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Condor Tactical Pants! Check Them Out, BRAH!

The Condor Tactical Pants are the newest tactical pants from Condor Outdoor. The pants are made with lightweight Ripstop material for the long lasting durability. The Teflon coated surface protects the OE Tech Tactical Pants from stains. The belt loops are perfect for belts which are 1 ¾ inches and below.

The OE Tech Tactical Pants features 14 pockets


ARES M40A5 USMC Sniper Rifle Pototype

Last week, we received 2 prototype sniper rifles from Ares Airsoft. The one that caught my eye is the M40A5, which is the current standard issue to the United States Marine Corps Scout Snipers. The M40A5 is spring operated, however, the bolt is extremely easy to pull back.