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Customer War Story – Alec Sullivan

“Mid-Winter, freezing my ass off in 15 degrees, still having a great time playing airsoft with my buddy, who was new to the sport I may add. He ran out the night before to buy a crappy 60 dollar plastic AK from the local sporting goods store. Now, being a great friend, I decided to let him handle much superior M4, so that left me with the plastic gun that could barely reach 40 feet. Fast foward about 10 minutes into our game of 3-Life Team Deathmatch, already down a life. There were 2 of us pinned down behind a boat by some hardcore weekend warriors in a building just ahead of us.. I was low on ammo, as was my mate pinned down alongside me. After sitting there for several minutes, trying to out our opposition, we realized our team was losing pretty bad. I decided to make a final attempt to free from the cover. I rushed up when the enemy went into cover, dove next to the window on the side of the building and peaked up, promptly taking out 2 people. As they walked back, I realized there were some people in a similar situation to us. I fired several rounds, eliminating 1 of my opponents, and then I unluckily heard my rifle dry-fire, empty! I made a final attempt to take out my enemies with my (dummy)knife, sprinting roughly 30 feet to them. I almost got a person out, before hearing a loud “BangBang!” behind me. Safety killed, thus getting me out and ruining my epic spree.”

– Alec Sullivan

Customer War Story – Arthur Vega

“My most epic story is what got me really into airsoft. It was my first event and I was a noobie but Ive played a bit. I was rocking a basic rental m4. It was elimination CTF at the local field. My entire team was eliminated except for me and 1 other guy. we stuck together for this. We knew we had to grab the flag and get out quick, we approached the flag and eliminated 3 guys in quick succession. This turned the game into a 4v2 in favor of the other team. He ran for the flag and tripped a claymore and was eliminated and it was down to me. I quickly grabbed the flag and booked it into a nearby building. I ran around a corner and came behind 2 enemy’s by a window and took them out, I felt like a boss right there. I get to my base but am weary because the other 2 are no where insight so I take it slow. I see slight movement in the grass by our flag and take a scenic route around him, I took him out before he knew what happened. I had no idea where the last guy was so I ran to the flag. He pops out around a corner and sprays but misses me as I dive into cover, and get myself into a good position to fire and take him down! I won the game 4v1 and I have been playing airsoft ever since.”

– Arthur Vega

Customer War Stories: Allen Pilkington

I was playing attack and defend. My team was defending and a kid with a riot shield kept getting closer and closer until he was parallel to us. Our rounds weren’t having any effect because of the shield. I had used all of the ammo for my Garand and decided that I was going to make it my goal to take the riot shield guy out of the game. I reached down to my webbing and grabbed my bayonet and attached it to the muzzle of my rifle.

After taking a few seconds to plan, I took off full sprint across 50 yards of open field. I expected to get hit at any time. It never happened. After what felt like forever, I got to the bunker in the middle of an awesome adrenaline rush. I have no idea what I yelled to the guy, because I was overwhelmed that I had made a successful bayonet charge. The unbelievable part is that I was able to make the return trip back across the open ground and back to my teammates. That my friends was my finest hour. That is why I now wear a helmet cam.

– Allen Darryl Pilkington

Customer War Stories: Charles England

I had recently taken some real-steel tactical training from a friend of the family who is private security turned tactical instructor. It was course 2 of 4, and I was excited to try out what I had learned while on the MilSim field.

On the field, the main central zone was a grassy valley with a 7ft. cleft in the middle, surrounded by some brush and a copse of trees. My fire team was to cut a path to enemy territory to look for a package, while the rest of the squad provided cover from on top of the embankment behind us. I had my FAMAS SV and an M9, and was pointman.

Halfway through the ravine, there was a blind bend to the right. I knew it was a blind spot, so I called halt (hand signal only, we were trying to infiltrate, not assault). The first we knew of the ambush, it was our overwatch support getting annihilated from our four o’clock flank. The ravine opened slightly to the left, but continued to our objective to the right, and our team posted in defensive positions guarding the four possible assault points. But I knew we had to keep moving or we’d get pinned down in a very bad location.

I continued forward, but got engaged soon after in a mid-range with a tango in the brush who couldn’t quite hit me from around the corner. My FAMAS had the range but not the hitting power to do significant damage to the attacker, so I had to pour out the plastic…luckily the stock TM FAMAS SV has an amazing rate of fire. I heard the tango call hit just as I reached the end of my midcap (60 rds.), but before I could begin the reload, more tangos poured from around the corner. I dropped my rifle (yay slings!) and transferred to my sidearm; the draw I used, learned from the first course, was perfect. I had my weapon out and rounds down range before either party knew what had happened (I must admit, the speed and precision with which that draw occurred surprised even me). I had three tangos down in just as many seconds, double taps to center mass at 15 yards each.

M fire team didn’t lose anyone, though our overwatch was wiped out. We made it to the package location with only a few more single encounters, but as we exfilled I took a sniper round to the neck. Not the best end to a fun mission, especially the neck shot (this was before I wore neck guards, and the reason why I do so to this day), but the encounter in the ravine, where I was first able to apply real-steel tactics and training to airsoft, is still one of my most favorite airsoft memories.

-Charles England

Customer War Stories: Max Moawad

“My most epic story started out at fallen warriors airsoft field, a nice field near Lower Cincinnati. It was just before lunch time and we were playing a VIP rescue game. I was on the terrorists team (we had to protect the VIP in the kill house and not let the others retrieve him).

Even though I usually play support or assault for our team, I decided the stay up in a two story sniping tower. My scar H could still reach out to hit advancing players but was useless against long range engagements. As the game horn blew I readied my mag into my gun and prepared for a hell of a game. Our team split into four groups, each in which had 2 squads of four: squad alpha (my squad), who stayed and protected the VIP, squad bravo, who advanced in the forest to our left, squad Charlie, who stayed in a courtyard around 50 feet from the kill house, and squad we-don’t-want-to-be-named-squad-delta or W.D.W.T.B.C.S.D for short. (they were the jokers of the team) who advanced from the courtyard squad Charlie stayed in.

The enemy team decided to do similar to us, and split in multiple groups. I could see most of the entire A.O. From the tower I was in and decided to shout out their positions to my team. I called out to squad Charlie and W.D.W.T.B.C.S.D and told them about a incoming group straight ahead of them. To my liking, they went and easily cleared the enemies. But as I looked back, A large group was advancing 12 o’clock from our position. Little did I know that they brought two snipers in there group. Before I could react, a bb whizzed by my head. They just barely missed! I quickly kneeled to cover as a second bb plinked of the tower wall. Over the course of five minutes or so I kept peeking up to see what was going on. I remembered not keep a steady pattern so they couldn’t place a solid shot as I looked up. What happened is the majority of the group (excluding the snipers) continued into the forest which squad bravo was covering. I couldn’t inform bravo since they were too far out of range of hearing.

After some time, a second group started moving in on the courtyard. I told my teammates and they prepared to counter attack. Unfortunately a hidden player popped out some bushes and launched an ambush. This started an all out firefight. As the overwhelming sound of bb’s being sprayed filled the courtyard our team was being pushed back. One after another our players were being picked off. only 4 players remained of the two squads out there. They retreated to the kill house making the players left protecting the vip twelve (the four and squad alpha).

As the enemies took the courtyard, they came into range of my weapon. I was able to take one before taking cover from the thousands of bb’s from the rest of the enemy squad. I couldn’t breathe without another hundred bb’s fly over to try hit me. I decided to wait, stay laying in the tower until someone else distracted them. It took a while but they eventually did. And before being able to cook up a plan, they stormed the building. They took everyone else, only loosing a few themselves. But still I remained, they forgot of me. “This is it” a said to my self as I got up. “Only one shot at this”

As soon as I heard “VIP captured!” (It isn’t end of game since they still have to take the VIP back to there base) I zipped around the corner scar in hand and instantly “pop pop, pop pop pop, pop” I went aim bot on them one to another and took six at once! The vip was saved! Two more came in, one from a window, one from a door. I shot at the window and got him in mid climb, causing him to fall backwards. It still wasn’t enough time to hit the other so I hid hoping he wouldn’t find me (by then the six or so enemies are standing around bleeding out. They can’t tell him about me because of the “no dead man talking” rule, and besides, the VIP who is a field ref is right there also). The hostile checks the building before clearing the tower (which I’m in), and then meets up with me at a corner forcing us to both be “hit”.

I was able to rack up a few more kills by the end of the game, but that moment was like no other. I was the snipers main target, I got to inform my team of enemies like an over watch, and got a insane multi kill. I was a well know player that day…. And that, was my most epic moment”

– Max Moawad