SCAR Rail Extension – Necessity or Extra?

Have you ever shot a FN SCAR, both in Airsoft and the actual Firearm? If you have fired the FN SCAR before, the reciprocating charging handle can be annoying at times. On a standard FN SCAR 16S, the reciprocating charging handle can hinder you and cause a malfunction. If you use modern firearm manipulation techniques, you would find that the charging handle on the stock SCAR is very close to your wrist when holding the rifle. Sometimes after a speed load, when I re-grip the SCAR, my hand may fall short and the charging handle may hit me when firing. I could put the charging handle on the opposite side of the rifle, but that will increase my manual of arms with the SCAR, especially clearing the double feed.

Don’t get me wrong, the FN SCAR is a great weapon system, both in the firearm and airsoft world. Although the reciprocating charging handle is a minor set back (in my opinion) on the firearm and no a big deal at all on the Airsoft Gun, I think improvements can be made. When I first played airsoft, the firearm SCAR just came out, and not long after the Classic Army SCAR and the VFC SCAR surfaced in the airsoft world. Without hesitation, I purchased the Classic Army SCAR, and later, the VFC SCAR. When I first got my SCAR, I felt the gun rail system should be longer. However, there was not any external enhancements at the time, so I just dealt with it.

Few years later, I saw an extension rail for the FN SCAR on one of the firearm blogs. I was very excited because the SCAR weapon system is finally in the spotlight. There are finally special accessories just for the SCAR. The PWS (Primary Weapon System) SRX (SCAR Rail Extension) adds an additional 5 inches of rail space. For those of you that like the modern carbine manipulation, where you have your support hand further out on the rifle, the additional 5 inches allows you to do so. By moving your support hand further forward, the reciprocating charging handle will no longer be a concern. You can actually run the charging on the support side, which can speed up the manual of arms.

However, I was not going to spend $200 on a rail system for my Airsoft SCAR, because it was not justified. Sure, if I have the actual firearm SCAR, it will be totally justified. Plus, firearm parts sometimes will not fit Airsoft Guns without modification. Eventually, I gave up on the idea of having the extended rail on my Airsoft SCAR, and I just kept using my VFC SCAR as it. I added several accessories on the VFC SCAR, such as flashlight and optic. Other than those accessories, I did not do anything else to my VFC SCAR.

Last week, my dream actually came true. Madbull announced that they will be making the fully licensed Primary Weapon System SCAR Rail Extension (PWS SRX) awhile back, but the product finally arrived at the Airsoft GI warehouse last week. Immediately, I went to the warehouse and got one, and installed it on my personal VFC SCAR to start the testing and evaluation process. Needless to say, it blew my expectation out of the water.

The Madbull PWS SRX (SCAR Rail Extension) came in Matte Black finish. Constructed with high strength aluminum, the Madbull PWS SRX is very solid and light weight. As expected from a fully licensed product, the Madbull PWS SRX features full trademarks from Primary Weapon System. The top rail is 2.7 long and allows the use of flashlights and other accessories to be mounted at the 12 o’clock position without interfering with your sights or optics. The SRX features 2 QD sling swivel points positioned on the sides of the rail. The Madbull PWS SRX only fits VFC SCAR-L, VFC SCAR-H, D Boy SCAR-H, and Echo 1 SCAR-H. Unfortunately, if you have a Classic Army SCAR –L, D Boy SCAR-L or Echo 1 SCAR-L, the Madbull PWS SRX will not work with them.

Installing the Madbull PWS SRX is easier than I expected. I asked Marq to install the rail for me to try out. To install the Madbull PWS SRX, please refer to the DIY section, or CLICK HERE for the actual installation article. The installation is pretty self explanatory. After the installation, I immediately knew that this is an accessory that you must have. As I have mentioned before, the Madbull PWS SRX accommodates modern firearm manipulations techniques. The Madbull PWS SRX also allows me to mount mission essential equipment on a more desirable location on my SCAR.

Since my hand is almost all the way out near the muzzle, it makes perfect sense to put my Surefire X300 flash light at the 12 o’clock, where my thumb can easily accesses the light switch. To increase weapon control, I installed a Magpul Angle Forward Grip. My support hand is now more forward on the weapon system, where I have maximum control of my weapon system and I can activate my flashlight in low light environment.

With the Madbull PWS SRX, I could also turn my VFC into a SPR, Special Purpose Rifle. All I have to do is to install a bipod near the end of the SRX, a scope on the top rail, a barrel extension, and a new longer inner barrel. If you choose to go this route, I suggest you drop your gun off at our tech department to “beef up” your internal and FPS as well. The “SPR” will give your scar a very unique look, as AirsoftGI Josh is holding one below.

The Madbull PWS SCAR Rail Extension is now available at Build with high durable but yet lightweight aluminum, the Madbull PWS SRX gives you what you need to use the SCAR with modern weapon manipulation techniques. If you are running a VFC SCAR-L, VFC SCAR-H, D Boy SCAR-H, or Echo 1 SCAR-H, the Madbull PWS SRX is a must have for you. I am Andrew, stay safe, and get out and play Airsoft.

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