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Operation Reclamation III AAR: British Reclamation Forces

For the first time the weather was warm, the British forces gathered to repeal the US forces. The British had started to settle Virginia, the airfield was cleared and ready to accept planes, thank you to the Royal Engineers for setting up the radar system and surface to air missiles. The US would certainly not have an air advantage. General Meerkat has his command post squared away some distance from the airfield. A hospital had been set up to accept wounded personnel as well as potential local casualties.


Intel had reported to General Meerkat that the US forces had been supplemented by two additional Platoons. Commander Chaos in charge of one, a Bob “The Axe man” and  a high ranking individual by the name of Daniel. After being repealed twice before the US forces were eager and ready to fight hard and expel the Brits.

rec3 11

The US had an elite SF unit deployed early to observe the Brits as they planned for the impending assault. The Brits had several squads with experienced Sgts at the helm, and supporting them were 3 crack units from the British Royal Marines, The Paras and the 22nd SAS.

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Customer War Story – Tristian Sherman

“Defend the village. 30 rushing the village, with 10 defending it (I was defending the town). Slowly, enemy combatants were closing in on the last building in the center of town. Myself and my squad buddy were in the second story, running out of ammo and praying that we could find a way out. He was covering the door while I was doing an ammo count. All of a sudden I hear THUNDER B! My buddy dove onto the thunder b, taking himself out so we both wouldn’t get out. At this point it was myself vs about 8 enemy teammates, with only 1 and a half high caps left. One by one I was shooting them as they ran into the door way, when they held back and stopped. I hear GRENADE OUT!! I look and another Thunder B was rolling in, so I grabbed it and threw it back down the stairs, killing every enemy that was down the stairs and around the corner. And that gentleman, is one of my greatest airsoft stories”

– Tristian Sherman

Customer War Story – Alec Sullivan

“Mid-Winter, freezing my ass off in 15 degrees, still having a great time playing airsoft with my buddy, who was new to the sport I may add. He ran out the night before to buy a crappy 60 dollar plastic AK from the local sporting goods store. Now, being a great friend, I decided to let him handle much superior M4, so that left me with the plastic gun that could barely reach 40 feet. Fast foward about 10 minutes into our game of 3-Life Team Deathmatch, already down a life. There were 2 of us pinned down behind a boat by some hardcore weekend warriors in a building just ahead of us.. I was low on ammo, as was my mate pinned down alongside me. After sitting there for several minutes, trying to out our opposition, we realized our team was losing pretty bad. I decided to make a final attempt to free from the cover. I rushed up when the enemy went into cover, dove next to the window on the side of the building and peaked up, promptly taking out 2 people. As they walked back, I realized there were some people in a similar situation to us. I fired several rounds, eliminating 1 of my opponents, and then I unluckily heard my rifle dry-fire, empty! I made a final attempt to take out my enemies with my (dummy)knife, sprinting roughly 30 feet to them. I almost got a person out, before hearing a loud “BangBang!” behind me. Safety killed, thus getting me out and ruining my epic spree.”

– Alec Sullivan

Customer War Story – Arthur Vega

“My most epic story is what got me really into airsoft. It was my first event and I was a noobie but Ive played a bit. I was rocking a basic rental m4. It was elimination CTF at the local field. My entire team was eliminated except for me and 1 other guy. we stuck together for this. We knew we had to grab the flag and get out quick, we approached the flag and eliminated 3 guys in quick succession. This turned the game into a 4v2 in favor of the other team. He ran for the flag and tripped a claymore and was eliminated and it was down to me. I quickly grabbed the flag and booked it into a nearby building. I ran around a corner and came behind 2 enemy’s by a window and took them out, I felt like a boss right there. I get to my base but am weary because the other 2 are no where insight so I take it slow. I see slight movement in the grass by our flag and take a scenic route around him, I took him out before he knew what happened. I had no idea where the last guy was so I ran to the flag. He pops out around a corner and sprays but misses me as I dive into cover, and get myself into a good position to fire and take him down! I won the game 4v1 and I have been playing airsoft ever since.”

– Arthur Vega

Customer War Stories: Allen Pilkington

I was playing attack and defend. My team was defending and a kid with a riot shield kept getting closer and closer until he was parallel to us. Our rounds weren’t having any effect because of the shield. I had used all of the ammo for my Garand and decided that I was going to make it my goal to take the riot shield guy out of the game. I reached down to my webbing and grabbed my bayonet and attached it to the muzzle of my rifle.

After taking a few seconds to plan, I took off full sprint across 50 yards of open field. I expected to get hit at any time. It never happened. After what felt like forever, I got to the bunker in the middle of an awesome adrenaline rush. I have no idea what I yelled to the guy, because I was overwhelmed that I had made a successful bayonet charge. The unbelievable part is that I was able to make the return trip back across the open ground and back to my teammates. That my friends was my finest hour. That is why I now wear a helmet cam.

– Allen Darryl Pilkington