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TOP 5 Airsoft Mistakes With Dave the Airsoft Flannel Daddy

Don’t Be Like Us. Don’t Make These Mistakes

As an airsofter, we all share one common trait: We are all human. Being human means we don’t typically get to be perfect and often make mistakes in our day to day lives. Whether that’s sleeping in a little too long, order the extra side of fries we really weren’t going to eat, or forgetting an airsoft gun for our next airsoft adventure. We asked around, looked deep within ourselves and embarked along a humbling and informative vision quest to compile a list of all of the most critical errors we’ve made ourselves or watched others make. Let’s dive into our Top 5 Airsoft Mistakes, shall we?


1. Hydrate or Die

We’ve all been there. It’s hot, you forgot to drink water earlier in the week because you were too busy drinking red bull and playing the call of duty to unlock that shiny new AK47. Once you get to the field to smash kids in Call of Duty: IRL edition, you drop dead from heat exhaustion because you simply didn’t drink enough water. Sometimes, you prepared fine, but didn’t equip that extra-thicc hydration carrier on the back of your tacticool-guy Navy SEAL vest you’ve been rocking and your body just couldn’t handle the sweat output anymore.

Hydration is the #1 reason people get hurt playing airsoft. Don’t be the next buffoon who thinks hes too cool for H20. We’ve all seen “The Waterboy” before. Water is the key to any good active athletic activity. Look out for your fellow players, and bring enough water for them as well.

2. Proper Packing Prioritizes Perfect Playing

Have you ever been so lost in the late night red-bull fueled Call of Duty sauce that you forgot to pack for your Airsoft game the next day? We’ve all been there, rushing to stuff kit into a storage box or gear bag so we can race to the field before the morning safety brief. Taking that extra few minutes the night before to get your kit ready and make sure you have everything you need is the secret to success.

We recommend setting up a checklist of all of your personal needs before a game. I keep one in the “notes” function on my cell phone for easy access, and can run through it real quick. This, coupled with what I call the “Go Box” of essentials I keep handy makes sure I always have all the kit I need. I grab the box, a couple of guns, load them into the truck and head to the field. It makes packing quick and easy, and makes sure I never have to worry about missing a key item ever again.  We’ll cover what I keep in my Go Box in a future blog.

SO MANY GUNS. Which do you choose?

3. Pre-Game Wrenching is a Recipe For Bad Luck

This next one is more Airsoft urban legend than scientific truth, but the murphy’s law of airsoft suggests that if you spend the night before a big game working on your gun and play with it before testing properly, it is definitely going to fail. I’ve had this happen more times than I care to admit. One major Texas BB Wars event saw me bring a fully built up M4 to a game that I had just finished upgrading, only to have a faulty piston snap twenty minutes in. I spent the rest of the day borrowing guns from friends, and to call it embarrassing would be the understatement of the year.

If you’re going to do a bunch of upgrade work to your gun, make sure you have time to properly test it before your next big event. If you don’t have that luxury, make sure you pack properly and bring a spare.

4. Clear Your Dang Boom Stick

We’ve all seen this one play out too.

New kid shows up at the field with his brand new rifle. He didn’t check to clear his hop up before he starts boogaloo-ing his bang switch in the parking lot. The next thing you know, the rear view window of his mom’s 2003 Chevy Silverado has been permanently removed from it’s once lofty place of reverse-image glory. Mom’s upset. Kid’s upset. New kid is never seen from again.

Every field has a “clear your rifle” rule at the end of a match for a reason. Many fields enforce the use of a barrel sock or barrel bag for this same safety reason. Don’t be the guy that ruins it for everyone because you shot out the pro-shop window over a negligent discharge that could have been totally avoided. This is the definition of party foul.

KLI Baba Yaga recoil

5. Pace Yourself Before You Disgrace Yourself

Airsoft is a marathon, not a sprint.

You’ll have many games to get through so you get the most out of your day’s field fees. If it’s a large MILSIM game you may have multiple days you have to last through. You need to pace yourself, before you disgrace yourself by becoming a heat casualty twenty minutes into the game.

This mistake is the last one on our list for a reason. It combines every single point on this list.

  • Hydrate Properly, so you can stay in the game.
  • Pack the right kit, so you don’t have to leave early.
  • Make sure all your guns work right. Don’t wrench on ’em the night before.
  • Don’t drop a negligent discharge in the parking lot and get kicked out.

Coupled with making sure you don’t burn the candle at both ends the second the game on horn is sounded, you shouldn’t worry about falling out. If you bum rush the objective first thing, and don’t have the stamina or energy to do so, you’re going to fall out, and suffer a heat injury or worse. We can’t stress enough how important it is to know your limits when you hit the airsoft field. Everyone’s been there, but it should only happen once if you’re smart.

There’s more than just these five mistakes…

Of course there are other great ways to ruin a day of airsofting if you’re not careful, but these will absolutely pull you out of the experience faster than you can scream “Hit!”

Honorable mentions go to the following:

  • Setting your calculator instead of your alarm
  • Not getting a good night’s sleep before a game
  • Forgetting to stretch
  • Leaving your battery plugged in
  • Forgetting to turn your red dot off

Hopefully, this covers some of the bigger eventualities we all experience as airsofters and some great ways to prevent them! Did we miss any? Let us know and reach out to us on social media! Need to pick up a few things so you are properly prepared? Click HERE.

Questions About Our One Cent Deal

Here at Airsoft GI,we pride ourselves on giving the best customer service possible. Our team works day and night to provide the best service and deals possible! We love giving back to the airsoft community as well. Our One Cent Deal give us the chance to give back to our loyal customers! There have been a lot of skeptics however. So I want to take the time to clarify a few things.

Is the remaining balance charged in shipping?

We have a lot of skeptics saying “The gun is one cent and the shipping is the remaining balance”. This is the furthest from the truth. We do not inflate our shipping costs to make up the difference for the cost of the gun. Our shipping is processed by weight. The heavier the package is, the more expensive the shipping will be. This includes the method of shipping as well. If you select “Next Day Air” shipping, of course the price will be very expensive!

Is this real? The previous One Cent Deals sold too fast! Is it a BOT buying them?

Our One Cent Deals have sold in under 5 seconds! Some people believe that it is rigged or it’s a BOT buying it. THIS IS ALSO NOT TRUE! We have security systems active to prevent BOTs or automatic software from making purchases. With over 1100 people looking at the page when it went live, you are going up against other people and only people!

Is the time really a random time?

Some people think we have someone monitoring the website and will release the product when we have a high volume of people. We select a time frame when the item will be released. Our program will randomly select a time within this time frame. Even if someone was watching and waiting to make the product live. It would still be a random time. Just some food for thought.

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Lancer Tactical Pro-Line Airsoft Gun Overview Part 2: Alpha Stock and PDW stock

Round 2: Alpha Stocks and PDW Stocks

We’re back with part 2 of our Lancer Tactical Pro-line Airsoft Guns series overview. If you haven’t checked out part 1, you may want to go back and take a look and catch up. In that article, we covered what makes the internal components of these guns so special, including the fast trigger, and MOSFET for snappy shots and reliable electrical performance. This time, we want to take a closer look at what makes these new models, and their unique stocks, so special.


Alpha and Omega

Lancer Tactical offers several different Airsoft Guns with the Alpha Stock, all under the Enforcer and Blackbird monikers. These rifles all seek to usher in a new era of aesthetically pleasing futuristic rifles for the crowd that is more interested in tacticool and less interested in realistic milsim style play. These rifles are flashy, often colorful, but smartly designed to also give function. The Alpha stock itself embodies all of these tenets.

The Alpha stock offers a take on the traditional extending or telescoping stock by fattening up the back side to give it the profile of a small full stock, allowing it to be extended, and adding some additional storage. Coupled with the very liberal usage of futuristic design elements, it gives the gun a space age feel unseen on other guns. Coupled with the bright colors of some of the guns in the Blackbird line, these rifles are down right speed soft ready. The added functionality of back magazine storage makes it functional option for outdoor players even if the style isn’t very MILSPEC.

Lancer even thought of the little details that many other fancy stocks of this nature ignore. Where many options don’t adjust for length, this gun does. It is covered in QD sling points so you can keep the gun tethered to your body. While users with larger hands may struggle with controls a bit, the thumb hole gap is definitely big enough for smaller players to work around with ease. All in all, this Alpha stock was a very thoroughly thought through and smartly designed piece of kit for your rifle.


PDW: Pretty Dang Wicked

The PDW stock on the other hand, is 100% Function over form. This is not to knock the PDW stock as ugly or cheap looking, as it’s still pretty eye catching, but the nature of how PDW stocks have to function does lend them to a certain functional aesthetic. It features a QD point as well for sling options, though I found it best to utilize a sling through the back of the stock pad if you’re going to use a two-point sling like I prefer. This gun hides the battery inside the stock tube, which surprisingly doesn’t unscrew but it is pressure fitted in place with o-rings. While initially I had reservations this would be less than perfectly secure and not hold your batteries safely it is very snug. Battery space is tight, so Lancer Tactical was thoughtful enough to include a deans plug on this gun to save space, which also acts as a bit of an upgrade out of the box as well.

Shouldering and using the PDW stock option on the Battle Hawk airsoft guns in Lancer’s line up feels solid. The stocks do not wobble, they do not rattle or shake unnecessarily. It is very easy to get a solid purchase on the rifle and transition from target to target. Coupled with the lightning fast internals and the light weight metal body, any pro-line rifle equipped with this stock will be a beast in CQB.


More Tools For Your Tool Box

The whole point of these guns is to give the players more choice. If you pair quality performance with a large brand variety, there will be a gun for everyone. These two rifles cater towards even more players than the run of the mill bog standard ar15 variants you see every day on the field. Up your airsoft game, and snag a Lancer Tactical Pro-Line from Airsoft GI, whether one of these models, or one of the other more standard types we showed off in Part 1 of this series.

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Questions About Airsoft Guns


These questions are to help inform the newer players and anyone who is interested in airsoft. We will be concentrating on airsoft guns this time. These are the most asked questions and we are going to answer them!

How many types of airsoft guns are there?

In terms of power, there are three general categories. Electric, Gas, and Spring. In terms of the model of the airsoft gun. Throughout the history of airsoft. There have been many manufacturers that have created almost every real gun on the market. As time goes on and more real guns are invented, I am sure the airsoft version will follow soon after. You can most likely find any gun you are looking for in airsoft, but how many made and are available are the next question.

How to tell what gun an airsoft gun is based on?

As I said in the first question. The model of an airsoft gun is based off of a real firearm counterpart.

How do electric and gas airsoft guns differ?

If this isn’t obvious, electric airsoft guns are powered by a battery. When the trigger is pulled, it will send power to a motor that will spin a set of gears that pulls a spring loaded piston. When the piston is pulled back all the way, it will shoot forward. Pushing the BB out of the barrel. Gas airsoft guns are powered have a pressurized system. Typically green gas is the airsoft propellant of choice. You use it similar to a butane lighter to fill the magazine. When you pull the trigger, a hammer strikes the release valve of the pressurized magazine. The gas will be released into the blow back housing of gun. This will propel the BB out of the barrel and push the slide/bolt backwards to load another BB to shoot.

Tenergy 11.1v stick with Deans plug inserted in a Classic Army Nemesis tube
Tenergy 11.1v stick with Deans plug inserted in a Classic Army Nemesis tube

What are the differences between a BB gun and an Airsoft gun?

This is a really important question! People who do not know about airsoft will typically lump it together with BB guns. This is in part due to the name of the ammunition being the same name. Airsoft guns shoot a non lethal plastic 6mm pellet. BB Guns shoot a much smaller 4.5 mm/0.177 pellet that is usually made of some type of metal. These are meant for target shooting and rodent control. BE CAREFUL! If you plan on purchasing a BB Gun, please be aware of your local laws!

What is the most realistic airsoft gun?

The most realistic airsoft guns would have to be Gas Blowback Airsoft Guns. These types of airsoft guns will mimic their real firearm counter part very well. Including the ammo capacity, weight, bolt/slide cycle, and the manipulation of the gun. There are electric guns that have similar functions like the KWA RM4 ERG 3.0 and the Tokyo Marui Next Generation Recoil Shock that have an electric recoil system and last round cut off feature that make the manipulation more realistic.
I hope this blog helps answer some questions. If you have a question, comment and we will answer yours! Our goal is to help airsoft grow and keep our sport/hobby alive!

Winner Winner, Get Your Chicken Dinner – One Cent Deals


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So When Does It Go Live?

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Now For The Rules

  • Shipping is Standard Rates. No Funny business
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Good Luck, and May The Odds Be In Your Favor

Remember! This is all about having fun and giving back. We wish you the best of luck. Make sure you have auto-fill turned on in your internet browser, and we recommend attempting from a PC, not a phone, for best success!