Operation Reclamation III AAR: British Reclamation Forces

For the first time the weather was warm, the British forces gathered to repeal the US forces. The British had started to settle Virginia, the airfield was cleared and ready to accept planes, thank you to the Royal Engineers for setting up the radar system and surface to air missiles. The US would certainly not have an air advantage. General Meerkat has his command post squared away some distance from the airfield. A hospital had been set up to accept wounded personnel as well as potential local casualties.


Intel had reported to General Meerkat that the US forces had been supplemented by two additional Platoons. Commander Chaos in charge of one, a Bob “The Axe man” and  a high ranking individual by the name of Daniel. After being repealed twice before the US forces were eager and ready to fight hard and expel the Brits.

rec3 11

The US had an elite SF unit deployed early to observe the Brits as they planned for the impending assault. The Brits had several squads with experienced Sgts at the helm, and supporting them were 3 crack units from the British Royal Marines, The Paras and the 22nd SAS.

rec3 2


General Meerkat deployed his forces at the airfield and his command post, he had decided to leave the hospital undefended since only civilians if any would be there. He hoped the US would not assault the hospital.

The first shots rang out and the first battle began. The hospital was under attack, the airfield was being assaulted. General Meerkat shock his head, how could they attack the hospital, the humanity!!. His SF units were unleashed; the enemy would face their wrath.

rec3 5

The US continually assaulted the airfield and hospital area, trying to gain the hospital as a foothold to then move to assault the command post.

rec3 6

Suddenly a call came over the comms; Commander Chaos had been shot and captured. He was brought to the command post and held as a prisoner. He refused to divulge any info and on several occasions made a bid for freedom only to be brought down.

The battle slowed down and invisible lines were drawn and fought hard over.

rec3 3

A SF unit lead by GI Tactical Zach approached the General and asked for permission to go out and capture the one they called the Axe man. Permission was given and they went after him. A short time later the radio call came in, prisoner secured and in transport. Bob was allowed to keep his sidearm and his blood soaked axe. A short time later both sides agreed on a cease fire.

bob capture

Both sides fought well and enjoyed a hearty lunch and resupplied.

rec3 7

The Brits having held onto the command post and airfield were victorious in the first scenario.

rec3 8

In the second scenario the US were tasked with finding and destroying the Brits nuke. The Brits were to prevent this from happening.

The Brits deployed around the missile and a ring defense, the terrain was brutal and almost impassable. The SF units were once again unleashed to cause chaos.

rec3 4

Fighting was slow and sporadic throughout the day as the missile was surrounded by Brits troops taking full advantage of the dense woodland.

rec3 9

The day ended with the US giving a final hard push towards the missile site to rescue Commander Chaos and Daniel, both whom had been captured.

rec3 12

The Brits have now secured Virginia and can now focus on maintaining a small military police force to keep law and order.

rec3 10

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