GI Tactical Grand Opening – From Ed’s Perspective

GI Tactical’s Ed is an avid airsoft player as well as an employee of Airsoft GI. In this article, he writes about his experiences on GI Tactical’s Grand Opening in Chesterfield Virginia:

“April 27th 2013, in a parking lot in Chesterfield County, Virginia; 100’s of people gathered, some had slept over from the night before. Canopy booths lined one side of the parking lot. Cars filled the lot, VA, NC, SC, MD, NY, TN, GA, license plates from up and down the East Coast. There was a constant hum of chatter, eyes darted to wristwatches, and the countdown was almost over.

10am, the sound of a lock being turned, a cheer spread through the crowd.

It was official; the wait was over Gi Tactical, was OPEN!!!

Close to 1200 people filtered through the store that day. So what makes Gi Tactical such a great place?

The Location.

The store, a few miles from downtown Richmond VA, is conveniently located in the middle of the East Coast. Washington DC is 2 hours north and Virginia Beach is 2 hours to the east. Located just off Midlothian Turnpike (RT 60), at 100-A North Providence Road, North Chesterfield, Virginia, 23235, the store is 1 mile east of the Powhite Parkway, and 3.5 miles west of Chippenham Parkway. Just 20 mins west from I-95.

The Store.

The store has an impressive gun wall with close to 300 guns on display, display cases with pistols, shotguns, red dots, scopes, rails, eye pro are just below the gun wall. Tactical gear from plate carriers to holsters to magazine pouches, gun bags, jackets, slings are easily accessed throughout the store. As you browse the vast inventory, don’t be surprised to see State Police and officers from local departments rubbing shoulders alongside you.
The store is quickly becoming popular with Law Enforcement, as the gear is not just for airsoft use. With 2 changing rooms and a shooting range, you can be sure that whatever you buy will fit your needs.

The Staff.

When you walk through the doors you are greeted with a cheerful “Welcome to Gi Tactical”, from one of the friendliest staff you will ever meet. The staff all experienced players, and can be found playing at the local airsoft fields like Tactical Response Unleashed, XZone and of course Ballahack. You quickly realize that the staffs are not treating you as a customer, but rather as a new friend; laughing and joking with you. With You Tube videos being shot daily, don’t be surprised to be invited to be in one.

Stop on by and see for yourself what makes Gi Tactical the place to be on the East Coast.

We are open Monday – Sat from 11am till 7pm.”

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