Customer War Story – Tristian Sherman

“Defend the village. 30 rushing the village, with 10 defending it (I was defending the town). Slowly, enemy combatants were closing in on the last building in the center of town. Myself and my squad buddy were in the second story, running out of ammo and praying that we could find a way out. He was covering the door while I was doing an ammo count. All of a sudden I hear THUNDER B! My buddy dove onto the thunder b, taking himself out so we both wouldn’t get out. At this point it was myself vs about 8 enemy teammates, with only 1 and a half high caps left. One by one I was shooting them as they ran into the door way, when they held back and stopped. I hear GRENADE OUT!! I look and another Thunder B was rolling in, so I grabbed it and threw it back down the stairs, killing every enemy that was down the stairs and around the corner. And that gentleman, is one of my greatest airsoft stories”

– Tristian Sherman

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