Troops getting gear (Condor MOPC) from charity as U.S. military braces for budget cuts

Airsoft GI would like to applaud Aaron Negherbon, the founder of TroopsDirect, for his charitable efforts to get our troops the protection that they need.  Budget cuts are being felt all over the military and TroopsDirect have secured and expedited 60,000 lbs of vital supplies like stretchers, communications gear, and protective equipment to infantry units and special operations forces around the globe.

“We need body armor,” Negherbon recalls the veteran Army sergeant saying. “He said, ‘We’re getting ready to deploy, and they are only giving us 30 of the 60 vests that we need.’.  In an effort to outfit this troop with the protection that they need Negherbon donated 31 modular operator plate carriers (MOPC) by Condor Outdoor.

Matthew Bourke, an Army spokesman at the Pentagon stated, “The MOPC is approved for wear,” and he acknowledges that Special Forces troops and certain other unites are provided the MOPC-style vest because some soldiers find the design lighter and more mobile than the IOTV.

TroopsDirect policy has always been to go with what the boots on the ground want.

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