WE SMG-8 Quick Look

You like sub-machine guns, but don’t always like the price tags associated with them. Now, you can have a fun, awesome gun for not a whole lot of money. WE has made this gun with a monolithic upper rail, functional iron sites, and adjustable stock. Additionally, because this gun is so cheap, you might even be able to buy two, and dual wield the gun! Be sure to check it out on our website, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

WE SMG-8 (Tan and Black)

Costa Leg Rig

Woven from the strands of the beard of Chris Costa, AirsoftGI is proud to carry the Chris Costa Leg Rig from HSG. With Double Decker TACO mag pouches split by a single TACO mag pouch, the rig is well balanced and designed to fit well on your upper thigh.
The mags fit snugly into the holster allowing for ease of use and ensuring that the mags don’t fall out. Be sure to check it out on our website!

Costa Leg Rig

Customer War Story – Tristian Sherman

“Defend the village. 30 rushing the village, with 10 defending it (I was defending the town). Slowly, enemy combatants were closing in on the last building in the center of town. Myself and my squad buddy were in the second story, running out of ammo and praying that we could find a way out. He was covering the door while I was doing an ammo count. All of a sudden I hear THUNDER B! My buddy dove onto the thunder b, taking himself out so we both wouldn’t get out. At this point it was myself vs about 8 enemy teammates, with only 1 and a half high caps left. One by one I was shooting them as they ran into the door way, when they held back and stopped. I hear GRENADE OUT!! I look and another Thunder B was rolling in, so I grabbed it and threw it back down the stairs, killing every enemy that was down the stairs and around the corner. And that gentleman, is one of my greatest airsoft stories”

– Tristian Sherman

Umarex UZI

Looking for a licensed awesome airsoft gun that can make your opponent cower in fear? The Umarex UZI is a great option. Because it uses Co2 instead of green gas, the recoil is much more dynamic and fun. With a side folding stock, the gun can be used to just point and shoot more precise with the stock. Be sure to check it out on our website!

Umarex UZI

$8.95 Flat Rate Shipping this Weekend

This weekend, AirsoftGI is offering $8.95 flat rate shipping for three days! That is right! From 09/28 to 09/30, there will be flat rate shipping to anywhere. Alaska, Hawaii, Canada. Be sure to take advantage before it is over!