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Bob over watched the city………. Wallpaper for you guys!

As gas blow back rifles become more and more popular, the demand of GBBRs are increasing. However, only a few companies in the airsoft market that produce gas blow back rifles. One of the companies that produce reliable gas blow back rifles is WE Tech.

WE SCAR Gas Blow Back Rifle – LEGIT!


Affordable Modular Grenade Launcher, WHAT??!!

The Lancer Tactical Grenade Launcher, avaliable for Pre-Order at

The 40mm grenade launcher is a very unique and special tool in the world of airsoft. Airsofters can launch anything from bbs to a foam rocket. It is quite interesting to me that in airsoft, a grenade launcher acts as a giant shotgun, due to the fact that it launches tons of bbs out in a single shot. In outdoor settings, the grenade launcher can launch foam rockets, which have a 15ft kill radius for most airsoft fields.


What Else is There? MK16 Episode

When the Chinese MK16s aren’t available any more these are the guns that will still be standing.