Customer War Stories: Allen Pilkington

I was playing attack and defend. My team was defending and a kid with a riot shield kept getting closer and closer until he was parallel to us. Our rounds weren’t having any effect because of the shield. I had used all of the ammo for my Garand and decided that I was going to make it my goal to take the riot shield guy out of the game. I reached down to my webbing and grabbed my bayonet and attached it to the muzzle of my rifle.

After taking a few seconds to plan, I took off full sprint across 50 yards of open field. I expected to get hit at any time. It never happened. After what felt like forever, I got to the bunker in the middle of an awesome adrenaline rush. I have no idea what I yelled to the guy, because I was overwhelmed that I had made a successful bayonet charge. The unbelievable part is that I was able to make the return trip back across the open ground and back to my teammates. That my friends was my finest hour. That is why I now wear a helmet cam.

– Allen Darryl Pilkington

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