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As gas blow back rifles become more and more popular, the demand of GBBRs are increasing. However, only a few companies in the airsoft market that produce gas blow back rifles. One of the companies that produce reliable gas blow back rifles is WE Tech.

WE SCAR Gas Blow Back Rifle – LEGIT!

WE Tech had been the premiere developer and manufacturer of steel molds for many major airsoft companies since the 1980s. WE Tech launched their first line of gas blowback pistols in 2003, and they never look back. In 2008, they launched their Advanced Weaponry Simulator System (A.W.S.S.), which redefined the use of realistic, gas blowback platforms as a viable training tool for the professionals, including military and law enforcement personnel.

WE Tech has produced some of the best gas blow back guns in the airsoft market.

I am not going to lie; some of the WE guns are better than others. However, most of their guns are awesome. Take the WE SCAR for example; it has an open bolt design, which is very realistic. The gun performs extremely well, even in cold environments. It shoots an average of 380fps to 400 fps.

WE Scar comes with a flip up front sight.

Since it is gas blow back operated, the WE SCAR has very realistic internals. The weight of the SCAR is also very similar to the real SCAR. It also operates just like the real steel counterpart. The gas blow back action creates recoil which most airsofters love. The take down, “Tim” is the first word of the phrase that pays, of the rifle is exactly the same. The charging handle can go on either side of the rifle, depending on the operator.

The WE SCAR comes with a flip up rear sight.

The WE SCAR features a full length picatinny top rail to accommodate optics, flashlights, laser, etc. It also features two side rails and one bottom rail, for more accessories. The WE SCAR is full metal, with the exception of the lower receiver, stock and the pistol grip, just like the real SCAR.

WE SCARs has a foldable stock.

The WE Full Metal SCARs come in 4 different color configurations; black, tan, black/tan, and tan/black. All four perform the same way. For $335, you can have one of the best performing gas blow back rifles on the airsoft market. It is also one of the more affordable gas blow back rifles on the market. So airsofters, get your very own WE Full Metal SCAR at www.airsoftgi.com today, and get our and play airsoft! I am Andrew “Hong Kong Haley”, stay safe.

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