A Glance at KWA 2012 New Products

Obviously, the most unique and innovative KWA airsoft gun at S.H.O.T. Show 2012 was the KRISS Gas Blow Back Airsoft Gun. However, there were numerous new items that will definitely bridge the gap (in terms of training) between real firearms and the world of airsoft.

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As a real steel shooter, I treat my airsoft guns as training utilities (not toys). With that being said, safety is my number one concern. The next thing I look for is the consistency between my real firearm and airsoft. After that, I look for guns that have high performance, as well as high reliability and high durability. Last but not least, I look at the cost. KWA is the solution to all my concerns. In my opinion, they have the right price tag, the highest reliability, durability, and performance in the entire airsoft market.

KWA LM4 Gas Blow Back Rifle

With the KWA E.R.G. (Electric Recoil Gun) and LM4 gas blow back rifles released at S.H.O.T. Show, airsofters who also own real firearms finally have something similar to their firearm counterparts. Especially with the LM4, it operates and has recoil just like an AR-15 rifle.

A closer look at the open bolt KWA LM4 Gas Blow Back Rifle
The trigger assembly (trigger, hammer) is extremely realistic, just like an AR15 rifle. Also, it is approved by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearm (ATF).
A closer look at the KWA LM4 BCG (Bolt Carrier Group), extremely realistic!

But the most impressive airsoft gun released by KWA is the RM4 PTS Scout E.R.G. (Electric Recoil Gun). The ERG series comes with a full metal Magpul P.T.S. receiver, Magpul MOE Stock, Magpul MOE Grip, Magpul MBUS rear sight, full metal outer barrel, traditional triangle front sight, and last but not least, the new 3GX gear box (the recoil gear box system). There are 3 versions in the E.R.G. series, CQB, Scout, and the SPR.

KWA ERG Series, the RM4 PTS Scout – Midlength carbine!

The scout version caught my eye at S.H.O.T. Show 2012. I own an AR-15 which has a mid-length gas system (14.5 inch barrel with 9 inch handguard). For you shooters out there, a mid-length gas system on your AR-15 rifle can reduce recoil and allow for faster follow up shots, making your rifle super smooth to shoot. Military, law enforcement, and competition professionals have switched to the mid-length gas system carbines. The fact that KWA is now making the scout version of the ERG (14.5 inch barrel with a 9 inch handguard) shows their dedication to the world of airsoft, and professionals. I can finally build an airsoft gun which is set up exactly the same as my AR-15.


The Magpul PTS trademarks can be found on the E.R.G. series.


The other side of the trademark on the E.R.G. Series

For you AK lovers out there, KWA has not forgotten you. KWA is releasing two AK platforms, the AK 74 and the AK 74SU. Both platforms will be available in electric recoil system, as well as the gas blow back system.

Finally, KWA is releasing the AK platforms!
The Trademark on the KWA AK Platform looks authentic!


KWA has built a good reputation with their gas blow back pistols for numerous years. This year at S.H.O.T. Show 2012, KWA once again has blown our minds with their new line of high performance gas blow back pistols. These pistols include the H&K 45 (used by Denzel Washington in Book of Eli), KWA 945, the ATP auto, and 2 eastern European pistols, the Makarov and the Tokarev.

KWA Adaptive Training Pistol, AUTO
The KWA 945 Compact


The KWA H&K 45
KWA Makarov, finally a high performance Eastern European pistol!


The KWA Tokarev, another high performance Eastern European pistol!

As an airsofter, as well as a firearm enthusiast, I am glad that KWA has finally stepped up and produced these gas and electric blow back rifles. These new lines of gas blow back pistols are going to be great! There is only one problem with the Makarov and the Tokarev pistols; Airsofters who have a Russian outfit now have to decide which pistol to get to complete their Russian kit. Until next time, I am Andrew, thanks for joining.

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