KWA HK45- Setting the Standard for the Next Generation

Who has seen that movie “The Book of Eli”? If you have seen that movie, the USP looking pistol Eli (Denzel Washington) was using was actually a Heckler & Koch HK45. After more than a decade of service, Heckler & Koch decided to update their USP line of pistols to a more modern and more adaptive platform for law enforcement, military and even civilian shooters. Those improvements include changeable back straps, a Picatinny 1913 rail, better ergonomics, and enhanced ambidextrous controls.

I remember my very first airsoft gas blowback pistol was a KWA USP 45 (KP8). Back then, the KWA USP 45 (KP8) did not perform as well as today’s KWA USP 45. However I still like the feel of it. After playing with it for a while, I started to notice some features on the USP that I wished they would improve. Since there are no other guns like the USP, I dealt with it and stuck with it all these years.  That is until KWA revealed the new H&K HK45.

Like Heckler & Koch, KWA has also decided to update their USP lines. With the licensing approved by H&K, KWA set out to produce the world first airsoft H&K HK45. First revealed at SHOT show 2012, the KWA HK45 working prototype surprised all of us. When held in hand, the HK45 is extremely comfortable. Since KWA has a reputation of being extremely detail oriented, it is no surprise that it comes with an enlarged back strap for larger hand operators.

Heckler & Koch improved the ergonomics of the grip. By changing the curvature and adding the texture of the grip, it enhances the feel and controllability. My fingers rest comfortably in the groove. Same as the USP, the HK45 features a de-cocking lever, which also acts as an external safety when flipped in the upward position. KWA has reproduced all the above features for their HK45 airsoft replica and they did not leave out any details.

For those of you who have bigger, “mannlier” hands, all you need to do after ensuring the pistol is unloaded, is to remove the rear grip pin. The back strap will side out and you can replace the larger back strap. After punching the rear grip pin back into place, you are ready to rock and roll.  The back strap also contain a spot for lanyards, it is a very nice feature to have when playing outdoor.

The basic shape of the gun is very similar to its predecessor, the USP. The HK45 has a lot of improvements over the good old USP. First, H&K put cocking serrations on the front of the slide. This allows the operator to cock the gun either from the front or the rear. The front cocking serrations also allow the operator to press check the gun. Next, the HK45 features the famous ambidextrous magazine release lever, which allows both left and right hand operations. The magazine release is enlarged so the operator can easily access it without shifting his grip. Next, H&K installed ambidextrous slide release and a 1913 picatinny rail. H&K decided to use the 1913 picatiny rail instead of their proprietary USP rail for more versatility. Operators do not need to purchase a rail adaptor for lights and laser attachments.

The KWA HK45 slide is full metal construction. In order to save weight, the lower frame is constructed with highly durable polymer. Compared to the KWA USP 45, the HK45 is more comfortable when held in my hand. The curvature contours along with my hand and works with my body ergonomics. The enlarged magazine release on the HK45 allows me to drop the magazine easily. The enlarged de-cocking lever also allows easier access and a nice reference point for my thumb. Like I have mentioned before, the picatinny rail on the HK45 is more versatile compared to the USP rail. It accepts more accessories such as lasers and lights without any adaptors.

The first time I fired this gun, it amazed me. The gun produced a lot more recoil than I had anticipated. It is a very solid feeling when firing. The accuracy is same as other KWA gas blowback pistols. The gun feels natural, like my 1911. Whenever I point the pistol out, it is right on target. The ergonomics are excellent. The ambidextrous controls on this gun come in handy when shooting with a support hand. The enlarged controls are very accessible without changing my grip.  Although the magazine is bulky, the grip does not feel awkward, due to its superior design.

The KWA HK45 shot at 350 FPS consistently. Along with the KSC/KWA perfect bbs, the gun performed flawlessly. Just like other double/single action pistol, the first trigger pull is long and hard. After that, the trigger switches to the single action mode. I I do not particularly like this kind of trigger system, but it does please a lot of people. The operator can shoot extremely fast when the trigger is in the single action mode. KWA also installed a new hop up system into their HK45, so after I dialed in the hop up correctly, the gun shot extremely nice and straight.

The KWA HK45 is definitely the gun to have if you are in the market for an awesome gas blow back pistol. It features all the upgrades you wish you have on your USP pistol. The KWA HK45 also comes with the newly improved hop up unit, which increases its range immensely. Check out the KWA HK45 on I am Andrew, stay safe, and get out and play airsoft.

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  • Great review. I purchased the pistol as well but had issues w/ the 1st one. It was replaced but I heard that this pistol has issues with loading nozzle. Is it true that it breaks b/c the nozzle cannot handle the impact on the metal lip of the magazine? I had that happen to me when I bought it. It started double feeding b/c of this issue. Do you think KWA will resolve this issue? Thanks.

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