ARES M40A5 USMC Sniper Rifle Pototype

Last week, we received 2 prototype sniper rifles from Ares Airsoft. The one that caught my eye is the M40A5, which is the current standard issue to the United States Marine Corps Scout Snipers. The M40A5 is spring operated, however, the bolt is extremely easy to pull back.

M40A5, current standard issue to the United States Marine Corps Scout Snipers.

The Ares M40A5 features the OD McMillan A4 replica tactical rifle stock. The stock has an adjustable cheek piece as well as an adjustable spacer system (add/remove spacer to adjust the length of the stock). The stock also features a butt hook for better support hand control. It has a D.B.M. (Detachable bottom Metal), which is a fancy gun term for detachable magazine fed system. the Ares M40A5 also comes with 4 QD (quick detach) points for mounting a sling; 2 in the front, 2 in the rear.

The stock uses spacer system for length adjustment, and comes with a cheek riser for different height optics.

Ares paid so much attention to detail that the M40A5 comes with a textured trigger. The tip of the barrel has a barrel crown (a crown that protect the inner barrel and improve accuracy). But what separate the Ares M40A5 sniper rifle and the rest of the sniper rifles in the airsoft market is the magazine placement. After extensive research and development, Ares has developed a way to put the magazine where it is supposed to be, unlike the traditional airsoft sniper rifles which have magazines that are farther forward.

The Ares M40A5 utilizes the magazine fed system, unlike the traiditional airsoft sniper rifles, the Ares M40A5 Magazine is in the correct place!

Ares has also made this sniper rifle compatible with VSR-10 upgrade parts. But the most unique thing about sniper rifle is the ability to have full customization. Since Ares made this sniper rifle extremely realistic, all the aftermarket precision stocks for real sniper rifles can be fitted on to the action (with minor modification). Ares also can fully customize your gun to the way that you want it, which includes different stocks, different barrel lengths, etc.

The Ares M40A5 comes with 4 QD slot for sling, 2x in front, 2x in the stock.

for you hardcore military simulation airsofters (especially United States marine Corps fan), this rifle is for you! Even if you do not intend to use this rifle in games (or you are not a sniper type in general), this is an excellent collector piece for your inventory. With the ability to fully customize the rifle, you can finally have a sniper rifle that is unique and built specifically for you.

The M40A5 by Ares has a 24 inch barrel.

There is no exact release date for this awesome sniper rifle; however, it is scheduled to be released in the 2nd quarter of 2012. The M.S.R.P. is set to be around $200. So airsofters, I will keep checking the Airsoft GI website and our blog, including our facebook page and our youtube channel, for more infomration regarding this rifle. Until next time, I am Andrew, stay safe, get out and play airsoft!

The cheek riser on the Ares M40A5 is perfect for different height optics.

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