Discreet and Protective – The NC Star Discreet Breakdown Case

As a responsible airsofter and firearm enthusiast, a gun bag is a “must have” in your tactical gear arsenal. It is also a legality issue because for some states, transporting your firearms without a gun case/bag is considered brandishing a weapon. To transport your firearms and / or airsoft gun safely and responsibly, you need some kind of case or bag. By having the right case you can not only safely transport your firearm, you can also preserve your firearm and / or Airsoft Gun a lot better. Therefore in a sense, a gun case is just as important as your other tactical gear such as your vest, pouches, and other supporting equipment.

In today’s society, you may not necessarily want a gun case with a tapered shape giving the overt impression you are transporting a firearm. You might not want to attract unwanted attention when transporting a firearm and / or airsoft gun. On top of that, you might have a small trunk space for your gun bag and other tactical equipment. I have had a lot of different sizes of gun cases in the past, both hard cases and soft cases. I also drove a small car in the past, and let me tell you, trying to fit a large gun case and other tactical gear in the trunk of a small car can be very time consuming and painful.

A lot of companies, such as Eagle and High Speed Gear have all come out with a smaller gun case that fits most AR-15 type rifles or airsoft guns. The discreet break down carrying case is purposely designed to conceal the way you transport your firearms and airsoft guns. Although it requires the user to break down their AR-15 style rifle or airsoft gun, the bag does not resemble anything like a gun case. Your neighbors are less likely to freak out when they see a discreet break down case compared to a traditional gun bag or gun case.

With the current political situation, products in the gun and gun related industries have shot through the roof. Buying a gun bag could easily cost $100, and with this economy, it is understandable that firearm enthusiast and airsofters are not putting priority on getting a decent gun bag. Like I have mentioned before, a good gun bag can preserve and protect your rifle and / or airsoft gun a lot better against the weather element and other unwanted damages.

If you are looking for a decent discreet breakdown gun bag that will not break your bank, than look no further than the NC Star Discreet Breakdown Case. Pricing at about $40, it beats other similar designed gun case by the competition. NC Star has the reputation of producing some of the most affordable quality scope on the firearm market. NC Star has put their same care into their new line of tactical gear, making them one of the most affordable tactical gear manufacturers on the market. I am excited to find out that they came out with the Discreet Breakdown Case that is both affordable and quality built.

Length measured in 27 inches long, the NC Star Discreet Breakdown case can be used for things other than a rifle or airsoft gun. You can use this for the transportation of your laptop, books and other non gun related items, hence the word “discreet”. Not only the NC Star Discreet Breakdown case can store stuff other than firearms and airsoft guns, but it also does not take up that much space in your trunk. It comes with a shoulder strap, which makes transportation very comfortably.

Constructed with high durable nylon, the NC Star Discreet Breakdown gun case has padding to protect your rifle from any unwanted damages during transportation. The zipper open and close the case smoothly. The inner compartment is separated into 3 sections, using 2 Velcro dividers (1 long and 1 short). The base of the case has MOLLE Webbing and Velcro keeper, allowing you to secure your weapon system firmly. There are also 2 mesh pockets on the lid, which can be use for additional magazines, BBs, Gas, or ammunition.

The NC Star Discreet Breakdown case has different available colors. It is perfect for your AR-15 style weapon system and airsoft guns. It can also fit the FN SCAR series rifle as well; of course, the rifle has to be disassembled, separating the upper receiver, lower receiver, the butt stock module. For both the AR-15 and SCAR weapon system platforms and Airsoft guns, there are even rooms for a secondary weapon system. This discreet gun case will carry your primary and secondary weapon system in a small and compact package.

Having a quality gun bag is extremely important, for both protecting your firearms / airsoft guns and meeting the legal standards of transporting your firearm and airsoft guns. The NC Star Discreet Breakdown Case can conceal the fact that you are transporting a firearm or airsoft gun, which is a plus in my book because of today’s political climate. Now, you can transport your firearms and your airsoft guns without your neighbors freaking out and judging you. Check out the NC Star Discreet Breakdown Case at www.airsoftgi.com. I am Andrew, stay safe, and get out and play airsoft.

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