KWA CQR – Changing Airsoft Forever

When it comes down to it, many airsofters who are looking to purchase their first airsoft gun are looking for top notch performance at a reasonable price. A lot of times it is not a easy combination and it is not easily achieved. KWA has a reputation of making the top performance airsoft guns in the market. However, their hefty price tag has left a lot of airsofters no choice but to go with other, cheaper options. KWA decided to expand their line of products not only target professional airsofters, which includes law enforcement and military personnel, but also beginners. This new line of M4s will change the airsoft industry forever.

Introducing the KWA CQR

KWA first introduced the CQR, their affordable line of AEGs, back at SHOT Show 2012. The new KWA CQR has the same reliability, durability and performance that a normal KWA M4 AEG has, however, at a much lower price tag. Currently, KWA offers two different models of the CQR, mod 1 and mod 2. The Mod 1 is a standard M4A1 with a 14.5 inch barrel which is available for pre-order at There are also Airsoft GI customs which based on the KWA CQR for pre-order as well. For the article, I will be focusing on the Mod 2, since I have one leaning against my desk.

Gun Detail

Right off the bat, the gun felt lighter, but yet exactly the same as the KWA KM4 AEG. The Mod 2 has a 10 inch metal barrel with a 7 inch plastic hand guard. The battery compartment is located in the hand guard. The CQR features a fixed triangle front sight post and it comes with a removable fix rear sight. Once the rear sight is removed, the operator can mount the desired optics onto the top rail. The stock is a standard 6 position LE stock with a metal buffer tube. It also comes with a metal rear sling plate for your 1 point sling. All the external features found on the KM4 can be found on the CQR.

The internal of the CQR is also very high quality. It uses the same 2GX gear box which all other KM4 series AEG uses. The 2GX gear box is really undoubtedly the best performing gear box in the airsoft market. It is lithium polymer battery ready (Li-Po Ready) right out of the box. Since the Mod 2 is a shorter gun, and KWA used a different cylinder, it shoots right under 350, perfect for indoor arenas. After all, CQR stands for Close Quarter Rifle.  So after detail inspection, what is the different between the CQR and the KM4 series? The answer is the lower receiver.

KWA replaced the lower receiver with a highly durable polymer to save cost and weight. However, the upper receiver is still metal construction. KWA decided to switch to a polymer lower receiver so the gun can be sold at a more competitive price, and the result is phenomenal. The CQR not only retains the performance of the KM4, it is much more affordable than the good old KM4! That is correct ladies and gentlemen, the KWA CQR is under $200! That is more bang for your buck!

One of the accessories which come with the KWA CQR is the newly designed KWA polymer mid capacity magazine. This new polymer mid capacity magazine is designed to work with other M4 AEGs as well. One of the unique features of the magazine is it can be taken apart very easily. Also, if KWA decides to release other colors, the user could just buy the sleeve, which can save you more money! All the user needs to do is to hold down on the detent button and slide the bottom plate out. Once the bottom plate is removed, the user could push the magazine from the top and slide the middle part out. This design makes cleaning and maintenance quick and easy.

I took the CQR out to the Airsoft GI range. As expected, the CQR performed flawlessly . It performed just like a regular KM4. Using an 11.1v Lithium Polymer battery, the CQR produced an amazing rate of fire. When the gun is firing, it produces a solid sound, unlike those cheap Chinese clones. It has a crisp sound when firing semi auto, just like the full metal version KM4. Overall, the performance of the KWA CQR exceeded my expectations. After all, this is expected in the KWA 2GX system.

Some people might argue that the plastic body on the KWA CQR is not as durable as the metal counterpart. Looking at the track record of polymer, and the modern battle rifle’s design, a lot of combat rifles are made with polymer. Rifles such as the SCAR and the ACR have a polymer lower. There is even a real gun manufacturer who produces plastic AR-15 lowers, which has the same performance as the metal counterpart.

Not only is the KWA CQR lighter than the KM4, it also changes the airsoft market forever. Back in the old days, if new players want an airsoft gun that performs as well as the CQR, it would cost more than $300. Now new players can have a gun which has a top notch performance and does not cost them a fortune. The KWA CQR will give new players the best fighting chance against experienced players, at a fraction of the cost. Check out the KWA CQR at I am Andrew “Hong Kong Haley”, stay safe, and thanks for joining me.

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