Roll Up Cleaning Mat By Condor Outdoor

If you are an avid shooter or airsofter then you know that having clean airsoft guns and firearms reduce malfunctions; maximizing your airsoft or shooting experience. Even if you clean your guns regularly, unexpected malfunctions do happen. If that ever happens, it would be nice to have a cleaning kit with you, both on the airsoft field and the shooting range. The question now is; how will you carry all your cleaning tools with you to the airsoft field or the shooting range?

Little did I know, Condor Outdoor produces a very unique item that will hold all your clean tools and kit in a small tight little package. The Condor Outdoor Roll-Up Cleaning Mat is a must have for those of you that go play airsoft or go to the range often.  It holds all your regular cleaning tools and kits and it can roll up into a small enough package to fit into your range bag, gun bag, or even your utility pouch.

Not only does the mat hold your cleaning kit and tools, it can fold out into a cleaning mat (Hence the name cleaning mat). You can clean your guns and airsoft guns on the mat.  In this way, the mat will protect the table against all the lubricant and cleaning solutions, minimizing clean up time afterward. But more importantly, when you are out in the field, the cleaning mat will protect your gun while cleaning. For example, you are in a desert environment and you need to clean your gun, the mat can protect your gun against dust, dirt and sand. As you know those are a firearm’s worst enemy. Even if you are in a city environment, the cleaning mat will protect your gun from any unwanted scratches.

There is a small pouch attached at the end of the cleaning mat, which is designed for your standard tools and cleaning kit. It has a zipper where it will hold your tools and cleaning kit securely in the pouch. Inside the pouch, there are 2 main compartments, one is for your standard tools, and the other is for your cleaning kit. There is also elastic holder to hold your cleaning rod, and small pockets for cleaning patches and brushes. The tool compartment has Velcro sewed on to the flap, which will hold the tools securely in that compartment.

There is a unique feature that I really like about this cleaning mat; right next to the tool pouch on the cleaning kit, there is a Velcro space and 4 Velcro strips on it. If you work on an AEG, or field stripped your firearms before (specifically your AR15 Bolt Carrier Group, and a 1911, which has a lot of small parts), you would know how pain in the butt it is to have small parts all over your table. Sometimes if you are unlucky and have small parts dropped onto the floor, it takes ages for those parts to be found. By having that Velcro space and strips, I can now Velcro those small parts on to the mat, reducing the chances of me loosing the parts. This is a fantastic idea because when I clean my firearms, I tend to have parts everywhere on my table.

After cleaning your gun, reassemble the gun, I can store all my cleaning kits and tools into the designated pouch. Then I can roll up the cleaning mat, and put it in my utility pouch, gun bag, or my range bag. It is definitely a great addition to my arensal, and definitely a must have on the range and on the airsoft field. Check out the Condor Outdoor Roll-Up Cleaning Mat at Airsoft GI. I am Andrew, stay safe, and get out and play airsoft.


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