Airsoft GI DIY – Installing the Madbull PWS SCAR Rail Extension

We received a lot of requests from customers on how to do some minor modifications / Upgrades to their airsoft guns. In the Airsoft GI DIY series of articles, I have Marq install minor modifications to standard airsoft guns that most airsofters can handle. These are very basic operations, and do not need to open up the gear box. Although these modifications are considered to be simple, if you do not feel comfortable, always seek technical help from our Tech Department.


Disclaimer: This is only a general guidance on how to install the Madbull PWS SRX (SCAR RAIL XTENSION). If you do not feel comfortable, please seek assistance from our Airsoft Smiths who are qualified to handle all tech works. Airsoft GI IS NOT responsible for damage inflicted on your airsoft guns by following these steps. Thank you.

Parts / Tools Required:

  1. VFC / WE Scar
  2. Madbull PWS SCAR Rail Extension
  3. 2.5mm Allen Key
  4. 3.0mm Allen Key
  5. T10 Torx

Removing the Rail System:

  1. Make sure the gun is empty.
  2. Remove the front screw on the side rail on both side of the scar with the 2.5mm Allen Key.
  3. Remove both the 3mm screw on the bottom rail
  4. Remove the barrel Trunnion

Installing the PWS rail system

  1. Slide the PWS Rail system on to the upper receiver
  2. Align the screw holes on the lower rail
  3. Reinstall the lower rail screws 3mm
  4. Reinstall side rail screws on both side.
  5. Torque down all screws
  6. Enjoy your newly upgraded SCAR!

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