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3 Bag Bulk BB Bargains!

One can never have enough ammunition…

You can buy all the airsoft guns and gear in the world, but you’ll always need BB’s to fuel your plastic rage!

At Airsoft GI, you can buy BB’s in three bag bundles, allowing you to save roughly 10-15% on your BB purchases. This discount also stacks with out coupon codes, so in the end, you’re effectively getting these BB’s at about 20-30% off!

Bulk BB Bargains

The Cove 3 – Sign up now!



Acres of airsoft field. Need we say more?

Here’s word from the sheep’s mouth:

“I will never give up on The Cove – it is the Everest of MILSIM. It brings everything this sport is about to a focal point. It is the only venue Blacksheep MILSIM will offer this style of gaming at. All of the other venues around the United States are MOUT oriented and they are absolutely awesome. Regardless of how much you love MOUT and kicking in doors – The Cove is the ultimate test of any squad’s mettle.

I have been in this sport for ten years and hosting national level events for six years. I have learned how players think and what they desire as a challenge. I have rewarded Pathfinders of Operation Pine Plains and The Cove with honorary status because they took the leap of faith when others stood on the sidelines and watched. I have maintained a consistent pricing structure in light of rising costs to ensure everyone has the opportunity to experience Blacksheep. Some players think they are not ready for Blacksheep – you never know until you put your skills to the test against a measurable standard.

I empathize with current economic conditions, with the saturation of events this season and player decisions on which events to attend. I know many of you are sitting on the fence right now about The Cove. Waiting to see who else signs up and not wanting to commit because if it doesn’t happen you won’t get a refund. Let me put your minds to rest. Our normal policy is that no refunds are issued, credits for future games are honored at any venue. We have never been in this situation before and there are many factors influencing where we are right now. There has never been a situation of whether or not to hold an event. This caused us to revise our refund policy, for events that get cancelled due to low headcount refunds will be issued. Get off the fence, every paid registration counts.

The Cove is that important as a milestone for our sport. I ask your support in being part of the solution to make this event happen. Not part of the problem in waiting to see what others do. I will make a decision on Sunday at midnight, 15 September based on paid registrations. It’s a simple GO/NO GO at that point and I will announce it at midnight. If it doesn’t happen, the next Cove will be in September 2014 due to our increased schedule next year.

The Cove is the Everest of MILSIM, as a community let’s put it on the global map! See you on the field.”

– Blacksheep6

Blacksheep MILSIM
Blacksheep MILSIM Facebook

Blacksheep MILSIM – The Cove 3 Preview

AirsoftGI is committed to being involved in airsoft all across the country, and we are excited to promo a great team of individuals over at Blacksheep MilSim. They run awesome operations, and we are sending some of our own east coast employees to play in the event. Additionally, the footage was shot by an excellent videographer and editor, Dandman, who channel link is below. Be sure to check out Blacksheep Milsim and Dandman, and sign up for the event!.

Blacksheep MILSIM – The Cove

Blacksheep MILSIM Youtube Channel

Dandman’s Youtube Channel


A New Challenger Appears in the High Quality Mp5 Market!

The Umarex H&K Mp5 has just hit the airsoft market. This particular airsoft gun is manufactured by the venerable Vega Force Company, which is well known for their fantastic metal body kits and their solid internals. This full metal airsoft gun features a full metal body with properly stamped trademarks and polymer furniture, as is the standard with VFC AEG’s. The real key however, is that this AEG features a mechanical three round burst. This means that with every trigger pull, the gun will fire three solid rounds before requiring you to reset the trigger. No other AEG on the market currently has this mechanical 3 round burst feature.


Mechanical three round burst is a phenomenally huge step in airsoft realism innovation as that means that all guns that would standard run a 3 round burst mechanism (MP5’s, M-16’s, SG550’s) will be able to boast this feature without the need for a MOSFET unit installed. 3 Round burst is a great alternative to full auto when the user is attempting to conserve ammunition in a situation where single fire is not feasible but full auto is excessive.


Currently, Airsoft GI is carrying two versions of this particular VFC Mp5. The MP5A4 variant features a full stock, which is the iconic design used by many counter terrorist teams throughout the world. The MP5A5 features a collapsible stock which makes it great for close quarter fighting. For VFC, both of these guns are very reasonably priced, as an equivalent ambidextrous M4 would cost much more than this.

MP5A4 – 304.99

MP5A5 – 319.99

1911 – Best Pistol Design, EVER!

In my opinion, the 1911 is the best pistol design ever entered into the theater of war. Most of you would agree with me that John Browning was a genius by creating the 1911 . John Browning created the 1911 pistol just in time for World War I. The 1911 (made by various manufacturers) is still in service today with various special operations groups and elite law enforcement units.

Finding a high performance airsoft 1911 for training which is consistence with my Kimber is not an easy task!

I own a Kimber Custom 1911 Tactical Law Enforcement II. It is the same one which Kimber manufactures for the Elite L.A.P.D. S.W.A.T. (Los Angles Police Department Special Weapon and Tactics) team. My 1911 operates smoothly as long as I keep it in mint condition. I absolutely enjoy shooting that gun.

There are many reasons why special operations groups, elite law enforcement units, and the fastest shooters in the world choose the good old 1911, even though it is more than a hundred years old. But the main reasons are; it is accurate, reliable, durable, smooth and simple to operate. Oh by the way, did I mention it takes the awesome .45 ACP?