Why Helium Whisper?

MOLLE, or Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, is the standard issued load-bearing equipment of the current generation in our armed forces. When done right, MOLLE can be the best load-carrying equipment in today’s battlefield. The pouches attached on the vest will have no up and down play, and it will be almost impossible to take off once attached. However, traditional MOLLE straps on the back of the pouches present problem that most people do not know.

Traditionally, MOLLE straps are sewn on after the pouches are manufactured. This presents a problem because there is more material required to build a standard MOLLE Strap. The traditional MOLLE straps are made with double layer of webbing with a plastic stiffener in the middle. This means more weight. Then the strap is sewn in manually on the back panel of the pouch, which is a potential failure point. Once it fails, the pouch is rendered useless. Also, traditional MOLLE Straps have buckles at the end, where the user can snap them together, making the pouch attached to the vest more securely. However, not only do the metal buckles add unnecessary weight, but it also has the potential of a secondary fragmentation when shot, as shown below.

There are better systems than the traditional MOLLE Strap that still utilize the MOLLE Webbing system. One of them is the Malice Clip. The Malice Clip is considered a better system because of the modularity of the system. Basically, Malice Clip replaces the traditional sewn on MOLLE Straps with a separate plastic clip. The concept behind the malice clip is that when the malice clip fails, you can simply replace it with another one. If you broke a malice clip, you don’t have to replace the pouch like the traditional MOLLE pouches. However, Malice Clips are a challenge to weave into place. Since they are plastic straps, they are not as pliable as fabric.

Although Malice Clip does not introduce secondary fragmentation when shot, it is still a heavy system compared to the Helium Whisper System by Blue Force Gear. This system is truly the first of its kind. Just like traditional MOLLE straps, they are more flexible because they are thinner. Thinner means less material, and less material means less weight. But the most innovative part about Helium Whisper system is the backing. The MOLLE Strap is actually part of the back panel, which make it very solid. The back panel then is sewn onto the pouch as 1 piece. This creates a very light weight, but very strong MOLLE system that everyone loves today. The Helium Whisper System also uses Velcro instead of standard metal buckle, which reduce secondary fragmentation to none.

The Blue Force Gear Helium Whisper System is truly the next generation of MOLLE system. Famous Tactical Gear brands such as Tactical Tailor and Mayflower have already bought the licensing to produce their gear in Helium Whisper Backing. The Helium Whisper system is the future of MOLLE. Check out the line of Blue Force Gear Pouches with Helium Whisper at www.airsoftgi.com. I am Andrew, stay safe, and get out and play airsoft.

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