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It’s simple, submit an airsoft article to us and we’ll randomly draw a winner from the submissions to get FREE Stuff.  The article requirements are as follows:

Subject/Title:  Write about your favorite tactical accessories (flashlights, vertical Grips, optics, lasers, etc) and why you use them.

Length:  400-500 Words
References:  Link Products Discussed In Article
Deadline/Give Away Date: July 31st, 2013
Reading Level: 12 Years Old
Format:  Microsoft Word .doc OR Equivalent



Submit to:  [email protected]

Info to Include:  Full Name, Address, Phone Number, Article with Reference Links

Submit your articles to [email protected].  Below is a sample article that you can use as a guideline for what we’re looking for.  Take a few minutes from your day to construct a review about your favorite tactical accessories and we’ll select a random participant to receive a care package with a bunch of cool stuff.  We’re looking forward to seeing your submissions.  Good Luck!


Sample Article (for reference only):

Defcon 500 denier War Dog pack

 Recently I purchased a Defcon 500 Denier War Dog Pack and I must say I couldn’t have been happier with what I got. To be clear, I didn’t actually purchase this pack for airsoft. I’m a huge believer in disaster preparedness and having gone through a fair few earthquakes while living in California for my entire life. I find it very important to have some sort of emergency pack filled with all of the essentials you would need during an emergency (such as: water, food, money, map of LA, cell phone charger/emergency multi-charger, etc.).

 That said while working on the video review for this product, which is purchasable on, I found out how much stuff you can truly fit into this bag and, let me tell you it is impressive!

 In addition to the four external pouches which can each fit either 3 AK-style mags, 3 M4-style mags, or 6-MP5 style mags apiece, the bag itself has a secret expandable storage compartment that adds an extra 6-8 inches to the top of the pack. This makes it perfect to use as a gun bag or utility bag if you are heading out to a recreational day of airsoft. During the video that we shot, in the main compartment alone I was able to fit a full length folding stock AK, eye protection, knee pads, batteries, KWA 1911 MK1, 2 KWA 1911 mags, pistol holster, gloves and I didn’t even try and fully stuff the pack!

 It was just like a last minute airsoft game where I put in only what I thought I needed and I was able to get everything in there with space left over for more! I highly suggest getting a Defcon War Dog Pack whether it’s for a day at the range, a casual day of airsofting, or just as an emergency bag for your home, it will excel in just about any situation.


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  • Hello Airsoft Gi i Want to receive this giveaway because im starting out and cant find enough money for a gun. Also i like airsoft to much to stop when i have 1 airsoft pistol.
    I want to win because i havent won ANYTHING in my life and im really sad about it.
    i just want something to treasure in my life for once. please just consider this and think about how happy you would make me. i cant do this in microsoft word because i have a mac. i do not own any airsoft guns but 2 pistols. i hope you like this article my name is Blake Oliver my address is 10 Cebolla Rancho Santa Margarita CA My number is 949-245-9365
    Thank You,
    Blake Oliver

  • If you have a MAC, you should still be able to write text in a .rtf using the textedit program.

    If you don’t have any airsoft equipment. Please write instead about the tactical accessories you WOULD like to eventually get, if you got an airsoft gun. Be sure to write it in an essay format and make sure that its not just a list of things you want. Make sure to state why you those tactical accessories and perhaps a statement about how it would help you play.

  • Greetings from Texas G.I Staff!
    My submission has been sent.

    out of curiosity, with the submissions be individually read or will a winner simply be chosen out of the submitted articles.

  • The submission will definitely be read to ensure that they qualify for the drawing. Once we’ve compiled a list of all the entries that qualify, we randomly choose from that list.

  • The sun glares against my tactical goggles, I shift my hand on the angled fore-grip of my G&G RIS M4. I think I see movement in the crumbling building across from my position. It’s around 75 yards, to far to engage with my NC STAR panorama Red-dot. with my off hand, I reach across to the right side of my gun and click my UTG 3x Magnifier into position. Now I can see what definately an enemy, I relax and stop my breathing, a definate, steady squeeze on the trigger sends a controlled burst of 10 or so 0.2 gram BBs down range at 400 FPS. they fly true, and strike the enemy player mid-chest. he raises his hands and let’s out a cry: “Hit!”

  • Hello Airsoft GI This is Nick and I wanted to win the giveaway because I am just getting started into airsoft but I’m the kind of person who gets started but doesn’t have much money. I barely won anything in my life and the only free stuff I’ve ever gotten was for my Birthday, Christmas, And Easter. And think of how happy I would be to have something to treasure from you guys. I would always recommend you in YouTube videos, Always buy stuff from you guys, and tell my friends to buy stuff to! So first I will put a link to my YouTube video recommending you on my channel. I will also go tell my friends to buy stuff from you soon. So just please take the time to read this because on Facebook it said 400-500 words, But I haven’t seen anyone else do anything more than 100 words so I will take my time to do a little bit less than 450 words and I’m a slow typer. So I would like to win because I have barely won anything in my life, and the guns I do have I’ve gotten from other places and I would like to try new things for a change. I will recommend, advertise, and post gun links in the descriptions of my YouTube videos and I will do whatever it takes to win this prize. I will do whatever you want. So please please PRETTY please let me win I will buy so much stuff from you guys. I can’t think of anything else to say. So please let me win it would mean the world to me if I won. I would buy Mystery boxes, guns, attachments, Upgrades, Tactical Gear, and whatever else you guys sell! So Please let me win with my 350 word paragraph! I will use the gun until it breaks and I will never dis-respect one of your guns. And Once it does break then I will get it fixed and use it some more. So like I said please take the time to read this and please pick me for the giveaway. I will do whatever it takes and this is becoming a 400 word paragraph and If I need to type more just let me know and I will because that’s how much I love you guys at Airsoft GI And that’s how much I want to win!

    Sincerely , Your Friend
    Nicholas Olson P.S (I’m the only win with more than 200 words this is 411

  • hello airsoft gi this is zander and the reason i wanna win this give away is because i dont have any money and my only airsoft gun broke three months ago so whenever my friends ask me have an airsoft with them i have to tell them no because i dont have a gun and if i win this i can go airsoft again with my friends and i subscribe all your youtube videos i dont care if the gun sucks as long as it shoots but i need a gun cause its terrible not being able have airsoft wars with my friends like i always did and my friends b-days coming up and he invited me to airsoft with him at cqb city september 11th so it would mean alot to me if i won and could airsoft at cqb city also without a airsoft gun im bored and have nothing to do all day if i win i will upgrade it with airsoft gi accessories such as angled grips flashlights lasers and everything else u sell ive recommended 23 friends to buy your stuff over airsplat and evike airsoft stuff so please give me the give away i would do anything for a airsoft gun i need to have wars with my friends again if i win this i will spend all the money i get for Christmas on airsoft gi for tactical gear so please please please give me the prize i need it so much i need a airsoft gun really really really really badly another reason i would like to win is because ive never one anything before in my life not even the little crane games at walmart i will type till my fingers bleed if i need to just to win the prize

  • Dear, GITV
    I personally live in the midwest. The climate makes it hard for gas guns. How ever I dont play cqb so it desn’t affect me to much. A semi long range scope is crucial, in my mind, for feild play. Maybe even a bipod sometimes. other wise a vertical grip just to add some stability for longer engagements. A gripod comes in handy sometimes but in my mind are a litle uncomfterble. A 417 would be better thana 416, but a miracle barrel could fix that range. I know of a cqb facility about an hour away. Its not close enough to go to for me, but i would love to start cqb. I would for sure then buy a flashlight and laser. But playing with some buddies on the weekend satifies my airsoft crave. I’m on a budget and my primary recently took some internal damege. meh i wanted a new gun anyway. was thinking a combat machine to EXTERNALLY upgrade. I suck with internals, but when I realy need it ASGI can help.

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