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A Glance at KWA 2012 New Products

Obviously, the most unique and innovative KWA airsoft gun at S.H.O.T. Show 2012 was the KRISS Gas Blow Back Airsoft Gun. However, there were numerous new items that will definitely bridge the gap (in terms of training) between real firearms and the world of airsoft.

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As a real steel shooter, I treat my airsoft guns as training utilities (not toys). With that being said, safety is my number one concern. The next thing I look for is the consistency between my real firearm and airsoft. After that, I look for guns that have high performance, as well as high reliability and high durability. Last but not least, I look at the cost. KWA is the solution to all my concerns. In my opinion, they have the right price tag, the highest reliability, durability, and performance in the entire airsoft market.

KWA LM4 Gas Blow Back Rifle


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