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No Bots, No BS! – One Cent Deal

Here at Airsoft GI,we pride ourselves on giving the best customer service possible. Our team works day and night to provide the best service and deals possible! We love giving back to the airsoft community as well. Our One Cent Deal give us the chance to give back to our loyal customers! There have been a lot of skeptics however. So I want to take the time to clarify a few things.

Shipping is not increased!

First on the list is the price. We have a lot of skeptics saying “The gun is one cent and the shipping is the remaining balance”. This is the furthest from the truth. We do not inflate our shipping costs to make up the difference for the cost of the gun. Our shipping is processed by weight. The heavier the package is, the more expensive the shipping will be. This includes the method of shipping as well. If you select “Next Day Air” shipping, of course the price will be very expensive!

No Bots can purchase the item!

Now there are some people who miss out on the deal and say that it was a BOT that got the gun. THIS IS ALSO NOT TRUE! We have security systems active to prevent BOTs or automatic software from making purchases. The last One Cent Deal we had sold in under 5 seconds and there were over 1100 people looking at the page when it went live! You are going up against other people and only people!

It is really a randomized time!

Some people think we have someone monitoring the website and will release the product when we have a high volume of people. We select a time frame when the item will be released. Our program will randomly select a time within this time frame.

So How Do I Win?

Easy! We’ll have a window posted below with the time frame for the drop! Make sure you click HERE so you can see the item page, and when it goes live on the website you can try to buy it. There is ONLY ONE available, so it’s the fastest to complete the check out process wins! If you do not win, you will not be charged. While you wait, why don’t you check out some of our awesome deals on Starter Packs, Custom guns, or New Products? If you feel so inclined, use “EXPO2019” and score free shipping for any orders over $14.99 until September 28th! You could also check out our new FOMO mystery box, BIG 10.0 Mystery Box and get ready for that to drop on the 19th! We are loaded with great chances to win cool stuff!

When Does It Drop?

Our newest One Cent Deal to win a Custom Apex Fast Attack Mini SPR AEG for ONLY A PENNY drops:

  • Sunday, September 22th 2019
  • Sometime between 3PM and 8PM PST

Remember! There’s only one, and as long as you all keep supporting us as customers and fans, we’ll keep doing awesome deals like this!

Will YOU be our next winner?

Top Airsoft Questions – SMG’s and AR Pistols Edition

Now I am lumping in AR Pistols because they serve a similar purpose to SMGs. The acronym SMG stands for Sub-Machine Gun. These are magazine fed guns that are able to shoot full auto. While being compact enough to use in CQB environments. Typically they use a pistol caliber round. However, some guns like the H&K MP7 uses a special made round. The reason that I am throwing AR Pistols into the mix is because they have the same CQB driven purpose. I will be including AR Pistols that shoot rifle calibers as well. In airsoft it doesn’t really matter! (Que “In The End” by Linkin Park)

What are the best CQB airsoft guns?

SMGs and AR Pistols are made with CQB in mind. If you aren’t running a pistol. You are more than likely running and SMG or AR Pistol. Out of the box great SMGs that meet CQB FPS’s are the Elite Force H&K MP5 SD6 AEG and the Echo 1 GAT SMG AEG. Great AR Pistols would be the ARES Amoeba AM005 AEG and the Classic Army PXG9. If you are looking for a gas SMG. They are a little harder to get with a 350 FPS limit. If you don’t mind downgrading the gun. The Elite Force H&K MP7 GBB and the KWA KMP9R GBB SMG both have CQB Bolts available to drop the FPS. These guns have a great ROF and cycle rate.


Why aren’t machine pistols considered submachine guns or PDWs?

I believe this is up to personal opinion. Guns like the KWA VZ61 Skorpion and the HFC M11A1 used to be machine pistols, but are now considered SMGs. The H&K MP7 was technically a PDW, but is now also considered an SMG as well.

Why don’t we replace all current machine guns with the P90?

As cool as the P90 is, this idea is not very practical. First of all, the P90 uses a very unique round. The real gun shoots 5.7x28mm and as of right now there are only 4 real guns that shoot this bullet. This alone make ammo expensive. As compact and accurate as the P90 is. The magazines are very large and are somewhat difficult to handle. Meaning storing them in pouches and the action of reloading the gun takes much longer than a AR platform.

What is the difference between an SMG and a PDW?

The acronym PDW stands for Personal Defense Weapon. Even though there are bullets that are classified at “PDW Calibers”. The choice of a PDW is up to the user. It is a personal defense weapon after all. I would personally choose an AR Pistol for a PDW. They have similar function to the AR-15 in a more compact size. I believe that the SMG is more of a classification of the gun itself and the features it has. As where the PDW is a choice of gun to be used. On top of that, the term weapon is used. Who is to say a bat or a machete isn’t a PDW. (Food for thought!)

We hope these questions help you learn more about SMGs and a little more about AR Pistols (Even though there weren’t that many references). There is a plethora of SMGs and AR Pistols on the airsoft market now. It will all depend on how you want the gun to look and perform for you.

Deep Dive: Lancer Tactical Proline Overview with Dave from Texas!

High Performance. Low Prices.

That’s the name of the game with the Lancer Tactical ProLine series of rifles. These guns are purpose built to run with the higher end guns on the field, but not blow up your bank account. These rifles include some amazing features like full metal construction, high quality electronics and some upgraded parts out of the gate. Let’s take a closer look!

Heavy Metal Thunder

These new Pro-Line rifles from Lancer Tactical all feature full metal receiver construction. This means your rifle is rugged, durable and able to withstand the abuse that regular airsoft play can inflict. It adds a nice weight to the rifle as well, making it feel less like a cheap toy and more like a proper training tool or a piece of righteous sports equipment. The style and aesthetics of these guns can vary from M4A1 pattern rifles with traditional quad rails and triangle sights to more futuristic looking options like the LT25 with it’s removable muzzle device and M-LOK hand guard. There really is a style to fit every preference from MILSPEC to Speedsofter and every where in between. The finish on these guns is smooth and well applied meaning it won’t flake easily under use, and they take paint well too!


All of this serves to protect the rifle from harm so you can keep playing as long as possible. To see what makes these guns really special though, we need to take a look on the inside:


Lightning Quick Internals

After pulling out the gearbox, you’ll notice right away how clean it is on the outside. These rifles are not caked with nasty grease and lube like some cheaper brands. It also gives you a great look at the MOSFET wired in line with the battery. This unit protects your gearbox from all kinds of electrical issues and keeps the ProLine rifles running like a champ. The Flat trigger gets a chance to shine here as well. Since it’s a popular addition to many rifles now-a-days it was good on Lancer Tactical for including such a small detail.

The Internal components once revealed allow you to see some of the quality improvements made to this gearbox over other guns in the price range of the Lancer ProLine rifles. The gears are made well, with no imperfections or burrs common on cheaper rifles. The Tappet plate is sturdy, and the piston is chunky and capable of taking a beating. The quick change spring made opening the gearbox a breeze, and makes spring changes even more easy than normal airsoft guns as well, so points to Lancer for the inclusion.

The star of the show is the electronic “fast trigger” Lancer includes with every ProLine rifle. This turns what would have been a well made but otherwise standard gun into a proper force to be reckoned with. The micro switch on the trigger board allows for lightning fast response times when you pull the trigger. This means your follow up shots will actually make it in time and semi-automatic only game play becomes much more viable than it was previously. This gearbox was clearly more than an afterthought when making a new line of rifles, and really helps the gun hold it’s own against the wealth of higher priced options players tend to favor. Just because these guns cost less, doesn’t mean they shoot worse by any stretch!


Well Rounded From Inside To Out

The Lancer Tactical ProLine rifles really do a lot to improve upon the mid-range price point of airsoft guns. Where traditionally, these guns would have great externals but still be a cheap gun on the inside, Lancer Tactical bumped the status quo of this level of airsoft gun to be more than just good looking but also great shooting. If you’re ready to graduate past polymer start rifles or just want to jump straight into the realistic weight of a metal body, this Pro-Line guns are where it’s at. Stay tuned for part 2, when we check out the new guns from this line up that include the Alpha Stock and PDW Stock offerings new to the ProLine models!


If you want to snag your own: Click HERE.


Why Shop At Airsoft GI? – Cisco

From the years of being a customer and working for Airsoft GI. There are a few reasons why you should choose to shop with Airsoft GI. I will talk to you from a customers and employees perspective.

From a Customer’s view point.

I have shopped from a lot of different airsoft stores. From a very large airsoft only store, to the stores that mainly sell paintball and hobby products. With a small collection of airsoft products. The great thing about large stores is the inventory. You should be able to find the exact parts you want or need. Or at least find something that is comparable or the exact same from a different manufacturers. However, I find that I am not able to get the specialized help that I need. What I like about smaller stores is that I can get more concentrated help. However, because of the limited inventory. They may not have what I need and I will need to out source products.

I find that Airsoft GI is the perfect balance between the two.

They carry a large amount inventory. If they don’t have the exact part. They will have something that I can use instead. A lot of inventory they can order and ship to you for free or come in to pick up when it arrives. All of the store front staff are players. They are very knowledgeable and can help troubleshoot majority of problems. For any problems they are unsure of. The tech department has the vast knowledge of a plethora of guns! They have been able to answer any question I have asked. Both the store front reps and staff are friendly and easy to talk to.  

Before working for Airsoft GI,

I always felt welcomed into the store. The staff would welcome me and ask if I needed any help. They would let me browse without being pressured. They would answer any questions I had. Help me solve any problems. Even when I voided my warranty, they helped me out and got my gun fixed. Shortly after, everyone knew my name. I felt more as a welcomed guest than a customer. At larger places, I have had to take a number and wait a couple of hours to get help from a sales rep. Even at least an hour with their express line, At the smaller stores, I would find that the employees would try sell you something and get you out of the store. Only when I became a regular at the store is when I felt comfortable to walk around and browse. Otherwise it was constant glare toward me.

As a Employee

I started working for Airsoft GI around August of 2015. Starting off as one of the store front sales reps. Getting to interact with all of the customers. Seasoned players and people just getting started. I loved getting to talk to everyone and sharing our common love for airsoft. The joy of getting someone started into airsoft and teaching them about the basics can’t be compared. Being able to learn from players who have more experience than me allowed me to become a better player and sales rep. Up to now, I have been constantly learning about airsoft. I do my best to teach others to make us all better. I carried this idea with everything I do.

Being able to see behind the scenes.

I have seen what most people don’t. All of the employees have  the same goal that I do. We want to grow airsoft and help all of the players be the best that they can be. We will answer any questions we are asked. If we personally don’t know the answer. We will find someone that has the answer. We will go above and beyond to help you with all of the power that we have. Even if a customer voids a warranty. We will see everything we can do to help out. Even trying to discount labor costs (Which isn’t allowed btw!).

Our sales team is working nonstop

to get the best deals possible! They are working day and night to secure the best prices for our customers. When we get the BOGO Deals, Blitz Sales, and any other crazy discounts. It is due to the hard work they are putting in. If we can get more reliable guns into the hands of the players. For an even more affordable cost. We know we are doing the best we can for out customers. Sometimes these are a one time deals and those prices will never come back. Like I said before. If we are currently out of stock of some products. We can order it for you or find another product that will work in its place.

I wanted to work for Airsoft GI because of the service and hospitality they gave me over the years of being a customer. They stood for the airsoft community and I stand with them today. All BS aside. I am always looking for ways to help the community and share the love of airsoft. Airsoft is a great passion of mine. I wanted to work in the industry to help it grow and do what I love. Every chance I get I will tell people about it and get them on board. I would do this before I even started working in the industry.


I have a lot of hobbies. When I am looking for products, I will normally go to a larger store that carries a lot of the products I need. If I can find a store that is a little smaller where I can get more personal help. I would go there any other day. Making more friends to share a hobby with makes it even more fun! I am really bad with names and faces, but I will always remember an interaction I had. The friends that I have made before and while I have been with Airsoft GI are still my friends today. Knowing how hard the Airsoft GI team works for the community. I would still choose them over any other store.

The Gold Standard: The Elite Force GLOCK 19 Airsoft Pistol Review

When You Need Perfect, Accept No Substitutes

That’s why most of the world’s military and police forces choose Glock as their sidearm of choice. It is a proven performer in the real steel world. Glock hits unprecedented levels of reliability and practical performance at a price point that can’t be beat. The airsoft model from Elite Force and VFC holds the same standard, giving airsofters a proven system with reliable construction and fantastic ergonomics.

We’ll be breaking down what makes the Glock 19 great, by taking a look at internals, externals and the reliability of the Elite Force Glock 19. Take a look for yourself and see why this pistol is so awesome!


More Than Just A Name

Anyone who has been a part of the airsoft community for a while knows that Glock airsoft replicas have been very hard to come by. Elite Force being able to secure the license was nothing short of a small miracle, but it left them with a huge responsibility. With the only officially licensed replica on the market, they knew it had to be the best it could possibly be.

The external components of the Glock 19 are nothing short of flawless. The execution of it’s construction is exquisite matching the real model part for part in appearance. The sights are identical, the dimensions of the grip are exact. The polymer even feels very similar to the polymer Glock USA uses to construct their real handguns.

Pulling the trigger invokes the Glock 19’s signature trigger safety, and the omnipresent “wall” in every glock is definitely there, warning you before you break a shot. The sensation is not dissimilar from firing an actual 9mm Glock 19. VFC and Elite Force paid the extra attention to the details here. From the texture of the grip, to the spacing of the finger grooves, everything is explicitly designed to be as realistic as possible.

What’s On The Inside Counts Too

The internal components of the Glock 19 show that VFC has been learning and improving with every gun they make. The interior systems bare an uncanny resemblance to older VFC pistols, but without all of the blemishes and poor design choices that plagued earlier models. The Glocks inner workings run smooth, like a well oiled machine. That is, as long as the gun is kept lubricated. The blowback chamber does it’s job, the hop up works as advertised. FPS is pretty consistent at 310 FPS. With hop up adjusted, 100 Foot shots are only difficult because of the native difficulty of 100 foot hand gun shots, and not because the pistol can’t do it.

Gas efficiency is pretty great too. It pushes out a solid two magazines per gas fill, and doesn’t feel like it is losing power at any point in the process until the last 4 or 5 shots. The recoil is sharp and feels great. It’s not anywhere near as realistic as some CO2 offerings, like the Glock 17, but the kinetic feedback was a welcome feeling. Where some green gas based sidearms can feel muddy and soupy with only enough force to chamber a round, the Glock 19 sends the slide rearward with intent. If you do not properly apply fundamentals, you can and will miss your follow up shots, and that’s a level of realism we can respect.


Bigger Than The Sum Of It’s Parts

The Elite Force and VFC Glock 19 gas blowback pistol is a much awaited addition to the world airsoft arsenal. It provides a definitive recreation of the iconic firearm it is based on that puts it’s performance where it’s muzzle is. This gun is designed to give you the perfect training platform for shooting real Glock 19s. while also providing the quintessential airsoft sidearm experience. You are doing yourself a disservice not to add this gun to your collection immediately.

Need to snag one of your own? Click HERE.

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