Echo 1 MTC3 – Unorthodox Carbine

Echo 1 has been providing the airsoft community with quality airsoft guns since 2006 and they have made airsoft possible for the younger, less experienced player. I remember when they first came out with their first line of airsoft electric rifles; they flew off the shelves because of their price tag, quality, and their compatibility to other high end airsoft electric rifles. A few months later, Echo 1 added more models to their line of electric rifles, and everyone in the airsoft community absolutely loved them.


The MTC, Modular Tactical Carbines, first entered the airsoft market in 2009. Featuring unorthodox accessories on a G36 weapon platform, such as M4/M16 magazine conversion, and a M4 retractable stock, the MTC 1 was a big game changer. Players now can put M4/M16 style magazine into a G36 weapon platform which is advantage for 2 reasons. First, since the most popular AEG on the fields is the M4/M16 platform, if a player ever runs out of ammo, the player could ask his teammate for a magazine. Second, the player can now carry more magazines, since M4/M16 magazines are slimmer than the G36 magazines. Traditionally, a double M4/M16 pouch could only hold 1 G36 magazine. Now players can take more magazines into battle, increasing their survivability in the field.

However, the MTC 1 has a disadvantage. Since the gun utilizes the M4/M16 magazine conversion, the gun is catered more to the right handed shooter. The traditional G36 magazine release mechanism is designed similarly to the AK, which can be operated with both hands. The M4/M16 magazine conversion on the MTC series AEGs only work fluently with right handed operators. If you are a left handed operator, releasing the magazine could be difficult.

This year, Echo 1 USA came out with a brand new MTC, the MTC 3. The MTC 3 features a standard G36C receiver, with a RIS hand guard. Just like other MTCs, the MTC3 utilize M4/M16 magazines. The user can mount lights, lasers, camera, and other shooting accessories onto the RIS hand guard. The user can mount any style and length optics onto the G36C 1 piece top rail. The Iron sights are built into the top rail, which requires no zeroing. Since the rear sight is located near the center of the rail, for a faster target acquisition. What separates the MTC3 from the rest of the family is the fact that it comes with a SL8 style thumbhole stock. This stock is weird in a way because not many rifle utilizes the thumbhole stock design, but it adds a futuristic look to the rifle. There is a cheek riser come with the MTC3, which can be attached to the stock with 2 screws. The cheek riser is perfect when running an optic, but the user will not be able to use the built in iron sights. The SL8 thumbhole stock is a precision stock which stabilizes the rifle when firing. However, there is a down side to this stock. It is impossible to access the fire selector unless you have a super long thumb.

The Echo 1 MTC 3 features a standard version 3 gear box, which is very reliable. As most of you know, Echo 1 emulates the Tokyo Marui internal designs. In other words, the Echo 1 line of AEGs, including the MTC3s, accepts most of the after market upgrades parts that fit Tokyo Marui guns. The MTC3 utilizes a 247mm inner barrel, which is perfect for CQB. Although this gun comes with a precision rifle stock, this gun is meant for CQB. A quick swap of the inner barrel, and add a barrel extension could really bring out its full potential.

The MTC3 from Echo 1 comes with one 300 rounds high capacity magazine, one 190 rounds high capacity magazine, one 8.4v 1100mah small battery, one standard wall charger, and a vertical grip. Pricing at only $220, this gun is ready to battle right out of the box. With the Airsoft GI Saving Trifecta, you could potentially save more money than you could ever imagine! Check out the MTC 3 at Until next time, I am Andrew, stay safe, and get out and play!

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