With the end of the world approaching, the zombie apocalypse is inevitable. We here at Airsoft GI love you, the customer, so much that we want to help prepare you for the worst case scenario. All zombie targets will bleed when you shoot them. Without further ado, let me introduce you to a few of our most wanted.


Chris is very dangerous, shoot on sight! Aviod all contact!

Chris was a researcher at a top secret facility, which researches the alteration of human genotype (genes) and possibly phenotypes (physical looks). When questioned about his suspicious activity, Chris mumbled something about human mutations and a possible cure. A lot of researchers feared that Chris’s obsession would drive him into testing on himself. Things got a lot worse when the federal government locked down the research facility. Chris went missing the next day and he has not been seen since. We believe that he is in fact infected, and the Airsoft GI staff urges you to shoot on sight if you see Chris.


Rock is more dangerous than Chris, aviod all contact. Make sure you have a well train team to elminate Rocky

Rocky was a professional boxer before he turned into a zombie. Rocky was attacked by a horde of zombies but was able to fight them off. However, he did suffer multiple bites to his body and is now a zombie. Due to his quick wit and strength, he is extremely dangerous. Airsoft GI highly recommends you do not individually engage Rocky, only engage rocky if you have a team.


The "Terrorist" is not dead! Shoot on sight! You are the final defender of Freedom!

Everyone thought the world would be a safer place when the United States Elite Navy Seals took out the most notorious Al Qaeda leader in May, 2011.  However, we received an extremely reliable source within the Navy Seal that the “Terrorist” is now undead. Airsoft GI urges everyone to not try to kill the undead “Terrorist” by themselves. We highly recommend that you should have a well trained team to handle this deadly situation.


The world most evil soliders are back, worse, in zombie form! Defend your freedom, defend your country, defend your love one, defend the ALIVE!

There is not much to say about this, but in a zombie apocalypse, it is not uncommon that undead Nazi come back and prey on the living. Hitler and Nazism is the ultimate symbol of evil. The zombified Nazi must be engaged at all times, with any means necessary. Airsoft GI urges you to shoot this unholy P.O.S. on sight.

The Ex

Loosing a love one is tough, but it's your job to send her to heaven, or back to the gates of hell!

Airsoft GI knows how much love hurts. We all have “the one that got away” in our life. However, if a zombie infected the love of your life, there is no greater honor and respect than put her down yourself. Airsoft GI highly recommends that you say “I love you” one last time before you send your undead ex back to the gates of hell.


One in a million zombie walker, aviod contact, and shoot on sight!

The LEO Zombie is just one in the million “walker” on the street in the zombie apocalypse. Although the LEO zombies are less dangerous then the zombies mentioned above, Airsoft GI still urges you to avoid all contact, and shoot on sight if possible. Your safety is Airsoft GI’s number one concern.


This article is intended for humor and/or entertainment purposes. Airsoft GI insists that everyone practices safe gun handling procedures at all times. Please refer to the safety article at all times!

Well done America! The "Terrorist" is dead... AGAIN!

Every bleeding target contains paintball inside, handle with care!

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