A Message from PolarStar – G36 Fusion Engine Nozzles

If you have placed an order for our new G36 series Fusion Engine nozzles, you will find that they come with two screws (1pc 4-40 x 3/16″ BHSC and 1pc 4-40 x 5/16″ BHSC). These screws are included to attach a Tokyo Marui compatible G36 series safety mount to the Fusion Engine.

The G36 series safety mount is attached to the original gearbox with two Metric screws which would not be compatible with the Fusion Engine. Our engines side plate is tapped for Imperial hardware so, since the original screws from the AEG can not be reused for this application, we are providing the screws for performing a G36 series conversion.

(Please note, our system is only able to accept Tokyo Marui compatible components. With brands which do not follow TM spec, such as Ares, you will not be able to swap the needed parts from your gearbox to the Fusion Engine to perform a conversion at this time.)

As we produce the next run of FEV3-AK engines we will start including these screws with the engine itself and phase out their inclusion with the G36 nozzle. However, if a customer contacts you who requires these screws for their installation which were not included, please forward their contact information to us and we will send them on to the customer at no additional cost.

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