1911 – Best Pistol Design, EVER!

In my opinion, the 1911 is the best pistol design ever entered into the theater of war. Most of you would agree with me that John Browning was a genius by creating the 1911 . John Browning created the 1911 pistol just in time for World War I. The 1911 (made by various manufacturers) is still in service today with various special operations groups and elite law enforcement units.

Finding a high performance airsoft 1911 for training which is consistence with my Kimber is not an easy task!

I own a Kimber Custom 1911 Tactical Law Enforcement II. It is the same one which Kimber manufactures for the Elite L.A.P.D. S.W.A.T. (Los Angles Police Department Special Weapon and Tactics) team. My 1911 operates smoothly as long as I keep it in mint condition. I absolutely enjoy shooting that gun.

There are many reasons why special operations groups, elite law enforcement units, and the fastest shooters in the world choose the good old 1911, even though it is more than a hundred years old. But the main reasons are; it is accurate, reliable, durable, smooth and simple to operate. Oh by the way, did I mention it takes the awesome .45 ACP?

As good as I make 1911 sound; it does have a few flaws. First it is heavy (that’s why follow up shot are easier), weighing 38 ounce unloaded. Second, it only has a maximum capacity of 10 rounds (with the extended magazine). Finally, it is only reliable when the operator keeps it clean and does maintenance on it.

KWA 1911 Mark Series

KWA 1911 Mark Series Professional Training Pistols

Just like John Browning, KWA USA created the best performance line of airsoft gas pistols. The 1911 Mark Series is by far the best gas operated blow back 1911 in the airsoft market to date. The 1911 Mark Series are also the P.T.P. (Professional Training Pistol) line, which have better performance than the normal N.S. 2 line.

Mark I

The KWA 1911 Mark I, standard 1911 with no picatinny rail.

The KWA 1911 Mark I series comes with a standard lower frame, which does not include the picatinny rail and the front strap checkering. The slide has front and rear cocking serration; giving the 1911 a modern look. The Mark I features 3 dot low profile sights, with a slight curvature, giving it a smooth look. The grip pattern featured on the Mark I is the double diamond grips, giving extra grip to the operator. The Mark I only comes in black. The Mark I comes with an extended single sided safety (on the left side, for right handed shooters). So left hand shooters, I would not recommend this gun for you.

As you can see, the Mark I does not come with ambidextrous safety.

Mark II

The KWA Mark II comes in Tan or Black

The KWA 1911 Mark II series comes in two different colors, desert tan and black. The lower frame features a picatinny rail for mounting lights and lasers. Same as the Mark I series, it does not come with front strap checkering. However, it comes with a lanyard loop for your pistol lanyard. The Mark II series comes with an extended ambidextrous safety, so it is perfect for left and right handed shooters. The Mark II series comes with a traditional GI guide rod (internal spring guide), so for whatever reason, the operator can cycle the gun with one hand. Last but not least, the Mark II series comes with a 3 dot Novak sight, and along with the G-10 pattern grip, the Mark II has a warrior look.

The KWA Mark II comes with a lanyard loop and ambidextrous safety.

Mark III

The Mark III comes with front strap checkering, which is very important to me because it provide me with extra grip to the pistol.

Just like the Mark I series, the Mark III series comes with a traditional frame (non-railed frame); however, it comes with both front and back strap checkering. Just like the Mark II, it also comes with the ambidextrous safety. The Mark III comes with Novak 3 dot sight giving it a warrior look. The unique feature that comes with the Mark III is the extended beveled magazine well, which aids the shooter’s reload.

Mark IV

The Mark IV coems with everything I hope for; Front and rear strap checkering, picatinny rail, extended mag well.

The features on the KWA 1911 Mark III series can also be found on the Mark IV Series. The Mark IV also comes with a picatinny railed frame, ready for lights and lasers. The Mark IV comes in black and OD.

The Mark III and Mark IV is almost the same, only difference is Mark IV comes with picatinny rail.

KWA has the best gas blow back 1911 in the airsoft market. Although the Mark I to IV performs the same, the external features are different. The best way to determine which one is perfect for you is to get to Airsoft GI and test one out. For me, I personally like the Mark 4 since there is front and back strap checkering, which makes the gun stick to my hand very well. The extended magazine well helps me when I do a speed reload. The rail on the frame allows me to attach a flashlight for low light games. Overall the Mark IV is the most consistent to my real 1911. I am Andrew, stay safe, go out and play airsoft.

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