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Convincing Your Friends to Play Airsoft

Playing Airsoft is a great way to become a part of a new community. If you’re just getting into it, it could be a bit daunting

That is where you bring your friends along for the ride! Now that’s always easier said than done. We’re here to help with getting your friends into Airsoft!


Showing them your stuff!

Airsoft is pretty much a fashion show. We go to a field and half the fun is seeing all the different kits. Whether it’s their guns, rigs, helmets, you’ll almost always see something new. The same thing that would peak your interest could also peak your friend’s interest. Show them their go to gun in the video game you play together. Show them people that build their kits around a military/law enforcement unit. Just showing them something, can be the push that convinces them to try Airsoft.


It’s gets you out of the house

Personally, my friends and I aren’t always trying to stay in and game all night. We like to go out into nature and have a good time. Airsoft is a great way to do that. A lot of fields get you outside and into the fresh air. You’re running, stopping and going, and really getting your heart pumping. Playing Indoor Airsoft probably get’s your heart pumping even more! Indoor fields offer a much faster pace and more frequent engagements. That brings me to my next point…


It’s an amazing workout

Airsoft gets your heart pumping really quickly. With the high stress movement, you’re getting great cardio. You’ll find yourself having ran a few miles by the time the day is over. Depending on your kit and gun, you could be carrying an extra 20lbs of gear. A small amount of strength training but definitely a good leg workout. There is a ton of squatting, moving, and manipulating your body to be in position.

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You meet a ton of new people

The Airsoft Community has been growing bigger and bigger since it’s come to the US. I started Airsofting with a handful of friends. Since then, I’ve met pretty much everyone I play Airsoft with through the community. I find myself hanging out with them off of the field as well. People I’ve met at fields, work within the industry, or regulars from the store. You meet a lot of people with the same interest as you. It’s very easy to make new friends through our Community.


Fortnite Guns in Airsoft

Fortnite came into the gaming world a few months ago. It quickly became one of the hottest topics on YouTube and has influenced many YouTuber’s. Today we will be looking at some guns from Fortnite that are in Airsoft.


Pistol /  KJW 1911 Government

The Pistol in Fortnite is not the gun to use for that Victory Royal run. We highly recommend getting rid of it ASAP. It might save

you once, but it isn’t going to get you that dub.


Suppressed SMG / Elite Force H&K Competition MP5 SD6

The Suppressed SMG is definitely a step up from the Pistol. The Suppressed SMG has a high ammunition count and good rate of fire. It is a good interim weapon to get you into the top 20. Lack of Range and Damage is this weapon’s Achilles Heel. Consider a different weapon for a Victory Royal run.


Pump Shotgun / Classic Army Police CA870 Spring Airsoft Shotgun (Black/Wood)

The pump shotgun is deadly at close range. Offering high damage and plentiful ammo, it’s a great back up for a Victory Royal! We highly recommend that you keep a longer-range primary. When you’re getting that last second looting in a shrinking circle, it might save you!


M4 / JG F6620 M16A4 DMR RIS AEG Airsoft Rifle Enhanced Version (Black)

The M4 in Fortnite is actually more of an M16. Featuring a full stock and an 18” barrel it’s far from a “Carbine”. Regardless, the M4 offers good damage, good range, and low recoil. The M4 isn’t 

the go-to weapon of choice for a Victory Royal run. Although, it has seen its fair share of wins.


Scoped AR / KWA AKG-KCR GBBR Airsoft Rifle (Black)

The Scoped AR is a step up from the M4. Offering a higher damage, more range, with a slight decrease in rate of fire. Keeping distance between yourself and an enemy is a big factor in getting a win. Be cautious about getting too close. It’s hard to snap between multiple targets at shorter ranges.


Bolt Action / Well L96 Compact Bolt Action Sniper Airsoft Rifle (Tan/Scope Package Deal)

The Bolt Action is perhaps the most iconic gun in all of Fortnite. It’s mostly a one hit kill and is often found with plenty of ammunition. Range is absolutely fantastic and it can definitely take you the distance. Just like any other extreme range gun, keep a secondary for those closer engagements!



LMG / Classic Army CA249 Para AEG Airsoft LMG

The LMG is one of the most intimidating guns in Fortnite. The LMG can lay down high volume of fire and shred through any wood cover. Often found with one belt the biggest draw back to the LMG is ammunition. It seems like it’s always running dry. Our recommendation is that you stock up ammunition and use it in the final 15. Giving you plenty of time to gather up ammo. This’ll allow you to bunker down and lay waste to others.


Minigun / Classic Army M132 HPA/Gas Airsoft Microgun

The LMG is intimidating, the Minigun just makes people turn and run. One of the rarer items in the game, the minigun is literally a game changer. It features the same drawbacks as the LMG and slightly less accurate. It makes up for it with a much higher rate of fire. We still recommend putting it away until you’re in the final 15.

Microgun m132 mini gun gatling
Dave’s Loadout for OP Wildman, including the CA M132 Microgun

Classic Army Nemesis X9



The Classic Army Nemesis Series has made a huge splash. They came out in late 2016 and have been fighting for the top spot since. With several different options, they offered a variety and performance that was not seen before. Fast forward a bit and they’ve made a few changes. The Nemesis X9 is the latest iteration of the line. The updates will be spread out to their other models as well. Today, we’ll be going over the Classic Army X9 and amazing features.


Full Metal Body

The Nemesis X9 features a full metal receiver. Compared to its closest competitor, the ARP-9, this could be a pro or con. Some people prefer the lighter weight of the polymer. Others prefer the realism of a full metal body. Personally, realism is a big deciding factor in a purchase.

6.03mm TBB

The X9 comes pre-installed with a 6.03mm Tight Bore Barrel. This allows for better range, accuracy, and consistency. The X9 already has an upgraded barrel, it’s one less investment you’ll have to make.


PDW Stock

The X9, hands down, features the best PDW stock on the market. The comfort level is on par with some of the best stocks out there. What really separates this one from the rest is the battery compartment. It features extremely easy access and huge amounts of space. Fitting a 1300mAh 11.1v LiPo is a breeze with this stock.

Revised Internals

There were a few changes to the internals that started on the X9. The entire Nemesis line will be updated to these new internals. Now boasting an 18:1 gearset and new Neodymium Magnets in the 31k motor. This gun will be even snappier and have a higher rate of fire than before. The level of performance provided can compete with any AEG on the market.


Color Variations

Not only is the X9 available in black, there’s an entire rainbow of colors available! Currently there is Bronze, Gray, Blue, and Red. In addition, there is also a variation with different colored accents. Keeping the X9 fresh compared to a lot of different variations.

Lancer Tactical Gen 2 M4’s

Lancer Tactical came onto the market in 2012. Offering budget priced guns that could give people a taste of Airsoft. They quickly grew a reputation for being cheap, poor quality control, and overall bad guns. They revamped their starter line in mid-2017 and haven’t looked back since. They took everyone’s complaints from their original line and addressed every issue. Now, it is an incredibly solid gun that is still priced at the entry level. We’ll be taking a look at everything they’ve done to fix their entry line today.


Improved Gear Set

The original Lancer Tactical M4’s had a pretty basic gearset. A pot-metal mix that failed more often than they didn’t. Lancer Tactical upgraded to the XYT 18:1 gearset. This allows for a better rate of fire and better durability. Now switching to a stiffer spring would not result in immediate gear failure.

Rotary Style Hop Up Unit

Originally, Lancer Tactical included a cheap Clear Plastic Hop Up unit. It featured a dial adjustment gear and would often lose tension after minimal adjustments. They switched to a rotary style hop up making it much more consistent. The rotary style unit is modeled very similarly to the Prowin Hop Up Unit. It holds its back spin incredibly well and keeps the trajectory very consistent.


8mm Steel Bushings

In a $120 gun you wouldn’t expect bushings to be a point of interest. Lancer Tactical included 8mm Steel Bushings to give you even better longevity and smoother performance. As an 8mm you can also swap it for most after market bushings as well.


Low Resistance Wiring

The wiring used in the Gen 2’s is also of the highest quality. It’s very similar in construction to Lonex wiring. It’ll allow for smooth transfer of energy. Giving you the best trigger response and rate of fire possible. It also helps when using a higher output battery.


Quick Change Spring Guide

The Airsoft Industry is slowly evolving to include a quick-change spring guide in guns. A lot of companies started putting this into their high-end guns. Lancer Tactical was one of the first to standardize it for entry level guns. The ability to adjust your FPS quickly is a huge plus for most players. It allows you to run your gun more effectively indoors or outdoors.


Full Metal Rack Piston

The Lancer Tactical Gen 2 has had several durability upgrades included out of the box. They come stock with XYT gears, 8mm Steel Bushings, and a Full Metal Tooth piston. All of that out equals durability and steady performance. What good does an airsoft gun do for you if it fails just 10,000 rounds?

Lancer Tactical has made strides to improve the quality and performance of their guns. They’ve gone from being an entry level option to a quality beginner level gun. They wont just give you a taste, they’ll give you a meal. You’ll get a solid work horse to keep you playing Airsoft. In addition you have a great base gun to upgrade off of or practice teching.

What are the most popular Airsoft models?

There are several different brands to go through. There are several different models to choose from. Today we’ll be going over the most popular models in Airsoft. These are in no way the best. They’re simply the models that are asked about the most.


#5 – M700/M24 (VSR-10)

Internally these 2 models are very different. Externally they both mimic an incredibly similar rifle in the real world. In the real world the sniper role is often highly fantasized in movies, television, and video games. A lot of people like sniper rifles but don’t realize all of the work that actually goes into it. For those who have done the role in real life possibly know what might go into it. Someone like Novritsch who had actually served in the Armed Forces knows how hard it actually is. The way he moves, he knows when to shoot and when not to.



#4 – AK

The most produced family of rifles in World History. As far as real firearms go, the AK is iconic around the world. It is often seen as the bad guy gun. Even the country of Mozambique has an AK-47 on it’s flag. With such a huge influence in the world, it’s no surprise that the AK family is popular in Airsoft. With a huge range of models to choose from and many different manufacturers, the AK is a force to be reckoned with in Airsoft.


#3 – 1911

The AK is debatably the most iconic rifle in the world. The 1911 is possibly the most iconic pistol in the world. Still in use by Law Enforcement and Military Groups, the 1911 has been chugging for 107 years with no end in sight. Made by pretty much every company that makes Airsoft Pistols, the 1911 has made it’s mark in the Airsoft community just how it did in the Firearms community. A company such as Elite Force produce an incredibly reliable 1911 at a fairly low price. You can also go the premium with upgrades route such as a TM 1911.


#2 – Glock


The Glock is rumored to be the 1911’s replacement. Once it became available back in the 1980’s it took the market by storm. Adopted by several Law Enforcement Agencies and Military Groups, the Glock has stepped into the spotlight as a top performer. In Airsoft the Glock is highly sought after. Because it wasn’t licensed until this year, you would be taking a major risk trying to import a Glock. There were a lot of stories about Glocks getting seized by US Customs due to copyright infringement. People would lose entire $150-$200 investments because of it. A few stores would manage to get them in from time to time but for the most part it wasn’t easy finding a brand-new Glock in the US.


#1 – M4/AR Platform

The M4 Carbine is the most widely produced model of Airosft gun and it will more than likely stay that way. With a huge abundance of parts for internal and external upgrades there is literally a limitless number of options you can do to make your M4 truly your own. We can more than likely do a Top 10 of M4 models alone. You can go the MK18. MOD 0, MK12, just to name a few military designations. You also have several companies who produce rails that aren’t used by the military. Such as Centurion Arms, Noveske, Fortis, PRI, and many more. Regardless if you’re a casual player or a hardcore player that has to have his Kit made to perfection. The M4 is a gun you’ll see anytime you walk onto any airsoft field.