The Arsenal – Michael’s “Modernized” MK18

GI Michael gives us a run down of his KWA LM4 MK18! If you are interested in any of the items on his build, please check the links below. Michael did outsource some of his parts, but we listed suitable replacements!


PTS SSG Selector Switch

Maple Leaf KWA LM4 Hop up Unit

Magpul USA MOE-K2 Grip

Madbull Daniel Defense 9.5″ MK18 RIS II Handguard Rail System (Flat Dark Earth)

Knight’s Armament QDC Quick Detach Barrel Extension w/ Flash Hider (Black/CCW)

Bravo Airsoft Full Size Scout Tactical Flashlight (Dark Earth)

Bravo Airsoft P15 Flashlight and Green Laser Combo (Pressure Pad/Tan)

Magpul USA STR Carbine Stock Mil Spec (Dark Earth)

Knight’s Armament Airsoft Back Up Iron Sights (Black)

CYMA Vertical Grip (Black)


Have you ever wondered about how we test the durability of an airsoft gun? Wonder no more as we try to break the new Lancer Tactical Gen 2 guns!

Lancer Tactical has made a name in airsoft over the past few years as the most affordable and competitive guns on the market. They are also known to be very fragile as well. The Gen 2 Lancer Tactical M4’s have had quite a few improvements. Here are a few to list off!

  • Nylon Reinforced Polymer Body
  • Rotary Style Hop Up Unit
  • 6.03mm Inner Barrel
  • Full Metal Version 2 Gearbox

We performed a series of tests to see how durable these new guns are!

See the results below!

These tests are not practical at all. We went the extreme to push the guns to its limits. You can imagine a more practical situations. Like the gun slipping out of your hands or it starts raining when you are playing. Maybe even accidentally stepping on the gun or a very over greased gearbox. We were being very goofy in this video. This wasn’t really testing the actual performance of the gun. This video does prove that the new Lancer Tactical Gen 2 M4’s can take beating.


Click Here for all of the Lancer Tactical Gen 2 M4’s!


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New Affordable Line of AEG’s with a MOSFETS?

In recent years, MOSFETs have become somewhat of a staple in airsoft guns. Companies have been slowly incorporating MOSFETs into all of guns. Now-a-days you expect to hear them included with Krytac, VFC, Classic Army, and G&G. One you wouldn’t think of is King Arms. They have just released their KA TWS Ultra Grade M4 Series. Here are some of the features!

External Build:

  • Zinc Alloy/Nylon Fiber Body and RIS
  • Metal Outer Barrel
  • Metal Trigger Guard
  • Metal Buffer Tube
  • Metal Selector Switch
  • Metal Magazine Release
  • Functional Charging Handle
  • Ergo Pistol Grip
  • Troy Style Iron Sights and Battle Axe Stock

Internal Build:

  • 7mm Bearings
  • 18:1 Gears
  • Standard MOSFET
  • Poly-carbonate Piston
  • Version 2 Gearbox Shell
  • 18000 RPM Motor (estimated)
  • Quick Change Spring System


All of the internals will be the same across all models (given the FPS will vary due to size differences). We test fired the Type 3 Model with an 11.1V 20C Battery. We found the trigger response to be very snappy. After shooting about 100 rounds, the MOSFET kicked in and prevented the gun from burning out. The 11.1V battery proved to be too much for the gun, but the MOSFET prevented any damage the gun could have taken. With a 7.4V 20C Battery and a 9.6V 1600mAh battery, the gun performed flawlessly. The gun was very light weight, which made it easier to manage. I did find that the Troy style stock would dig into the had grabbing the pistol grip when completely collapsed, but had no problems when in every other position. The standard internals do leave room for improvement in terms of performance, but they are still of good quality and will perform very well for a while. With the quick change spring system, you can bring the gun up to 400FPS and take it outdoors. Over all, this series of guns are a very good and affordable choice for a starting gun.


Internal Look at the Classic Army Nemesis Gearbox

Our Tech manager Spencer digs into the internals of the Classic Army Nemesis! Upon his inspection, the guts of the gun are fairly good out of the box. Concentrating on the gearbox alone.  All of these components are standard to the Nemesis line.

  • Quick Change Spring System
  • Full Metal rack Piston
  • Aluminum Piston Head
  • Aluminum Cylinder Head with Double O-Ring
  • Air Nozzle with O-Ring
  • Wire Cut Gears
  • 9mm Bearing Holes
  • 25k Motor
  • In-Line Mosfet with Active Breaking
  • Low Resistance Wiring to Deans Plug

Spencer and I got to test shoot the gun before he broke it down and the gun did very well at cycling. We did not have a single half cycle when firing even when we tried to half pull the trigger to provoke a half cycle. The gun simply would complete its rotation each time, and wouldn’t cause an issue. With the in-line mosfet, the gun sounded smooth, even though the motor is only a 25k. The gun has also very good trigger response with an 11.1v 20c LiPo. We are going to push the limits of the gun. To see what the “stock” internal parts can handle. We do have plans to build a SPR/DMR build with one of the guns. Overall, the gun performs great our of the box. There is some room for improvement, but that can be said about every gun, and we’re excited to see what we can accomplish with this one!


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