WE X-Tactical – New Kid on the Block

Springfield Armory is one of the oldest firearm manufacturers in the United States. Founded in 1777, Springfield Armory provided the United States Military, allied forces, law enforcement agency, and responsible civilian shooters all over the world with quality firearms. They made the famous M1A, the semi-automatic version of the M14, and their 1911s are as well known as their M1A rifles. But in 2002, Springfield acquired the licensing and started to produce the Springfield XD series. However, the XD series did not become popular until 06 or 07. That is, until Springfield Armory released the XD(M) in 2009 that attracted a lot of attention in the shooting community.

The Springfield XD is a very good service pistol. In fact, the full size XD service pistol in 45 ACP is the standard issued to all patrol officers and detectives at the police department I intern for, replacing the good old H&K USP 45. The officers and detectives love that gun. Some shooters even say that Glock finally found its match. But as good as the XD sounds, Springfield Armory did not stop improving the XD.

I remember back in 2009, I was in the market for my very first handgun. I was deciding between a Glock and XD. Then one day, I was on the Springfield Armory’s website, and saw the release of the XD(M). The XD(M) is basically the improved version of the XD. The XD(M) has a slimmer slide and more aggressive cocking front and rear cocking serrations for easier weapon manipulations. It has a more aggressive grip texturing for better feel. It comes with an enlarged slide release for faster reloads. The XD(M) also comes with an ambidextrous magazine release, suitable for left and right handed shooters. It has higher capacity magazines compared to the standard XD, which is 19+1. A standard 1913 Picatinny rail can be found on the XD(M), for lights and lasers. Lastly, the XD(M) features interchangeable black straps, for further enhancing shooters’ ergonomics.

However, sometimes things are too good to be true. The XD(M) was, and still is not California compliant. The XD(M) is only available for law enforcement personnel in California. At the end I got the Glock. Don’t get me wrong; to me Glock is the best handgun out there; proven reliable, durable, and efficient since 1982. However, I do like the grip angle and the magazine capacity on the XD(M). I have a police officer friend who has an XD(M), who has let me fire the gun a few times. Since I cannot legally purchase an XD(M) in California, I was very disappointed and can only dream about it, until now.

The WE Tech X-Tactical finally arrived at the Airsoft GI warehouse last week. And boy, let me tell you, it was everything that I was hoping for. The gun is simply amazing. Just like the real one, it has a slimmer slide, aggressive front and rear cocking serrations, trigger safety, aggressive grip textures, hammer indicator, enlarged slide release, and an ambidextrous magazine release. The hammer indicator comes in handy when you do not know if the gun is cocked or not. If the gun is cocked, the pin will be extended out of the slide. All the features on the real Springfield X-Tactical can be found on the WE X-Tactical, except for the loaded chamber indicator.

The external of this gun is very well built. WE Tech did not spare any details when producing this gun. The lower frame is made of highly durable polymer. The slide, barrel, and recoil spring guide is made with high strength metal. The WE X-Tactical produces a crisp sound when the slide is cycling. The trigger feels extremely similar to the real Springfield XD(M), which is the travel (slack), then to the predictable wall (the gun will go off if step pass this wall), and finally break (gun goes off).  The functional external grip safety requires the operator to hold the pistol firmly and highly. There are two additional safeties on the WE X-Tactical. First, just like the real Springfield Armory X-Tactical, the WE X-Tactical has the trigger safety. The trigger safety prevents any unintentional object from engaging the trigger. The operator has to have his/her finger positively on the trigger in order to disengage the trigger safety. The last safety measure is only on the Tokyo Marui and the WE X-Tactical. Right beneath the Picatinny rail, there is a silver plate with the serial number. If the plate is in the rearward position, the trigger is locked until the plate is in the forward position.

Range Test

After selecting the back strap that is comfortable to me (medium), I began to load the magazine with gas and BBs. The magazine holds approximately 25 BBs. I inserted the magazine into the gun and charged the pistol. Immediately, I saw the hammer indicator is out of the slide, which confirmed the gun is cocked. I lined up my sight, that is when I noticed that the sights are serrated, which helps cutting glares. The X-Tactical shot at an average of 320 fps, which is standard for a WE gas blow back pistol.

Overall, the WE X-Tactical is a very well built pistol, by far one of the best WE have ever produced. The lower frame is made of high durable polymer, and the slide and barrel is made of high strength metal. The X-Tactical has awesome recoil, and it shot pretty well. Pricing at $100, the WE X-Tactical is the most bank for your buck. So if you are a Springfield Armory XD(M) fan or you are in the market for something unique, hurry and get yours at www. Airsoftgi.com, as they are flying off our shelf. I am Andrew, until next time, stay safe, and get out and play airsoft!

2 Replies to “WE X-Tactical – New Kid on the Block”

  • I have the real steel version of this weapon for my personal use, and all I can say is that it is a great gun.
    I can usualy out shoot my buddy , when he is using any one of his many his glocks .
    I have been waiting for a long time for someone to produce an airsoft version of this gun and it is finaly here .
    I WILL be picking up one of these soon.
    thankyou ASGI , and WE .

  • any one else find it funny how theres a $250 dollar surefire light on a 100 dollar WE?

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