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Maintaining Your AEG – Airsoft 101

The vast majority of airsofters begin playing with AEGs. As they will typically be the most cost effective choice and requires the least amount of maintenance. With that stated, the maintenance required of AEGs is paramount and will lead to a longer lifespan for your airsoft gun. Listed below are some tips and tricks to keeping your AEG running for as long as possible.

Clean the inner barrel

This is probably the most undervalued piece of advice we can give. Not only does cleaning your inner barrel result in more accurate and consistent shots, it will help keep your inner parts from being destroyed.  The inner barrel is a direct route for debris to get inside your gearbox. Ask any tech and they will agree that your cylinder head, piston head, and more will thank you for keeping debris out.

Don’t leave batteries plugged into the gun indefinitely

This tip doesn’t solely apply to airsoft, but to electronics as a whole. Leaving batteries   plugged in your AEG can lead to a potential corrosion of the batteries. That same corrosion can have permanent effects on the airsoft gun.

Tenergy 11.1v stick with Deans plug inserted in a Classic Army Nemesis tube

Using the RIGHT battery

AEGs are capable of running many types of batteries of various voltages so long as the connectors are the same. However one should only use the recommended battery type for your specific model of AEG. Some batteries are of a higher voltage and discharge rating and can cause serious damage if your gun has not been modified to handle said voltage/discharge ratting.

 With this small list anyone should be able to properly maintain their AEG for years to come.

Top 5 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol for less than 150.00 for 2020 – Isaias Pick

In 2019, we saw the release of quite a few new airsoft guns. As such we have come up with a new list of airsoft pistols to consider picking up for the coming year.

Sig Sauer M17 CO2

The M17 is one of the newest airsoft pistols to hit the scene and has already left a good impression on players. A strong metal slide, lightweight polymer frame that feels comfortable and natural in the hands definitely make this sidearm a contender. One of the most revered features would be the easy-to-adjust hop-up dial conveniently located underneath the outer barrel, the optic ready slide, and the ability to use both CO2 and Green Gas magazines.

H&K VP9 Tac by Elite Force

Another great addition to the H&K line from Elite Force is the VP9. This pistol sports an incredibly ergonomic grip, metal slide, picatinny rail, and ambidextrous mag release. A fine addition to anyone’s airsoft pistol collection

ASG CZ SP-01 Shadow

A model that’s been around for some time for sure, but it’s solid construction and incredibly reliable performance warrants serious consideration. Although not the most upgradeable pistol on the market, the performance out of the box doesn’t warrant any type of upgrades. The threads are -14 CCW making it incredibly easy to equip any tpe of muzzle device or tracer units. This CO2 powered pistol is both satisfying to use and an absolute work horse.

Sig Sauer ProForce P229

Another model to come from Sig Sauer that had been on a hiatus till recently. This P229 is actually currently being used by the Unite States Coast Guard for training applications, adding to the “cool” factor of this pistol. As a training pistol, the QC for these compact sidearms are quite effective, ensuing each pistol is built properly. Previous existing P229 magazines from KJW will also work with this model, a benefit to be sure. The SIG Sauer Proforce P229 is definitely a solid choice for any players looking for a new sidearms for 2020.

Elite Force 1911

As much as we all know and have praised this pistol to death, it still holds it’s spot on this list. Most experienced airsoft players have owned this pistol at one point or another, and its no surprise that this is a common first GBB pistol for many players. The maintenance required to keep this pistol going is actually quite minimal, replacement parts are available in kits sold by most airsoft retailers, and the retail price of $99-$120 makes it a compelling choice for many players. Its reputation for its reliability and satisfying kick are second to none and have solidified it on almost every “Best Airsoft gun” list.

Smaller Than Your Average – Lancer Tactical Proline Needletail PDW Review

Lancer Tactical Proline Needletail PDW (Low FPS)


            The Lancer Tactical Gen2 series can be called without a doubt, a successful revival of the brand. Upgrades pre-installed, and a much better quality control are just of the much needed components to creating a successful line, and Lancer Tactical realized this. Almost every Gen2 Lancer Tactical is a complete step forward when compared to the older first generation rifles. However if you find yourself stuck deciding which model to invest in, hopefully this overview of the Proline Needletail PDW will help you decide.

            Externally, the Needle tail features a full metal receiver and not a bit of wobble anywhere to be felt. The rail installed is an M-lok metal rail, making it super sleek and low profile. The PDW stock is also of a lower profile design and houses the battery. It must be said that while the Needle tail’s PDW stock is not exactly spacious, there are much worse and tighter battery compartments out in the market. Additionally the rifle will sport a flat trigger, definitely attempting to exude an aesthetic of modern tastes.

            The internals are that of the proline; V2 gearbox that is fully upgradeable, ETU and mosfet, 6.03 tightbore inner barrel, and a quick change spring system. There does exist two variations of this particular model, a common practice for Lancer Tactical. While one of these variations shoots closer to 400 fps, this particular model shoots sub 350. This makes it much more convenient for indoor players as most indoor fields will restrict airsoft guns to fire at no more than 350 fps.

            Couple its high quality internals and its sturdy compact external design, this is a definite contender for your next CQB airsoft platform.

Upgraded LiPo Ready Airsoft Rifle For $110 – Apex Fast Attack Polymer Review

Airsoft is a hobby, and like most hobbies you get what you pay for. Airsoft is by no means an exception. However, once in a while you can find a hidden gem amongst all the expensive products. The polymer fast attack series from Apex come at an affordable price and include some awesome features.

Out of the box you will be receiving one of two variations, a standard M4A1 length barrel or a shortened version with a MK18 length barrel, both featuring a quad picatinny rail system ideal for accessorizing. The majority of the gun externally is built from polymer, making it incredibly lightweight and easier to carry, especially for beginner players. Internally the Fast Attack series will sport a 6.03 tight bore inner barrel and a lipo ready gearbox. Pair this with a quick change spring system and you have yourself an incredibly convenient little BB Gat.

While features such as tight bore barrels, qc spring systems and even mosfets are becoming more and more of a common sight in “beginner” AEGs, the price tag for the poly-bodied Apex rifles is a standout for sure. At $110-$120, you really can’t go wrong. If you’re a more experienced player looking for a new project then the Apex polymer models will serve as a low cost and convenient platform.

No matter which way you slice it, the Apex Fast Attack is definitely worth a second glance.

What To Do When You Encounter A Cheater!

We’ve all been there! You’re out on the field prowling for enemies when all of a sudden you spot someone. They haven’t noticed you yet but they’re definitely in range. You aim your airsoft gun and are sure you have them in your sights. You pull the trigger and a BB or several pepper your target. You see the BB’s make contact with the target and bounce right off. However, what happens next is nothing short of frustrating. The opponent, instead of raising his hand or signaling he has been eliminated, either runs away or re-engages as if they were not hit. When these moments happen it’s important to remember getting mad will not solve the issue. Here are a few ideas to try instead.

Continue Shooting

Most times it’s best to give the player the benefit of the doubt. It’s not outside the realm of possibility the enemy player simply did not feel the contact of the BB. Distance can be a big factor in this case. As the distance lengthens the BB can loose momentum. The gear being worn can also play a huge part in this scenario. If the enemy is wearing any type of thicker clothing or plate carrier/chest rig. It is possible that the BB made contact with the thicker fabric. Making it difficult for anyone to feel the contact. If this is the case, then simply shooting BB’s until the player reacts would be the best course of action. As this will lead to fewer confrontations. This is not to say it is justified to empty entire magazines worth of rounds into another player. That is simply uncalled for and tarnishes the reputation of players and airsoft as a whole. Shooting one at a time until their hand is raised or they indicate they acknowledge contact with a BB has been made.

Tell the Referee/Admin

It’s most frustrating when you can clearly see the enemy player you just hit instantly react to the contact. Then continuing to play, knowing fully what they’re doing. When such an instance occurs, it is best to report the issue to the nearest referee or admin. It is their job to ensure that all players are adhering to the game rules. Also to take disciplinary action against those who do not participate properly. Do not take it upon yourself to call someone out or confront them by yourself. This could lead to further issues not only yourself, but the field staff and your fellow players. Report any and all instances of cheating and if enough complaints from other participants. Then that player will most likely be handled in a way that the field staff deems appropriate.

Airsoft is a game that requires its players to be honorable, truthful, and mindful of others. As frustrating as it might be when someone doesn’t call their hits. It is important to remember to be honorable and call your hits. Be truthful and respect the game/field rules, and mindful of your fellow players simply looking to have a good time just like you.