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Operation Reclamation III AAR: British Reclamation Forces

For the first time the weather was warm, the British forces gathered to repeal the US forces. The British had started to settle Virginia, the airfield was cleared and ready to accept planes, thank you to the Royal Engineers for setting up the radar system and surface to air missiles. The US would certainly not have an air advantage. General Meerkat has his command post squared away some distance from the airfield. A hospital had been set up to accept wounded personnel as well as potential local casualties.


Intel had reported to General Meerkat that the US forces had been supplemented by two additional Platoons. Commander Chaos in charge of one, a Bob “The Axe man” and  a high ranking individual by the name of Daniel. After being repealed twice before the US forces were eager and ready to fight hard and expel the Brits.

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The US had an elite SF unit deployed early to observe the Brits as they planned for the impending assault. The Brits had several squads with experienced Sgts at the helm, and supporting them were 3 crack units from the British Royal Marines, The Paras and the 22nd SAS.

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Operation Reclamation After Action Report

AAR Op Reclamation.

It was a bitterly cold morning when the British Forces gathered at XZone. The opposing force was also dealing with the cool temperatures, the thermometer read just about 32F.

General Ed "The Tactical Meerkat"
General Ed “The Tactical Meerkat”

Everyone was in good spirits as they processed through registration and chrono’d their weapons. The banter among both teams continued until the briefing.(From Left to Right) Brittney Hazelwood, Eric Graves, Kelley Hare

(From Left to Right) Brittney Hazelwood, Eric Graves, Kelley Hare

In the first game scenario, both sides had to a plant and defend their flag. Both sides started off with their respective flags and at the center of the field, by a small bridge was a location that each side needed to plant their flag at and hold for 30 minutes, where upon the flag would become a secondary respawn location.  General Ed took time to organize his soldiers into 8-10 man size squads, each with a Sgt. He was ably assisted by his Captain, GI Zach, who in turn headed up General Ed’s Elite “Death Squad” tasked with their own mission to cause chaos in the enemy. Due to a comm. Issue, General Ed was still rallying his troops while Commander Chaos and his forces started to advance. The British forces deployed quickly and started to push the enemy back. Capt Zach led his elite unit to flank right, they were not seen again until the end of the first game, reports came in that they were keeping the enemy on their toes. Tired of staying in the rear General Ed moved to a forward position and encouraged his troops, to continue to advance and plant the flag by the bridge. The fighting was hard and fierce but soon the flag was in the ground and well defended. The British forces continued to gain ground until finally a stalemate line was drawn, fighting continued for about 20 more minutes before the game was ended. 946973_10151837558131589_2123881278_nBritish forces returned triumphant to the staging area, changed batteries, restocked BB’s and took advantage of hot food from a grill, a big thank you to the ladies from XZone who ran the grill.

The second briefing was given and troops began to move out to both spawns. In this game the British forces had to plant a ‘Nuke” ,purchased from a Russian agent, played by GI Jason”, at a predetermined location. The location was a long way from the Brits line.

(Left to Right) Gunnar Schmidt, Keelan Carpenter, Andrew Anzalone
(Left to Right) Gunnar Schmidt, Keelan Carpenter, Andrew Anzalone

General Ed briefed his squad leaders on their respective mission goals. The scenario started before General Ed had fully brief his troops, however with his excellent sergeants each man knew what was required of him.  Squads moved into position and the plan was hatched, the Nuke made its way slowly forward until it reached its final resting spot.

Heavy fighting occurred as darkness began to creep in. The time ticked away until finally the Nuke exploded. The scenario ended with total victory for the British side.

1450277_10151837558686589_764045244_nCommander Chaos and his troops put up a strong defense and will surely rally more troops and in the coming months try to push General Ed back to the sea.

I want to thank everyone who showed up to play, Eric and his refs at XZone, and a special thanks to the ladies who ran the grill.

998986_10151837553631589_1143021207_n General Ed “ The Tactical Meerkat”

  • Photos by Matt Earle