Mil-Sim and the Lancer Tactical GPNVG-18 Dummy Night Vision Goggle

Lancer Tactical GPNVG-18 Helmet Mounted

Airsoft distinguishes itself from other similar sports, such as paintball, laser tag, etc. by having guns that look realistic. It stands to reason that most players want their accompanying gear and equipment to look realistic. Also, being a sport built around honor and not relying on paint to mark hits enables players to have nice uniforms and gear that will not get irrevocably damaged during regular game play.

Mil-Sim Airsoft Players commonly mistaken for Navy SEALs

As a result, mil-sim (military simulation) has become a large part of the airsoft community. Not only is game play designed to simulate military operations but the player’s appearance also replicates the military. Items that are not strictly necessary to play a game of airsoft, such as GPS devices, flex cuffs, chem lights, medical equipment, mil-spec optics, etc, provide an added level of realism. This also gives rise to replicas of items that the general public could not readily afford or legally acquire, such as Night Vision Goggles.

Lancer Tactical GPNVG-18 Dummy Night Vision Goggle

For example, we recently received a replica of the GPNVG-18 by Lancer Tactical. The real GPNVG-18 increased the FOV (Field Of View) from the 40 degrees of legacy night vision binocular systems to 95 degrees. For anyone familiar with night vision you can understand what a revelation this is. Given their level of sophistication and performance specifications their sale is regulated by the government and their price could easily be the equivalent of a new car.

GPNVG-18 on shelf
Photo by Mark Owen, No Easy Day

Although information regarding the GPNVG-18 was available to the public as early as 2011 it was not until the next year that it gained wide spread attention, when its use was connected to U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DevGru), widely known as SEAL Team Six. No Easy Day, a military memoir by Mark Owen, a personal account of the raid that lead to the killing of Osama Bin Laden, featured pictures of the GPNVG-18 among their equipment. Later that same year, the GPNVG-18 was depicted in use by Navy SEAL Team Six in the movie Zero Dark Thirty.

GPNVG-18s from Zero Dark Thirty
Screen Shot from Zero Dark Thirty

The Lancer Tactical GPNVG-18 is a replica and does not function but it will bring your Navy SEAL kit to a new level. Be sure to check it out on our website,

Lancer Tactical GPNVG-18 Dummy Night Vision Goggle (Tan)
Lancer Tactical GPNVG-18 Dummy Night Vision Goggle (Black)

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