Your Next Must Play Event Is Here! BB Wars Operation Dragon Lance

Looking For Your Next Big Event Fix?

Fire up your airsoft guns and strap on your tactical gear! BB Wars is coming back to D14 Airsoft!

We’ve got a whole new slate of awesome scenarios for you this time around, bringing back some fan favorites and mixing it up with new mechanics, new scenarios and exciting twists to keep the action fresh and exciting!

The game goes down May 31st at D14 Airsoft, and you can score your tickets right HERE.


What Is BB Wars Operation Dragon Lance?

Curious what the story line is for this new BB Wars event?


After a crushing stalemate at the hands of the triple agent Commander Blackbird, the Imperial Legion under the command of Darth Cisco is itching for a fight to regain their lost honor. Looking to a successful imperial operation during Operation Dragon’s Nest, the Imperial Legion is preparing to make a stealth incursion into the Delta 14 sector once again to root out the resistance and crush it for good.


Darth Cisco barely escaped capture and interrogation last time he did battle with Commander Blackbird, how will the Imperial legion fail trying to recreate the historic victory of years past?



At this event, you can expect milsim-style objective oriented gameplay, without any of the seriousness of a MILSIM Game. There is something here for everyone, whether it is straight up BB Slinging or escortiving VIPs, capturing buildings, or sneaking explosives into the enemy base!


Get Ready For Ultimate BB Action!

If you need tickets, you can snag yours right now from Airsoft GI by clicking RIGHT HERE.

We’ll be waiting for you on the field!

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