Hey Ma! I’m on the News!

In some cases, ending up on the news can be a bad thing. However, in this case, The Santa Clarita Valley Signal, a local news company based out in Valencia California, sent a reporter to cover John Lu’s Army Birthday Combat Experience at Rene Valuzat’s Blue Cloud Movie Ranch. Airsoft GI was fortunate enough to participate in the event, and was even featured in the article Luke Money wrote about the event!

Photo by Dan WatsonFrom left to right: Chris Bast (Warfighter Airsoft), Tim (Airsoft GI), and Sam (G&G). Photo by Dan Watson

The event hosted around 250 players attempting to battle over the control of a small rural Afghan town, complete with an imposing temple, dark alleyways, and collapsed room. Tim & Darren, from Airsoft GI team up with Jet from Desert Fox, Chris Bast from Warfighter Airsoft, Charlie from LevelCap Gaming, & Sam from G&G in order to help repel Opfor and push for an American victory. The event lasted from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. Through dry dust winds, under a relenting sun in 95 degree weather, our team managed to hold our own.

Photo by Dan Watson

Foreground: Darren (Airsoft GI) Background: Charlie (LevelCapGaming) Photo by Dan Watson

John Lu’s Army Birthday Combat Experience put aside some of the proceeds of the event to help soldiers in need. So, by attending these events, not only are you have fun playing a Military Simulation event, but you’re also helping both veterans and enlisted men and their families. It is through these events will airsoft taken seriously as a socially acceptable hobby, and we can thank the Signal for giving us this chance. Check out the article here.

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