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What Is A One Cent Deal?

Because we love to give back to our loyal community of customers, we’re bringing back a fan favorite promotion, the one cent deal! Our one cent deal has been a chance for extremely lucky or extremely vigilant customers to win a gun for one penny! We wanted to set the record straight about what these deals entail! If you want to win THIS MK18 by Classic Army, here’s everything you need to know!

  • There is only ONE available. You have to be lucky or quick, and we’ll invalidate any attempt to use a bot or script to buy it.
  • Shipping is standard rates. We’re not gaming the system to milk money off our contest winners!
  • The Server isn’t located in California, which means everyone has an equal chance at winning! We’ve had winners for these guns from across the country!
  • Be a good sport! We’ll be doing more than just this one promo. If you don’t get it next time, keep trying! It won’t cost you anything but time to try! We won’t charge you anything if you don’t win.
  • Join our #RedWave movement! Support Airsoft GI and our quest to improve Airsoft for every one! While you’re waiting, browse the website for starter packages, check out our cheap deals, or one of our one of a kind custom guns from our world class tech department!

We’re bringing these back because we care about our community! We want to expand and increase the number of people enjoying our favorite hobby, and by making awesome guns like these affordable for everyone, it’s our way of giving back! If you want to increase your odds of winning read on below!


So How Do I Increase My Odds?

We don’t want to waste your time clicking through the website all day and night! It’s the perfect time of the year for airsoft and we want you to get out and play! We still want you to have a chance to win though, so we’re going to give you some exclusive INTEL on when the box is going to drop!

We have the randomizer set up to make our ONE CENT MK18 live between the following time:

  • 3PM Pacific Time – 6PM Pacific Time, August 18th 2019!

Adjust that for your local timezone as needed. We can’t give the time away to be fair to everyone, but now you have your window to hit up the website and try and win!


  • Shipping Rates are standard. No funny business or jacked up rates.
  • The Server isn’t in California. No Geographical Advantages! Everyone has a fair shot!
  • Bots won’t work, so don’t even try! You’ve got to play fair to win!

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Everyone loves free. It’s the epitome of something for nothing by definition. At Airsoft GI, we’ve embraced this awesome word free, coupled it with our other favorite word “cheap” and built a whole section of brand new deals for you to explore and take advantage of. We’ve got a new Cheap Airsoft Deals section just for our loyal customers to check out and save with!

We’ll explain how all of this works down below, but if you’d like to check it out for yourself, click HERE.


So How Do You Get Free Stuff?

The free stuff comes from all of our BOGO, or Buy One Get One deals located in the Cheap Airsoft Deals section! These BOGO deals mean you pay for one item, and we throw in another for free! Sometimes these deals can include all kinds of extra products beyond just one free thing. We put together some killer deals on cheap products if you’re looking for parts to upgrade or some extra gear to help get your friends kitted out to play!

Check out some of these awesome deals below!


We have three different killer deals over the Mk18 rifle line from Classic Army! This includes a Skirmish Rifle and Sniper rifle deal, and a deal on the Nemesis MK18 where you score the Baba Yaga pistol by KLI in your preference of CO2 or Green Gas! Our Cheap Airsoft Deals section will rotate in new options like these all the time, so make sure you check back!


CHEAP AIRSOFT Magazine Bundles!

Running out of ammo is the worst reason to take a walk to respawn. We’ve got some crazy magazine bundles that make sure you never have to worry about it! Score deals on anywhere from three magazines all the way up to TEN! That’s 4,700 rounds before you have to take the long sad walk back to the parking lot to refill. How much more could you get done on the field if you had a whole bottle of BB’s loaded up in your magazines? We packed the Cheap Airsoft Deals section full of awesome magazine bundles like these, as well as other gun accessories you can’t live without, like foregrips and pistol grips!



We also took a cue from our ever popular Best Airsoft Starter Kits and gave you a bit more freedom to choose your bundle! With these Starter Packs, you can make sure you have the essentials you need to hit the field and start playing! These packages include a basic mask, crossdraw vest, and a couple of magazines fto get you started right! It’s never been easier to get started!


So Who Are These Deals For?

These deals are for any one who likes saving money! There’s something in the cheap airsoft deals section for everyone from new players to hardened veterans of the airsoft field! From free guns to giant magazine packages, we’ve got you covered!


What will you add to your next order? Which deals speak to you? What kinds of things do you want us to include in Cheap Airsoft Deals? Make sure you reach out to us and let us know!

Top Airsoft Questions: Pistols

Airsoft Pistols Got You Down? We’ve Got Your Six.

We’re back with another Q&A about airsoft pistols! We’ve polled the internet and pulled the most popular burning questions on the airsoft hive mind. This time, we aim to answer questions about pistols! Have another topic you want us to cover? Reach out to us on social media and let us know! Want to pick up your own gun seen in this article? Hit us up!


What’s the best airsoft pistol under $120?

Our votes here go to two different pistols.

First up is the Elite Force 1911A1. This pistol is CO2 powered, heavy, and kicks like a mule! It’s very versatile and fits a multitude of different loadouts. This 1911 even works great in the cold weather thanks to it’s gas source.

For you green gas users, we also picked the Elite Force Walther PPQ. This gun in black also happens to be below $120. It’s a reliable high performance sidearm that is also light weight and runs great!


What are Gas Blowback Pistols?

Gas blow back pistols are simply gas pistols that feature a slide that reciprocates. This slide movement back and forth is the “blowback” in the name. You can also have partial and non-blowback actions as well.


What Is The Most Powerful Airsoft Pistol? / What is the Highest Velocity Airsoft Pistol?

This is a tricky question. Airsoft pistols generally get used for close quarters, and most manufacturers build for that. This means many of them tend to limit themselves to around 350 FPS. However, you’ll find a pretty powerful option in this KJW Mk1 in both Carbine and Pistol versions.


Which Airsoft Pistols Look as Real as The True Ones?

Admittedly, the wording there is less than perfect. We took this to mean “Which pistols look the most realistic?”


To us, that is most high quality blow back pistols. They tend to make a point of being the most realistic. Take this Glock 17 or these HK pistols.

This includes any blow back pistol made from similar materials to the real thing including high strength polymers and metal. Many of these guns replicate models on the market in real guns, and are by definition, realistic.

Are Airsoft Pistols From Academy Any Good?

Not typically.

Some retailers like Airsoft GI also carry these guns too though. Some of them aren’t awful. Take this Elite Force USP. It’s non-blowback, but it is very inexpensive. These guns have their place in the market, but generally aren’t considered high quality.

What Is The Difference Between BB Pistols and Airsoft Pistols?

This primarily comes down to two main differences. Hop Up and ammo size.

BB Pistols use .177 or 4.5mm metal ammunition, while Airsoft Guns use 6mm plastic pellets. That means ammo is not interchangeable.

Additionally, Airsoft Guns also utilize hop-up to backspin for great distances. This allows them to still be safe for shooting at your friends with the proper safety equipment, while BB guns generally are unsafe for this.


We Hope this cleared some things up.


If you have more burning airsoft questions: Start here.

Does Anyone Ever Win “Call Your Hits”?

Is “Call Your Hits” Just One Big Scam?


Well, let’s debunk this myth right here. No, “Call Your HIts” is not a scam.


“But it’s your game! Of course you’d say that!” the haters will scream from the bowels of the internet.


That’s fine, 22,161 people as of the writing of this article would like to disagree with you.


That’s right. twenty-two thousand one hundred sixty one people have won something from free spins to a grand prize since we implemented our free-to-play “Call Your Hits” game in 2017***.


What’s “Call Your Hits”?

Call Your Hits is our free to play slot machine game on Airsoft GI. We implemented this game in August 2017 to give back to the airsoft community by offering you, the airsofter, a chance at free stuff! You get five spins a day, and we offer promotions where you can win more just by making orders, though that isn’t required to win.

Despite what the haters on the internet may say, the game is definitely not rigged. It’s a free game, and we made it to give back to our community. You can try it yourself right HERE.


Do you really have that many winners?


We actually keep track of all of those statistics, so we can see how many people win. We have about thirty people win a day, on average. Now, these winnings include the free spins, but that’s just more chances for you to keep playing, and not wait for your daily five spins to refresh. Many of these individuals go on to win great prizes like Classic Army Microguns, MK18’s, Elite Force 1911’s and so much more!



So It Really Isn’t a Scam?


It’s one of the many ways Airsoft GI likes to give back to the community. This, combined with our amazing coupon codes, discounted prices and other deals that we offer throughout the year are how we say “Thanks!” to our loyal supporters and community members! You can get more spins just by making orders on the website, but you get five for free every day! You can’t win if you don’t play, so get spinning!


Want Answers to your burning questions? Check this Article Out.

Want to order some awesome Airsoft Guns? Click Here.

***Statistics polled as of 8/12/19.

Top Airsoft Questions – “Sniper Rifle” Edition


Time to answer questions about Snipers!

Hello Again Airsofters! We’ve cobbled together a list of top questions from the web-o-sphere regarding sniper rifles and airsoft! Did These help answer any of your pressing questions? Let us know in the comments below or message us on social media!

What is the best airsoft bolt action sniper (Springer)? / What are some good airsoft sniper rifles?

I don’t like to use the word “best” when it comes to describing airsoft guns. It is very subjective and will come down to a players individual likes. What someone feels is the best airsoft guns may not be the best choice for another. There are plenty of great spring airsoft sniper rifles on the market, but it will come down to what you prefer in the end. For an affordable base gun that you can upgrade, I would recommend either the Classic Army SR40 Sniper Rifle or the JG Bar 10 Sniper Rifle. Both of these models can accept Tokyo Marui VSR10 after market upgrade parts. This allows you to customize the performance to exactly the way you want. The Tokyo Marui VSR10 is a great model, but the Classic Army and JG outperform this model just by FPS alone. At the price you are paying for a base model VSR10, you can buy either the Classic Army or JG model and upgrade them to perform even better in range and accuracy. If you had more money in your budget, you could get the ASG McMillian Proline M40A3 or the Modify M24 USR150 sniper rifles. These will out perform any other stock sniper rifle of lesser cost!



What is the most powerful power type for airsoft sniper rifles?

This question is very broad and I am going to narrow it down a little. For Bolt Action Sniper Rifles there are two main power sources, spring and gas. Gas can be divided into three different categories; being Green Gas, Co2, and HPA. In terms of FPS, the gas powered sniper rifles will have the best chance of getting the highest velocity. First being HPA, then Co2, followed by Green Gas (based on psi rating). However gas rifles have a set amount of air before having to refill. Even with the HPA powered guns, you will have to fill the tank eventually. With a spring powered sniper rifle, the gun will perform as long as you can pull the bolt back. It will give you consistent FPS and accuracy, unlike Co2 and Green Gas. The FPS will slowly begin to drop as you are firing, which will in turn affect your range and accuracy.



Can a stock sniper rifle be able to handle .4g BBs?

Any stock sniper rifle will be able to shoot a .40g BB, but the range and accuracy will be greatly affected by what the sniper rifle is capable of. This can be improved with upgrades to the barrel assembly.


What is the maximum range of airsoft rifles?

I do believe the average range of all airsoft rifles shooting 400FPS will be roughly 200-250 feet (depending on the gun). The same can be said for bolt action sniper rifles shooting the same FPS, however I do see that they are typically more accurate than electric powered guns. What gun you choose and how you upgrade it will determine the maximum range of an airsoft gun.


What would a good airsoft sniper rifle cost?

This is another subjective question. If we are talking about of the box performance, I would say between $200-$300 will give you a good performing sniper rifle with no modifications. It will give you a good balance between performance and price. If you open the category to upgraded and modified guns, you can easily get into the $500-$1000 price range. Depending on what parts you install and how you want to accessorize your gun can add up very quickly. Ask yourself what you are willing to spend on an airsoft gun and find out what is in your price range. From there do some research on all of the guns available and choose the gun you think is best suited for you.