Introducing Airsoft GI Marketing Team Members.

I have received a lot of requests to write about the employees in the Airsoft GI Marketing Team and the airsoft guns they use. Believe it or not, most employees at Airsoft GI Marketing Team are pretty boring. However, I picked the 5 most interesting employees and their equipment to show you what we use.

Tim “Timmeh” Seargeant

Tim’s M4 Wallpaper 😀

Timmeh has been playing airsoft since 1998. At the age of 11, Timmeh started his airsoft combat career with a 1/16 scaled airsoft electric AUG and an HFC Spring P226 Pistol. Over the years, he began to collect high end airsoft guns. Timmeh’s first high performance airsoft gun is the KSC G18C, which he still has to this day. Timmeh joined Airsoft GI in January 2007. He is now the marketing manager at Airsoft GI, and he is still very active in the sport of airsoft.

Tim’s Custom TM M4 with Special Forces Body
Tim’s Inventory 😀 – SCAR+M4 = WIN!

Timmeh uses a fully custom Tokyo Marui M4A1. He purchased his Tokyo Marui M4A1 back in 2002. Over the years, as Timmeh became more and more active in the sport of airsoft, he upgrade all of the internals with high quality SYSTEMA parts. He replaced his plastic body with the high quality G&P Special Forces Metal Body. He also replaced the normal front end with the King Arms CQBR kit. Timmeh also installed a Classic Army Crane stock so he could run the battery in the stock. Last but not least, Timmeh installed a G&G SCAR Flashhider and barrel extension to give his gun a bada$$ look.

Tim’s G&G SCAR

Timmeh has a back up rifle just in case his primary rifle goes down. His choice is the G&G SCAR. Since it is a back up rifle, Timmeh keeps his G&G SCAR completely stock. He did however put on a 4×32 scope.

Aaron “Chewie” Zidich

Aaron’s Custom SR5 Wallpaper!

Aaron, a Glendora CA native, started his airsoft career when he was 15 years of age. He purchased his first airsoft gun, a spring MP5, in Chinatown in Los Angeles. He received a KWA G18C for his 16th birthday from a special friend. After playing with it, Aaron immediately fell in love with airsoft. On Black Friday 2008, Aaron bought his first official Door Buster CA M15A4 Sportline. 2 years later, Aaron started working for Airsoft GI.

Aaron’s Custom KWA SR5 with Custom Battle Scar
Aaron uses a TLR-1s, however, he forgot to bring it, this surefire will do just fine
Aaron uses a Magpul AFG to help better control of his weapon system.

Aaron currently uses a fully custom KWA SR5. Externally it has a G&P Viper front end kit. It has an ambidextrous magazine release, Madbull RAS fix, Magpul rail covers, and a replica Aimpoint Comp 1. Internally, it has a high speed motor, electronic trigger, MOSFET, EDGI tight bore barrel, TerminusX pinion gear, and Sorbo cylinder head. It shoots at a consistent of 320 FPS and 27 bbs per second.

Brandon “The Sarge” Amato

Don’t let the W o r d “Pressure” you 😉

Brandon “The Sarge” Amato grew up in San Dimas California. After his high school graduation in 1999, Brandon joined the United States Army. As an E1 (Private) Brandon quickly climbed the chain of command. Within 3 years, he was promoted to E5, Sergeant. He joined as a 12b20 (combat engineer) because he enjoys blowing things up. Brandon was deployed to the Balkan Theatre for 6 months, where he performed his duties as a peace keeper and helped put an end to the ethic cleansing in Kosovo. After his honorable discharge from the Army, Brandon received a Bachelors of Art in Graphic design. He started playing airsoft in 2008, and worked for Airsoft GI as a graphic designer since 2009.

Brandon’s Inventory
Brandon’s KWA 1911 PTP MKII, SMART!
Brandon’s army standard issue surefire light and mount

The Sarge selected the FMG4 as his primary. Everything is stock. The unique feature of his AEG is that it has a unique logo and trademark designed by the Sarge himself. The only accessory that he put on his FMG4 is the standard issue Army Surefire light with a Standard issue light mount. The reason why Brandon set up his gun this way is because it is the same set up as the M4 he used in Army.

So check out these set-ups, enjoy the article and the pictures! Stay tuned for Part 2, where I will introduce you to more GI Marketing team members!

If you are looking for the 2nd w o r d of “T h e P h r a s e T h a t P a y s”, I will give you a hint. It is in one of these pictures. Good hunting!

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