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Airsoft Player Spotlight – Matt from Black Wolf Videos

Shooting Cameras AND Airsoft Rifles

We’re back again with another player spotlight here on the GITV Blog! This week, we are highlighting one of the local videophiles of the D14 Airsoft field, Matt from Black Wolf Videos. He runs a small youtube channel documenting the airsoft adventures of players at fields like D14, but is also an avid player himself often stepping from behind the camera to behind a rifle to join the fight! He is a photographer by trade, who you can follow at @matte_black_photo_and_film on Instagram, which gives him an eye for the action on the field. Let’s see what makes Matt excited to hit the airsoft field, and learn a little bit more about a member of the Airsoft Community.


What’s Your Loadout, Matt?

Matt is definitely a fan of direct-action style kits. He is often found in a minimalist plate carrier and battle belt with a trusty midsize carbine for his airsoft gun. His current favorites are:

For Camera Gear, Matt can be found behind the lens of his trusty Sony DSLR, which he uses to photograph and film many games at D14, including our own BB Wars events in Texas.


Do you have a team, Matt?

Matt doesn’t run with any affiliated airsoft team. As his youtube channel name suggests, he is a lone-wolf on the field, filling in the gaps wherever needed and moving on to the next objective. You can often find Matt in the middle of the fighting, barking orders and calling out positions to help his team get the advantage. After 12 years of running around the local fields, he’s found his place as a gun-for-hire who goes where he’s needed on the field to help everyone else out.

Where do you like to play, Matt?

Matt says his preferred field is D14 Airsoft, both due to location and how well he knows it as a player, it makes it easier to get to where the action is when you understand the flow of battle. His favorite game types lean towards the MILSIM side of the equation, with anything that utilizes D14’s intricate bomb props being his favorite game types. Objective based games are his preference for both gameplay and film, because they flow like a narrative and make for captivating gameplay and video.


Would You Like to Be Featured?

Matt’s Echo 1 Wolfsbane, Photo Credit: Black Wolf Videos

Hit us up via social media, in store, or in person and let us know! We’d love to feature more members of the amazing Airsoft community in the United States and abroad to showcase the real players hitting the fields and arenas of the world and slinging plastic!


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If you’d like to keep up with Black Wolf Videos, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram as well! They post regular gun reviews, gameplay, and entertaining skits to keep your airsoft needs satiated!




Airsoft Player Spotlight – Andre the “Doc”


Why Do They Call Him “The Doc”?

We’re starting up a new series here on the GITV Blog where we highlight the local players in our stores. This week, we’re showcasing one of the regulars at D14 Airsoft, Andre, AKA Doc. We’ll be taking a look at his guns, gear, and favorite play styles to give you an insight into how other airsofters like to run their local fields! Let’s take a deep dive into the Doc and see what he’s all about.


First Up: The Guns.

Doc’s first gun of choice is the Classic Army Nemesis MK18. Doc’s choice of rifle is perfect for room clearing, mid range play, and fast trigger response. While he was primarily running the Elite Force 416A5 before he made the switch, Doc ultimately chose to swap to the Mk18 for weight and handguard size reasons.

“It allows me to sprint from gunfight to gunfight and take my role as pointman to the next level” Doc says about his preferred blaster. Lightweight is 100% the name of his game as the first guy into the fight and one of the last to leave.

In addition to the Classic Army Mk18, Andre also prefers to run Glock style sidearms. His preferred option is the Elite Force Glock 19x, but also has a Glock 17 he can switch out on occasion when he wants the other color or a longer barrel. When Doc wants to get Cheeki and/or Breeki, he also has an LCT AK102 as well.


How do you carry all of that Kit, Doc?

Doc’s gear is all designed around suiting his role on the field as his team’s “pointman”. Via sheer force of athleticism, Doc takes the fight to the other team. Their favorite way to manuever on the field is as a flanking force, catching the enemy off guard during MILSIM events.

To support that role, Doc keeps his kit lightweight, with a Emerson Low Profile chest rig up top, sometimes connected to a hydration pack for storage of water and other essentials like extra ammo. On his belt, he runs a High Speed Gear suregrip belt, with a GLS-style holster for his Glocks, and an assortment of general purpose and magazine pouches so that he can function even without a plate carrier or chest rig. His preferred camouflage of choice is ATACS-FG, because it fits the greenery in and around his home field of D14.

For headgear, Andre prefers the comfort and simplicity of a ball cap with a set of Opsmen Earmor M32’s for comms gear. Rather than extend his silhouette and trap heat, the ballcap allows him to stay cool and keep moving without getting exhausted unnecessarily.


So How Do You Like To Play, Doc?

Doc’s favorite game type is “Convoy” up at D14 Airsoft. This game type allows him and his team to effect large flanking manuevers, engage in some stealthier gameplay and do more than just pull triggers all day. Through a mix of violence of action and quality kit and tactics, Doc is always ready to lead his squad to a victorious charge. MILSIM game types also tend to be this player’s favorite. When asked about SpeedQB and indoor “Nah fam, keep that away from me, MILSIM is life” is his reply.

We asked Doc why he enjoys MILSIM so much over more athletic styles, since he is clearly an athletic player himself, and to him it comes down to the camaraderie on the field that you receive and the game length.

“Speedqb is too short. The games are over too quick for you to form those lasting bonds with other players. It may be some peoples flavor, but I like the big squad tactics moments you get from MILSIM, I like the simulation and engaging in the immersion. It’s about more than just winning for me.” He says of his preferred gameplay style.


That’s All Folks!

Doc is one of the most active regular players at D14 Airsoft, and you can find him out there nearly every saturday. If you ever want to get in with a good squad to do more than bunch up behind a conex container and pull triggers, he’s the guy to tag along with.

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By the way, we asked Doc what his favorite coupon code on Airsoft GI was, he said “Dave”. So try that out and see what it gets you!

How to be the best Airsoft player in 2020 Part 1



You Want To Be The Very Best, Like No One Ever Was

We understand.

Here at Airsoft GI, we all strive to be better airsofters. We believe that to be the best airsoft player, you have to work hard, learn new skills, and keep your gear in tip top shape.

We’re going to focus today’s article on the ways to improve your outdoor game. From playing at killer airsoft fields like D14 Airsoft or Wildlands, you can find outdoor fields all across the country. These fields are as unique as the cities they call home, and require you to flex a variety of different skills to succeed. Let’s dive into some of the tips and tricks to crush the outdoor playing field and become the best airsoft player in 2020.


Gear Check: Do You Have The Right Stuff?

While having a quality gun is obvious, and we’ve covered many ways to pick the best gun for you in the past, a lot of players overlook their gear. This crucial component of the airsoft hobby is a much bigger aspect of outdoor play than many give it credit for.

This does not mean that you have to have the best high end gear, or even any specific gear. The secret is to make sure you have the gear to carry what you need, and access it easily.

Take a good long look at what you typically need when you are playing outdoors. You’ll want a way to carry water for sure, so invest in a quality hydration system. You need magazines, so take count of how many you typically shoot in a game, add one or two, and make sure you have enough pouches. Make note of any supplemental gear you use regularly. Cans of green gas, speed loaders, radios, holsters and grenades are all items you want to take stock of. Make sure you have the pouches to carry and access that gear well.

From here, make sure your vest can accommodate all of these pouches in places where you can reach. If you haven’t considered offloading some of that load to a battle belt or leg platform, that can be a great alternative as well. The name of the game here is weight distribution and ease of access. From here, make sure all of your gear is fitted properly. Plate carriers, chest rigs and belts should be snug to your body, and not loose and flopping around. This will wreak havoc on your spine and make it harder to access your gear quickly through muscle memory. Seconds count, and those extra seconds you spend sifting through your vest for a fresh mag can get you shot.


Tactics: How To Work The Battlefield

Playing outdoor airsoft is as much a game of maneuver warfare as it is about gun fighting skill.

Being able to take aim and hit your opponents is important, but knowing when and where to push for better field position is key. This is no different from indoor play, but instead of pushing and holding lanes, you want to be much more aware of your surroundings, or taking the road less traveled.

There is a theory in outdoor combat that speaks about taking the path of most resistance to get to an objective if you want to avoid a fight. Enemy combatants (or in this case, the opposite team) is most likely to traverse the easiest or fastest route to a position, which means you are most likely to encounter enemy fire. Taking fights on your terms is the secret sauce to winning outdoor games, so this is very bad. If you can take an open road to a building you need to hold, or trek through the underbrush and take a wider berth, you are less likely to get caught out in the open with no cover in the latter situation.

Utilizing squad tactics is imperative here as well. Knowing how to handle things like bounding movements, patrol formations, and suppressing fire is huge in outdoor play. Often you can’t win a gunfight on twitch skill alone, and have to rely on your teammates to create opportunities to flank the enemy, or to create those opportunities yourself. Familiarize yourself with some basic squad level tactics, and understand how to teach players these skills on the fly with simple directions like “Go Here and Shoot There” or “Run there when we start shooting” to succeed.


The Magic of Hop Up

One of the biggest ways outdoor airsoft differs from playing indoor is the necessity for hop up. While hop up can and definitely is used for indoor play, the importance of a quality well tuned system in outdoor play is much higher.

Since outdoor games typically revolve around shooting at way farther distances than you get accustomed to at indoor arenas, you need to spend some time tuning and adjusting the hop up in your airsoft gun. We have some other articles on the blog detailing this process, but here are the main takeaways.

  • Actually adjust the thing. So many players ignore this.
  • Use heavy BB’s. This makes your hop up work better.
  • If your gun needs a new bucking, consider replacing it for better performance.

Make sure you are using a heavy weight BB, a .28g round is the lightest you want to try for outdoor play. It will punch through brush better, fly straighter, and utilize the rotational force of your hop up for maximum effect. If your stock gun has a hop up you find lacking, consider an upgrade part.


Put It All Together, And Pay Attention.

Getting better at playing airsoft is a cumulative activity. No one blog article or youtube video is going to give you all the answers.

Take what you learned here, and keep it in mind every time you hit the field.

Every time you get shot, analyze why you failed, and do better when you respawn. If you aren’t having success in your current role, consider adapting a new play style, and switch to sniper gameplay or try a Light Machine Gun. The important thing is that success starts before you even hit the field. Stay prepared, stay ready, and be okay with failing as long as you learned something from it.


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Outdoor gameplay not your style? Keep an eye out for Part 2, where we cover how to become the ultimate indoor airsoft player.



Top 5 LCT AEGS for 2020

A custom LCT 104 by Reddit user Beige_Softer!


It’s 2020. What are some of the best guns from LCT?

LCT has been around for a little while now, but in 2019 established themselves as a dominant force in the airsoft business. They have a reputation for making high quality guns both inside and out. With full metal external builds that rival real steel AK’s and some of the highest quality internal parts in a stock rifle, LCT is on fire and set to become one of the biggest manufacturers in 2020. Here are our picks for the Top 5 LCT rifles to keep an eye on in 2020!


5. LCT LR16A3

The LCT LR16a3 is unique among most of LCT’s offerings because it is an American firearm replica. While most of LCT’s lineup is RUSFOR pattern guns built for getting cheeki and also breeki, this rifle stands apart as a high quality option for the NATO kids.

It features a full 20 inch outer barrel, quad rail hand guard, full stock and removable carry handle, which makes this an A4 model replica perfect for those USMC load outs and other early GWOT style kits.

The  M16 from LCT also has the heft you expect from such a realistic recreation, giving your game play unparalleled realism as you traverse the field. Coupled with this gun’s sheer size, it’s the perfect option for kitting out as a marksman’s rifle and laying waste to the opposing team from afar.


4. LCT LC-3A3

The LCT LC-3A3 takes us from new school NATO to old school really quick for our number four pick. This gun again features more of LCT’s incredible construction outside and a sturdy and reliable gearbox on the inside.

This gun earned our number 4 spot for again being another non-AK replica, but also for the smorgasbord of parts that LCT has available for it. You can convert this gun to a tacticool battle rifle ready for your near-future milsim, or convert to some of the more traditional colors of furniture if you so choose. The possibilities are endless, and roller-block style rifles never go out of style!



The LCT PKP Light Machine gun earns the number three spot on our list as the only LMG variant to grace this list. It’s beefy coming in at 22 pounds unloaded before you factor in the entire bottle of BB’s you’ll be able to fit into the included box magazine. While the price is certainly steep on this behemoth, it is a must for serious Russian kit collectors or milsim teams looking to outfit their team technical vehicle with a quality replica for suppressing fire.

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2. LCT PP-19 Vityaz

The LCT PP-19 Vityaz marks our SMG choice for this list at the number 2 position. This unique looking blaster takes a 9MM themed spin on the AK74 with a unique stick magazine fed design. The included flip-up railed dust cover makes battery insertion a breeze and the customization options are endless, as it takes most furniture for other airsoft AK style rifles.

With a small spring change, this gun sings as a close quarters option. Decimate your enemies up close, or use this as a sleeper battle rifle prepared for medium range engagements in a small package!


1. The LCT LCK12/LCK15

This rifle graced several of last year’s top gun lists for good reason. The LCT LCK12 is a fresh take on the AK platform with updates for the modern era. The dust cover is extremely easy to access giving great battery storage. The style is unique and visually identifiable near instantly. The addition of an ergonomic grip and collapsing stock mean this rifle is ready for any shooter!

Coupled with the already stellar LCT performance, this rifle commands a presence on the airsoft field in a way no other LCT rifle does. It is function and form beautifully combined into one package. It is hefty, but not heavy. Functional, but not formless. This is our must have LCT rifle of 2020.


So how do you snag one?

That’s easy! Airsoft GI has the best savings deal in the business, the GI WOMBO COMBO. The Airsoft GI Wombo Combo lets you snag free shipping on any order over $89, then use coupon code “2020” to get 10% off, and if that wasn’t enough, get 2% rewards back on every purchase so you can keep the savings rolling!


Every one of these guns would make a worthy addition to your arsenal! Use that WOMBO COMBO and save big time!





Maintaining Your AEG – Airsoft 101

The vast majority of airsofters begin playing with AEGs. As they will typically be the most cost effective choice and requires the least amount of maintenance. With that stated, the maintenance required of AEGs is paramount and will lead to a longer lifespan for your airsoft gun. Listed below are some tips and tricks to keeping your AEG running for as long as possible.

Clean the inner barrel

This is probably the most undervalued piece of advice we can give. Not only does cleaning your inner barrel result in more accurate and consistent shots, it will help keep your inner parts from being destroyed.  The inner barrel is a direct route for debris to get inside your gearbox. Ask any tech and they will agree that your cylinder head, piston head, and more will thank you for keeping debris out.

Don’t leave batteries plugged into the gun indefinitely

This tip doesn’t solely apply to airsoft, but to electronics as a whole. Leaving batteries   plugged in your AEG can lead to a potential corrosion of the batteries. That same corrosion can have permanent effects on the airsoft gun.

Tenergy 11.1v stick with Deans plug inserted in a Classic Army Nemesis tube

Using the RIGHT battery

AEGs are capable of running many types of batteries of various voltages so long as the connectors are the same. However one should only use the recommended battery type for your specific model of AEG. Some batteries are of a higher voltage and discharge rating and can cause serious damage if your gun has not been modified to handle said voltage/discharge ratting.

 With this small list anyone should be able to properly maintain their AEG for years to come.