An Overview of Next Generation of FMG4 OEM by Lonex

It is my pleasure to tell you that Airsoft GI has selected a new OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for our full metal G4 Custom Airsoft guns, or FMG4s. Our G4 line is made by G&G combat machine, which are durable, reliable, and very affordable. A lot of our customers wanted a G4 custom that is full metal, but still affordable and reliable. As a result, we’ve come out with the FMG4. The first generation of FMG4 was OEM by VFC, which is an excellent company. VFC has provided the airsoft market with durable, reliable, and very solid performance airsoft guns. However, VFC guns are very expensive. Beside the fact the FMG4 has the Airsoft GI logo; the FMG4 and a VFC M4 are basically the same.

I am happy to announce that Airsoft GI has teamed up with Lonex Airsoft, a well respected airsoft company with a good reputation. Before I go over the differences, let’s take a look at the history of Lonex Airsoft Company. According to the Lonex Website, they were established in 1980 in Taiwan, and mainly did plastic injection molds and injection model services for a lot of products. Lonex start doing airsoft parts and eventually begin to manufacture airsoft guns. Lonex quickly gained the reputation of producing some of the best airsoft guns in the market. The materials they use for the internal parts are some of the best in the industry. Airsoft GI is happy to partner with Lonex for the next generation of our Full Metal G4 Airsoft gun line.

Now on to the differences between the different models of FMG4. Just like the regular G4 lines, the FMG4 features four different types of guns. All four types of FMG4 have the same internal components, and they have the same quality control and care from our Airsmith Department. Depending on the playing style, a certain FMG4 might work better for you compared to the other one. So before you make a decision on which FMG4 to purchase, take a look of what different types of FMG4s we offer here at your favorite airsoft store, Airsoft GI.

The A1 variant of the FMG4 is a “mid length” version of the series. For simplicity purposes, “mid-length” FMG4 features a 14.5 inch barrel, and a Rail interface system that is longer than 7 inches (normal M4 length). This is perfect for those of you that like the modern weapon manipulation technique, such as yours truly. The longer rail system accommodates the user to extend his / her support hand further forward, allowing maximum control over the weapon system.

I prefer the “mid length” variant because that how I set up my AR-15. I noticed a tremendous difference between a standard AR15 and a “mid length” AR15. The recoil on a mid length AR15 is softer, making the rifle more controllable. Along with the modern weapon manipulation technique, where the operator puts their hand further forward on the weapon, the operator can be much more efficient when firing their weapon system. The FMG4-A1 variants are excellent training tools for those of you that utilize the modern weapon manipulation technique.

The A2 Variant of the FMG4 is the CQB, or Close Quarter Battle version of the series. The A2 features a short rail system, and a short barrel. This variant of the FMG4 is designed with one thing in mind: agility. The gun is light weight, easy to maneuver, and most importantly, compact. The short barrel and rail system are designed to effectively burst into a room, turn that corner, or simply dominate the indoor battlefield. The Tech Department knows that and that’s the reason why they bring you the A2 variant.

The CQB variant, or A2 models, are excellent for indoor play. For those of you live in Southern California, the A2 Variant is perfect for Tac City South and North. If you have been to Tac City North, which is located in South El Monte, you would know that the field simulates extreme close quarter combat. If you have a normal length M4, it might hinder you. The FMG4-A2 is built to boost your performance in tight quarter battle field. So if you a hardcore CQB player, the FMG4-A2 is for you!

The A3 variant of the FMG4 is the standard length of the FMG4 line. The A3 line features the standard 14.5 inch barrel, with a 7 inch RIS system and a front sight post, or FSP. The FMG4-A3 is designed for those of you that like the standard military set up. The gun is light weight, and it is perfect for both outdoor and indoor battlefield. The “standard” variant of the FMG4 (A3) is perfect for your standard airsoft games. It is also perfect for large operations, such as the Operation Lion Claws, Operation Red Storm, and other large scale operation.

The A5 variant of the FMG4 is the DMR, or designated Marksman Rifle version of the FMG4 series. The A5 features a rifle length hand guard, and the famous 20 inch barrel (509mm). The A5 is designed with one purpose: the ability to hit someone at far distances. To achieve this, the Tech department installed a 509mm inner barrel, giving the gun 20 inches. This is the gun you want if your goal is to shoot someone really far away.

The DMR Variant is excellent for outdoor play. For those of you live in Southern California, Desert fox and SC Village are the perfect place for you to use the A5 variant. Comes with a long rail system, you can mount different optics, light, lasers, bipod, and other mission essential equipment on there. Like I have mentioned before, the FMG4-A5 is built to boost your range on the battlefield, giving you the advantage over an enemy team.

Well there you have it, the new line of FMG4 custom airsoft guns. OEM by Lonex Airsoft, the FMG4 line is going to fly off the shelves. Not only is Lonex one of best airsoft manufacturers in the industry, the price tag is also very attractive. Depending on the model of FMG4 you choose, for about $300, you can own a full metal airsoft gun that can out-perform other stock brand airsoft gun. I will do a more in detail on each variant of FMG4 in future articles. They are available now at I am Andrew, stay safe, and get out and play airsoft.

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