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What To Consider When You Buy A Used Gun

Should you buy a used airsoft gun?


This is a question that has plagued BB Warriors on a budget since the inception of airsoft. Should you save some cash and lose a little value to get what you believe is a nicer gun? What about the opposite? What do you consider when it’s time to sell your used gun?


We’re going to try and answer those questions today. If you understand how to value an airsoft gun, you can get a better idea of what the used guns you are buying are really worth. It may help you determine if it’s even the right call to buy used instead of brand new!


How to Value Your Used Gun For Sale

This is a difficult task for many people on the market, and you can actually use most of these techniques as a buyer to determine if something is a good deal or not. We believe this gets broken down into a couple of simple techniques:

  • Research Your Gun
  • Price Out a Brand New One
  • Determine value-added accessories
  • Determine value-reduced usage/tech work
  • evaluate your personal value of the gun

It sounds like a lot to take in, but really it is a simple process. Firstly, research the gun’s brand new status. Learn everything about it from stats to performance to included accessories. This will all help you later. During this process, take note of the price of a brand new one. Make sure to factor in retailer coupons, special deals and any other cost saving measures. The goal here is to compare the lowest possible price of a brand new gun, to the price of this used one you intend to set. Ideally, you’ll price your gun at 60-70% of the lowest brand new price for a similar quality used rifle with minimal use.

Once you have the price set for the base gun, you can plus up the value a little bit for added accessories and included materials. It shouldn’t ever really eclipse the price of the new gun, unless it’s a ton of stuff though. Extra magazines, red dot sights and any other included items can help increase value. The same is also true in reverse though. If the gun is missing parts, or has been opened for work by anyone who is not a verified technician with good reputation, it often damages the perceived value of the gun for the buyer. These are all things you should keep in mind.

Lastly, you need to factor in your personal value of the gun. This is more to determine if it is worthwhile for you to sell, but is not something you should use to gauge increased price. To be blunt, your buyer doesn’t care what YOU think the gun is worth, but what THEY think it is worth to them. You have to keep this in mind and be reasonable when pricing out and negotiating a sale.



Where Can You Sell Your Gun?

In today’s modern age, selling anything even remotely shaped like a gun is taboo. This means airsoft guns are against policy to sell on sites like Craigslist, and Facebook, as well as other social media sites. So where can you go to sell your used gun now that you’ve priced it? Where do you look for used guns to buy? There are a few places:

You actually have a lot of options, but they are definitely much more “underground” than they are mainstream, save for the first option. With any of these tools, you always want to be cognizant as a buyer of getting ripped off. This is especially true with online interactions and whenever possible ask for vouches and do your due diligence to not get scammed.


So Is Buying Used Worth It?

It’s not as viable as you may think. While there are definitely good deals to be had, and sometimes if you want a new project gun this can be a good cost saving measure to engage in, on the whole it’s not worth the effort. For the vast majority of airsofters, if you are an avid discount hunter you can often score a new gun for close to or the same price as some used guns.

Compare the listings you see on the HopUp app for yourself and see just how little you really are saving when you factor in the price of shipping a used gun. We often offer free shipping or steep discounts on many of the same products, only ours are brand new.

That begs the question then: When is buying used worth it?

The best deals when buying used, beyond obviously low pricing, is when you’re getting a lot of extras for your money. If you can get a lower price, but a buyer can throw in a box of magazines, batteries, and some accessories you have yourself a good deal. If it’s just a beat up gun of questionable condition and you’re only getting a menial discount, just buy brand new, and thank yourself for it later.


Hopefully that clears up some of the confusion about buying used. If you’d like to peruse our brand new guns at all time low prices, click HERE.



Great M4 Airsoft Guns Under $200!

So You Want To Buy An M4…

M4 rifles are the most common rifle in the world of airsoft! There’s a reason why so many people own these rifles and compare them to other models. When you are just starting out, the M4 can be one of the best models in the business for reliability and performance while maintaining a reasonable price point. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite M4 style rifles under $200 for all of you just starting  out!


Apex Fast Attack Series


The Apex Fast Attack Series is one of the most affordable guns on this list. Starting with the CQBR at $100 and the full length at $110 on sale, these guns pack a punch without punching your wallet. They all roll on the higher side of the FPS spectrum so they are definitely built for outdoor. With a spring change, Apex rifles can handle indoor without issue. They feature reliable performance, and quality polymer externals. They do not include a battery or charger (unless you get the Airsoft GI Combo) but at such a low price you can afford to pick up another option if you wish. These guns are perfect for new players, because they are a blank slate for customized builds! You can even snag one under two bills in this great starter kit!


Apex Full Metal Series

Now, most of the full metal apex guns screech just past $200, but this specific one, the Fast Attack 702, manages to make the cut. It features all of the same great performance found in the polymer body version, however, it all fits in a metal body. The included Keymod handguard means it will be easy to customize to your needs. This durable package is a can’t miss deal on the Airsoft GI website.


Lancer Tactical Gen 2 M4’s


The Lancer Tactical Gen 2 M4 rifles are another amazing option for beginner players. They are a polymer construction rifle that is available in a multitude of styles. They often include a battery, charger and some bb’s to get you started as wel. If you’re worried about performance, don’t be. The Lancer Gen 2 M4 is a stout gun capable of keeping up with the high end guns in performance. You won’t be left out in the open out ranged by your competition with these wonderful blasters.


Classic Army Skirmish Mk18

The Classic Army Skirmish Mk18 rounds out our collection of awesome beginner M4’s under $200. This gun puts out insane range and accuracy, with a stylish modern profile fit for upgrading with accessories. This gun will take almost any part you want to add on down the road, whether it’s lights and lasers, sights, or an M203 grenade launcher! Add a suppressor to the threaded flash hider if you want to complete the look! Much like the lancer gen 2, this rifle is a stalwart performer more than capable of hitting the long range shots.


These aren’t even all of them!

While these are our top picks, there are so many great guns available on Airsoft GI for you to browse. Use these as a guide, and find the rifle that’s a perfect fit for you! We’ve even got a guide on how to figure that out too! Just click HERE!

Choosing What Airsoft Gun To Buy

Choosing an airsoft gun can be a difficult.

From buying your first airsoft gun to choosing your next project; the possibilities are endless! If you have no idea where to start, Don’t fret! Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help narrow down your choice!

Where do you plan on using this gun?

Where you play is a big factor when choosing an airsoft gun. You don’t want to run around a CQB Field with a full size M14 for example. If you are going to play CQB, consider running a gun with a smaller profile. A gun with a shorter barrel or a bull-pup design will help keep your overall size down and help you maneuver around corners much easier. If you plan on playing outdoors where the engagement distance is much further out, Consider running a carbine length to rifle length barrel. A rifle length gun will give you better accuracy and range, but a carbine length will give you a balance between a CQB and full size rifle for medium range fields. It will have a longer barrel compared to the CQB rifle for better range and accuracy, but short enough to cut corners and clear buildings without knocking your gun into every wall and doorway. We won’t even get into sniper rifles….. that is a whole separate topic.

What model of gun do you like?

If this is your first gun, you would probably say an M4 or AK platform would be your first pick. The best was to determine what style you like is to get your hands on a few different models. If this isn’t your first time around the block, you probably know what model you are looking for. When you are looking for a different model than one you already own, there might be some difficulty choosing your next platform. If you run an M4, you likely know how to manipulate that gun and where all the controls are. Compared to platforms such as the AK or G36, where the magazine release and selector switches are completely different. This will be a challenge, but it is also part of the fun. Lets say you own an short barrel M4 for CQB, but want to get a longer one to play outdoors; then you will be looking at different lengths and styles of rail systems. After all, the M4 is the most modular platform on the market. Ultimately though, this choice is intrinsically personal. Owning an airsoft rifle that makes you feel awesome, is just as important as the gun that is loaded to the gills with performance parts, don’t let anyone tell you different.

What is your budget?

Once you have answered the first two questions, you can narrow down your search to price. Once you find a gun in the model and price you like, keep in mind everything that you will need to get out and play. If you are starting at airsoft the basics will include a gun, magazine, battery and charger, BB’s (ammo), and face protection.

If you are a player with an existing load out, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Will my current batteries and magazines work with my new gun?
  • Will I need gear to accommodate my new gun?
  • Do I want add accessories to my new gun?

Find out what you need and what you can get away with. This will help you find out what type of budget you will need, what are priorities and what can wait. You will be able to calculate the cost of what you can afford or what you need to save to buy your gun.


These are the questions I ask myself when I am purchasing a new airsoft gun. I wish I had asked these questions to myself when purchasing my first airsoft gun so I could have made a better choice. Doing research will help you narrow down your choices, but first hand experience is one of the best ways to learn what you like and dislike, otherwise you are just guessing.


What if you still can’t choose an airsoft gun?

So you’ve done all the research and you have thought long and hard about what airsoft gun you wanted. What do you do if you can’t make up your mind on what gun you want to buy?

If you are willing to take a gamble, an Airsoft GI Mystery Box may be what you need!

With our mystery boxes, there is a set list of prizes that you could win, each worth at least what you pay and often much more. Do some research and look at all of the prizes available. You are guaranteed at least the value of what you paid for the box.

For Example: Say there is a mystery box on sale for $150.00. The lowest priced prize you could win would be valued at least $150.00. With our mystery boxes, we include so many different prizes that are equal to or valued more than what the box is priced at. Some being package deals with two or more guns; including our Monster Box which includes multiple guns usually with a total value over $1000!

If you can’t make up your mind on what gun to get, a mystery box may be what you need. You might be looking for a new project or your first airsoft gun and win five guns instead! Tell me that isn’t a steal! Even with our Mystery Patch Packages. They sell for $5.00 and you can win gift cards valued up to $500 or awesome guns valued way above that menial price! That is a gamble worth taking!

Matt B. Winner of the BIG Mystery Box 7.0 Grand Prize!


Want to check out our inventory of awesome guns and mystery boxes? Click HERE

Want answers to common airsoft questions? Click HERE and HERE

M4 or AK: Which one is better?




Which gun reigns supreme?

The two most common rifles on the airsoft field are the M4 / AR15 or the AK style. Without a doubt, you’ve seen the comments on at least one airsoft video on youtube where someone proclaims “Oh no! Not another M4” and the AK is beginning to get the same treatment. Is one of these really superior? Does one of these clearly make for a better rifle? Let’s dive in to what makes each of these guns great and break it down!


The American Standard: The M4

The M4 rifle is a descendant of the Ar15 family of rifles, and a more compact version of the military standard for many years, the M16. It features a 14.5″ barrel, a collapsing buttstock, and modern variants can be equipped with all manner of grips, accessories, rail systems and other accessories. This rifle is so popular, that it saw foreign militaries pick it up in conflicts overseas when their rifles failed to meet the combat standard. In fact, modern variants of the M4, such as the 416 are seen in use by many units world wide, including the SEALS, GROM, French Army, SAS and many others!

The airsoft version typically features a version 2 gearbox, which makes it the most parts-standard rifle on the market. It features many of the same aesthetics and accessory compatibility options as the real thing. It is widely regarded as one of the most customizable rifles in the business, and with good reason. There is a reason you see so many people with M4’s on the field, because everyone wants to be the good guy! Along with the style, many players want the robust parts options and rugged dependability most M4 models are known for.

These factors congeal into a model that has cornered the airsoft market in it’s popularity. Almost every manufacturer makes an M4 of some kind, and many even branch out from military styles to crazy competition style or outright outlandish guns designed to market a hypebeast appeal or make you feel a certain kind of way on looks alone. The AK may be a popular choice, but is it even in the same league?


The Right Arm of the Soviet World: The AK

The AK was designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov as an improvement over the semi-automatic rifles he saw in use by the Nazis in WW2. It’s commonly depicted with wood furniture, a full stock and a complete lack of accessory options, but modern variants designed since his original was first manufactured have addressed this. Nowadays the AK is just as customizable as the AR15, though parts can be a little harder to come by if you don’t know where to look. The AK, much like it’s American counterpart, can come in all shapes, sizes and calibers, making it adaptable to any mission.

The Airsoft version features a version 3 gearbox, which shares many parts compatibility options with a V2, and in some ways even improves on the design. A mounted motor cage makes controlling your motor height and angle a breeze, while some other minor improvements make disassembly and re-assembly  a bit easier as well. The hop up chamber is the biggest change from an AR rifle on the inside, using a slider most of the time, where an AR style typically uses a rotary hop up.

These facets combine into a rifle that can be as rugged and simple on the outside as the inside, but the converse is also true. AKs can be just as complex with microswitches, mosfets and high performance parts on the inside, while smothered in MLOK, Keymod, or 1913 rail on the outside. Every gun is as unique as the player who owns it.



So which one is better?


Which one is the better rifle? Can the AR’s american sensibilities trump the more difficult customization of the AK? Will the AK’s internal ease of upgrades trump the older design of a version 2 gearbox? Does one have an ergonomic benefit over the other?

The answer to this question is honestly personal. You have to look at the pros and cons of each. Hold each one and see what makes you feel like an absolute badass when you shoulder it. The options are endless on both sides of the spectrum, and personal preference is going to be the primary decided.

But if you’re curious which way I’d go….


Just get a bull-pup. Everyone knows it’s the way of the future.



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Top Airsoft Questions – “Which” Edition

Continuing with our article about “How” airsoft questions, now we’re on to questions starting with “Which”. According to our sources on the internet, what follows is your top questions to internet search engines, and our own social media. We’re here to help you out, let’s get to these answers! Got more questions? Leave us a comment below!

It all come down to the player. Everyone has their own preferences and dislikes. I personally like electric rifles over gas powered rifles.
They are consistent in FPS and the magazines hold more rounds. With pistols, I prefer gas powered airsoft pistols. I honestly would never recommend an electric airsoft pistol to anyone. The gas powered pistol are fun to shoot and give you a more realistic feeling when playing, while electric ones can feel sluggish for serious gameplay.

Which is the most popular airsoft gun in the market?

The most popular airsoft gun on the market would be the M4 platform. Almost every airsoft company makes their own version of the M4 for a reason. It is the “Honda Civic” or “Barbie Doll” of the gun world. You can build it exactly the way you want it. Perfect for you in every way. One amazing thing about the M4 platform is if you have a group of 5 people who use it. If you lay them all down side by side. they will be slightly different compared to each other.

Which of your airsoft guns is your favorite and why?

Even though I have built and own a lot of airsoft guns. My favorite airsoft gun would be my JG G36c. It is over 11 years old and is currently broken, but two of my best friends gave me that gun back in 2009. Back when I was piss broke and all of my other guns were cheap and broken. They didn’t ask for any money or say that I owed them anything. They gave me that gun so I could go out with them and play. So I wasn’t the only one of us who got left out. I will never forget that and I will always keep that gun.

This gun is no longer made, but the Elite Force G36C is available and has all of the official trademarks.

(That trigger control…. Gross!)

Which companies make the best airsoft guns?

“Best” is a term that I really don’t like to use. As I mentioned earlier, everyone has their own preferences. What I might find to be the best gun out of the box, might not be suited for others. I like to build my guns and experiment with different parts. When I have the extra amount of cash, I will usually pick a VFC for the base. They have solid externals, but the internals leave room for improvement. If I were recommending a gun to a friend who would never take the gun apart. I would probably recommend them a Classic Army gun depending on their budget. The skirmish line is affordable with upgraded features out of the box, so they can be very competitive on the field. If they have more spending money. I have recently fallen in love with the Classic Army MK18 Gen2 Nemesis. All of the upgraded features and internals in a solid metal body! There is nothing I would do to the gun except maybe an R-Hop and throw some accessories on it. I built a MK18 out of a Lonex base gun and it ended up costing me well over what the Classic Army normally retails for.

Which is more powerful, an airsoft gun or a BB gun?

A BB Gun will be more powerful. They are made for target shooting and rodent control. Even though the .177/4.5mm Metal BBs are smaller, they are much heavier than airsoft BBs/pellets. Which means they have more energy on impact. Comparing an Airsoft 6mm Pistol to a .177/4.5mm BB Gun. If both are shooting 350 FPS, the BB Gun will have more energy and can cause much more damage to the target. BB/Air guns are definitely not safe for use on other humans, even with safety equipment. With the right safety gear, airsoft is a fun and enjoyable hobby for people of many ages and backgrounds.

Which airsoft pistols look as real as the true ones?

A majority of airsoft pistols are based from real firearm models. The most accurate to real guns would be Gas Blow Back models. They are typically made to be a 1:1 external replica with a very similar functionality to the real firearm. EX: Magazine Release, Slide Catch/Release, Trigger Shape/Look, Safety Switch, etc. The most ubiquitous would be the 1911 style pistols, replicating several manufacturers and styles.
We hope this answered some more of your burning questions! Stay tuned as we keep collecting questions from our sources, and making sure you always have the best information to step up your game! Like one of the guns you see in these photos? You can buy most of them here.