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Gear Tip: Condor EMT Glove Pouch for Red / Dead Rags


The Condor EMT Glove Pouch is intended to function like a box of Kleenex but better and for disposable Nitrile gloves. Essentially you would reach in between the elastic flaps that retain the gloves and the gloves unfurl as they come out. We apply that same principle to your red rag. If you are like me then you have experienced those times when you get hit but you continue to be lit up and you realize the hail of BBs will not cease until you deploy your red rag. You grope around frantically for your red rag in your innumerable pockets and pouches; eventually you find it wherever you crammed it the last time you were at regen, only to repeat the process the next time around. The Condor EMT Glove Pouch not only gives you a dedicated spot to carry your red rag, it gives you a quick and easy means to deploy it. It can be mounted to your vest or belt via the included MOLLE straps.


BTW, if you are interested in the intended purpose of this pouch, it is to provide a convenient means to access and carry disposable gloves. Disposable gloves are a requirement for EMTs to prevent the transmission of diseases. Law enforcement professionals also use disposable gloves for the same reason and for handling potential evidence.

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