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Operation Blue/Grey

Are you looking to join a high profile operation that features helicopter gun runs, zodiac boat missions, night operations, and direct action missions? Well, American Milsim, the same organizers that brought airsoft players Rebel Yell and Broken Home, are going to Ballahack Airsoft on October 12-13 2013 to hold Operation Blue/Grey.

Aerial View

Ballahack Airsoft was the site of the famous Tim vs Bob 4 and 4.5. It is one of the largest airsoft fields on the East Coast featuring 99 acres of woods, marshland, paths, clearings, and a central MOUT town. Ballahack is considered one of the premiere dedicated airsoft fields in the world.

Aerial View

American MILSIM features Direct Action Missions, which for an additional fee, your squad can participating in a custom written mission with interaction with dedicated LARPs. These slots are limited however, so sign up quickly!

Operation Blue/Grey

Ballahack Airsoft – 2900 Ballahack Rd. Chesapeake Virginia, 23322

American MILSIM

A-TACS LE Edition

Check out one of the newest patterns to come out of the A-TACS line. The LE (Law Enforcement) edition pattern is available for purchase at

The A-TACS LE camouflage print was developed in conjunction with law enforcement professionals. It has been described as a uniform meant to be a “show of force” pattern, not designed for concealment. This definitely seems to be the case, as this pattern is both stylish and recognizable. Be prepared to see tactical entry teams and specialized units to start sporting these colors.

For every purchase of an A-TACS uniform including the LE pattern, Digital Concealment Systems will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Spirit of Blue Foundation, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing officer safety and fulfilling LE safety equipment and training needs.

Will A-TACS LE be as famous as the LAPD blue uniform? At this point, only time will tell. Comment below if that is a pattern that you’d be interested in, and visit the Airsoft GI Facebook to check out the latest news!

Spirit of Blue Foundation

Airsoft GI Facebook


Army Birthday Combat Experience Footage

This past weekend, Tim had the opportunity to go play at Lion Claws Army Birthday military simulation game over at Blue Cloud Movie Ranch. Out on the field with him were Jet from Desert Fox Airsoft, LevelCap, from LevelCapGaming, and Chris from Warfighter Airsoft. It was pretty hot outside, yet they battled on and had a pretty good time!

Level Cap Gaming

Warfighter Airsoft

Desert Fox Airsoft

Miracle Barrels

Hey Ma! I’m on the News!

In some cases, ending up on the news can be a bad thing. However, in this case, The Santa Clarita Valley Signal, a local news company based out in Valencia California, sent a reporter to cover John Lu’s Army Birthday Combat Experience at Rene Valuzat’s Blue Cloud Movie Ranch. Airsoft GI was fortunate enough to participate in the event, and was even featured in the article Luke Money wrote about the event!

Photo by Dan WatsonFrom left to right: Chris Bast (Warfighter Airsoft), Tim (Airsoft GI), and Sam (G&G). Photo by Dan Watson