm Allen key.
  3. Slide original rail system off
  4. Take off the flash hider.
  5. Install outer barrel extension by simply screw in the extension
  6. Align and tighten bayonet lug with 2.0mm Allen key.
  7. Slide new free floating rail system on.
  8. Reinstall the free floating rail system locking screw with a 5.0mm Allen Key.
  9. Install the barrel spacer for the flash hider.
  10. Reinstall Flash hider
  11. Install Front and Rear sight (provided by the IAR Kit)

Optional Steps: Installing a different charging handle latch.

  1. Remove the existing charging handle latch by punching out the pin which holds the latch onto the charging handle.
  2. Install new charging handle latch
  3. Enjoy your new IAR
  4. Install inner barrel <–Click on this.

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