New Generation of Tactical Gear – Blue Force Ten Speed

The Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed series pouch is truly an innovative design in tactical gear. Using elastic material instead of traditional tactical nylon, the Blue Force Gear Ten Speed pouch is the lowest profile pouch in existence. The elastic material is durable and long lasting, which makes this pouch the ideal pouch if you are going for the “high speed, low drag” set up. The Ten-Speed pouch is an open top design magazine pouch, and it does not have any retention straps over the opening. It does not need one.

When empty, the Ten-Speed pouch will sit flushed against the rig. It literally adds no additional bulkiness on to your vest or plate carrier. The material on the ten-Speed pouches is very light weight compared to the traditional magazine pouches. With the helium whisper backing, the Ten-Speed series pouch is one of the lightest series pouches in today’s market.

Given the property of the elastic material, where it will always go back to the original position, and the elastic portion of the Ten-Speed Series pouches acts as a natural retention. The pouch will hold the magazine firmly in the pouch to a point that it will not drop out, but at the same time allows the operator to pull the magazine out of the pouch easily. Without any flaps, buckles, or other retention devices, the operator can access the magazine easier. Regardless of magazine types, the elastic material will hold the magazine firmly and securely.

The Ten Speed pouch is the new generation of tactical pouches. Using elastic instead of traditional nylon, Blue Force Gear not only saves on weight, but also makes magazine pouches “slicker” by going with the elastic materials. Along with the Helium Whisper backing system, Ten Speed pouches are one of the lightest pouches on the tactical market. Airsoft GI has a variety of Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Series pouches that fits different magazines. Go there now and check them out at Airsoft GI. I am Andrew, Stay Safe, and get out and play airsoft.

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